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Theater Owners Booking Association (T.O.B.A.) Listings:

1/1/21 pgs 4-5.
1/8/21 pgs 4-5;Gibson´s New Standard ad (no mention of T.O.B.A.); pg 4; Dudley & Dudley at Hippodrome, Richmond VA; pg 5 ("A Note or Two").
1/15/21 pgs 4-5.
1/22/21 pgs 4-5; John T. Gibson bought New Standard Theater 1914; put in over $100.000.00 in beautifying it; sole owner & manager, pg 4; J.A. Jackson joins "Billboard" staff, pg 5, col 4.
1/29/21 pgs 4-5; "New Organization", pg 5, col 4 (T.O.B.A. founding).
2/5/21 pgs 4-5 (some theater ads).
2/12/21 pgs 4-5; "Reevin didn't charge commission; paid all of office expenses that it takes to run a booking office out of his pocket" ("Frank IN South", pg 4, col 4); "Milton Starr makes statement" Pg 5, col 1; T.O.B.A. ad, pg 5, col 4.
2/19/21 pgs 4-5; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pg 4, col 4-5; T.0.B.A. ad, pg 4, col 1.
2/26/21 pgs 4-5; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Doings" pg 5, cols 3-4.
3/5/21 pgs 5 & 11; T.O.B.A. ad, pgs 5 & 11; "T.O.B.A. Doings" pg 11, col 7.
3/12/21 pgs 4-5 & 11; T.O.B.A. ad, pgs 5 & 11; "T.O.B.A. Doings" part 1, pg 5, cols 2-3.
3/19/21 pgs 4-5; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Doings" pt 1, pg 5, cols 3-4).
3/26/21 pgs 4-5 & 11; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pt 1, pg 11, col 6.
4/2/21 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Doings" pt 1, pg 6, col 3-5; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/9/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad, pg 6; "T.O.B.A. Doings" pt 1, pg 6, cols 2-3 (bottom of page).
4/16/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad, pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pt 1, pg 6, cols 2-3 (bottom of page).
4/23/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pt 1, pg 6, cols 2-3 (bottom of page).
4/30/21 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad, pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pg 7, cols 3-4 (long).
5/7/21 pgs 6-8;T.O.B.A. ad, pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pt 1, pg 6, cols 4-5 (very long, 2- 3 pgs).
5/14/21 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pg 6, cols 4-5 (long article).
5/21/21 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pt 1, pg 6, cols 4-5; "Important Developments in the Vaudeville World", pt 1, pg 8, col 3 (feud between T.O.B.A. and Southern Consolidated Vaudeville Circuit).
5/28/21 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Doings" pg 6, cols 5-6; "War (feud between T.O.B.A. and Southern Consolidated Vaudeville Circuit) at end", pg 6, col 5; "Notice To All Interested in Colored Vaudeville" ad, pg 6, col 7.
(6/4 or 5/21 - 7/21) - unavailable.
7/2/21 pt 1, pgs 8-9; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pg 8, cols 5-6) - Theaters: Greenville, S.C., (Liberty); Nashville, Tenn (Bijou); Shreveport (Star); Dallas (Park); New Orleans (Lyric); Pensacola, FL (Belmont); Atlanta (81); Savannah, GA (Pekin); Louisville KY (Lincoln); Cincinnati (Lyceum); St Louis (Booker Washington); Indianapolis (Washington); Macon, GA (Douglas); Chicago (New Monogram); Detroit (Koppin); Cleveland (Grand Central); Pittsburgh (Star); Jacksonville, Fl (Strand); Charleston, SC (Lincoln); Winston-Salem, NC (Monogram); Memphis, TN (Palace); "Logical Reply" pt 1, pg 8, col 7 (long) - (Sam Reevin's reply to letter of June 18, 1921 by William Benbow about show business, managers, bookers, performers, etc); "A few words"- (Lew Henry- Cincinnati, Manager, reply), pt 1, pg 9, col 2; T.O.B.A. ad, pg 9, col 6.
7/9/21 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pg 7, cols 2-3 (long article): Memphis, Tenn (Palace) had been closed for two weeks to undergo some minor alterations; Columbus, GA (Dream Theater) - Mr Love (?), Manager of Theater - "opened it´s doors to public again" (July 4, 1921); Philadelphia (John T. Gibson´s New Standard Theater); T.O.B.A. ad.
7/16/21 pgs 6-7; "Hear Ye&qyot;, pt 1, pg 6, col 3 - tells of Colored Actors Union Day 8-2-21); T.O.B.A. ad.
7/23/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad, pt 1, pt 7, col 5 (bottom of page); Notice about 25 theaters closed during the summer, due to open Labor Day.
7/30/21 pgs 6-7; "Season", pg 7, col 4 (T.O.B.A. looking forward to prosperous business 1921-1922); T.O.B.A. ad (about closing for summer).
8/6/21 pgs 6-7; Sam E. Reevin (writes his views), pt 1. pg 7, col 3-4 (long); T.O.B.A. ad.
8/13/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad (with notice); J.A. Jackson´s Page, Billboard "... An almost complete list of Theaters owned or managed by members of the Race or patronized to a large extent by our people is a feature", pg 7, col 4.
8/20/21-8/27/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad (with "Notice...).
9/3/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad (with "Notice..."); "Prospectus" (what is?) pt 1, pg 7, cols 3-4, Companies on T.O.B.A. Time, col 4.
9/10/21 pgs 6-8; "Reevin protests" pt 1, pg 6, cols 5-6 (circular letter sent by Reevin to Managers of T.O.B.A.);T.O.B.A. ad (with "Notice...").
9/17/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad ("Notice we need new musical comedy companies & acts ...").
9/24/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad (with "Notice...").
10/1/21 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad (with "Notice...").
10/8/21 pgs 6-8; "Big Protest" pt 1, pg 6, col 3 ("... conditions at Atlanta and Pensacola cause Righteous indignation...") sent by Garnett Washington to Tony Langston, Stage Editor. Cummings & Bailey: complaint about Bailey was "you had to sleep where he told you; eat at his brother´s place & pay as much as he tells you whether a meal ticket was used or not; if not, act was cancelled".; T.O.B.A. ad (with "Notice...").
10/15/21 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad (with "Notice..."); "The Wherefore" by Sam Reevin, President of T.O.B.A. (the booking Agent vs the managers vs performers): "The booking agent is the go between for the managers and the actors. The managers need acts; the agent supplies them. The performers need work, and the agent supplies it; and it is quite natural that the purchaser desires bargains, and the one who has something to sell wants all that he can get for it, and you can see for yourself that the agent has to deal with two extremes". ... "The managers must stop the practice of flattering acts (so as not to fall out with the act or cut a conversation short) and promising them return engagements, and both manager burden for everything and everybody..."
10/22/21 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad (with "Notice...").
10/29/21 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; C.A.U. (Colored Actors Union) Facts, pg 7, cols 7-8; "Reevin Makes Protest", pg 7, cols 2-3 (actors vs T.O.B.A.); "A Word To The Public" letter; (Lew W. Henry, Manager, Lyceum Theater, agreed with Reevin - acts shouldn't think they are worth more in one house because they got a few laughs & went over big in other cities; very few "show stoppers" in more than one house over circuit. Managers shouldn't tell what other acts received as pay to other acts; also, should have smaller units ..., etc.
11/5/21 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad (with "Notice...").
11/12/21-1/7/22 pgs 6-8=six dates of the weekly newspaper; and pgs 6-7=three dates; in all nine dates listed=T.O.B.A. ad included.
1/14/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad, pg 7, col 1 (smaller ad than previous ones).
1/21/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad (smaller); T.O.B.A. (Association holds convention and elects officers at Chattanooga), pt 1, pg 7, col 1.
1/28/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Bennett Optimistic", pt 1, pg 7, cols5-6 (President of T.O.BA. looks for better conditions); "New Circuit", pt 1, pg 8, col 1. "New Orleans, La, Jan 25. - Clarence Bennett of the Lyric Theater has returned from the second annual meeting of the Theater Owners´ Booking Association and announces plans for the formulation of a $5,000,000 theatrical circuit. The circuit includes about 60 theaters in practically every state of the Union, and plans under consideration contemplate extension of the circuit to include Mexico, Canada, Porto Rico, Cuba and the Bahamas".
2/4/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/11/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Miss Barnett handled office affairs & bookings in S.H. Dudley's office"; Letters, pt 1, pg 8, col 2 (letter)-3.
2/18/22-2/25/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad for both dates.
3/4/22 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/11/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Howard Theater", pt 1, pg 8, col 1 - "A deal was consumated late last week whereby the Howard Theater, one of the most popular houses in the city was turned over to the theatrical corporation headed by S.H. Dudley and William Murray. This is one of the biggest transactions in local show business made in years and it places in the hands of S.H. Dudley one of the finest theaters in this section of the country. Mr. Dudley is already interested in half a dozen local houses. He is a prominent official of the Theater Owners' Booking Association, and is largely interested in real estate, owning many parcels in the preferred sections of the city. The policy of the Howard under its new management will be announced later".
3/18/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/25/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "New Circuit Exposed", pt 1, pg 8, cols 2-3.
4/1/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/8/22-4/15/22 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad for both dates.
4/22/22 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "Dad Howard Speaks" pg 6, col 2 (T.O.B.A. time=good); "Milton Starr" pt 1, pg 7, col 5.
4/29/22 pgs 6-8; "Reevin Tells It" pt 1, pg 6, cols 1-2; T.O.B.A. ad.
5/6/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
5/13/22-5/20/22 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad for both dates.
5/27/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad, pg 6, cols 5-6 (bottom of page).
6/3/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Starr´s Trip", pg 7, col 5; "Starr Calls", pg 8, col 1 "Milton Starr, one of the top officials of the T.O.B.A., was in Chicago last week, and a caller at the Old Roll Top Desk. Mr Starr closed a deal whereby his circuit will book acts into the Grand Theater weekly, splitting with the Race´s only theater outside the "district". This house is located on West Lake street and is said to be doing a fine business. Regular vaudeville will be a new policy and it should go over in fine shape".
6/10/22-6/17/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A ad for both dates.
6/24/22 pgs 6-8; <Cash Offer>, pg 6, col 5 (letter to Tony Langston from Sam Reevin) "... will pay $10 for each act and 425 for each company named by opposition circuit promoter that played for him in the theaters named last week by him"; T.O.B.A. ad.
7/1/22-7/15/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad for both dates.
7/22/22 pgs 6-8; "Dirty Work"; Reevin of T.O.B.A. says opposition uses the "X-X", pg 6, col 3; (a circular mailing sent out to mailing list of T.O.B.A. not going to merge); T.O.B.A. ad.
7/29/22 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
8/5/22 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "Reevin Writes", pg 7, cols 2-3 (T.O.B.A. vs opposition circuit).
8/12/22-8/19/22 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad for both dates.
8/26/22-9/2/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad for both dates.
9/9/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "The Grand". "The Grand Theater will go back to its former policy for a limited period, and beginning on Monday night next, T.O.B.A. vaude-ville will be featured"; T.O.B.A. vaudeville ad (at Grand Theater), pg 7, col 3 (bottom of page).
9/16/22 pgs 6-8; Grand (Theater) had fair crowds at both shows; most of the acts were T.O.B.A.; (photographs also shown; T.O.B.A. ad.
9/23/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad (new style), pg 6, col 6 (near bottom of page).
9/30/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Grand Central", pg 7, col 4 (T.O.B.A. Circuit weeks).
10/7/22 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/14/22 pgs 6-8; "Managers and Performers Attention", pg 6, col 7 (Clarence Muse & Frankie L. Jaxon); T.O.B.A. ad.
10/21/22 pg 6; "Reevin Leaves", pg 6, col 4 (left Chicago; very much encouraged with the outlook of coming season); T.O.B.A. ad.
10/28/22-12/9/22 pgs 6-8=four dates; pgs 6-7=two dates; all dates=T.O.B.A. ad.
12/16/22 pgs 6-7; "Clean Up", pg 6, col 3 (written by "Gang"; ...performers need to clean up act, managers don't let material get stolen (Henry "Gang" Jones).; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/13/22 pgs 6-8; NO T.O.B.A. ad.
12/30/22 pgs 6-7; "All Acts And Companies Take Notice", pg 6, col 5 (near bottom of page).
1/6/23 pgs 6-8; "All Acts..." (same as 12/30/22).
1/13/23 pgs 6-7; "81 Theater", pg 6, col 3 (act was fined from $25 up to $75); A company is booked to play an engagement. The contract calls for 40 people; they come in with seven or eight. This alone is very unfair to any manager, regardless of how good the show may be. At the option of the manager, he is justified in fining you or cutting your salary by law, as you are not fulfilling your contract, and have broken it. Without a doubt, he can take out what he wishes to for the reason that there has never been any arranged salaries for chorus girls made by the managers, directors or agents of the T.O.B.A. on the Columbia burlesque wheel. There is a salary limit for choristers and a certain number to be carried, and on opening days and the rest of the week they check them up to see that they are all there and working. For every girl short on the week, the company manager pays to the theater owner $35.00, which is the salary they receive. So in this case, if Mr Bailey has taken any money from any company manager, he was certainly justified in doing so, not only him, but any manager is. ... performer & manager should join hands to do better show business. We need each other". "Gang"; "All Acts and Companies..." ad.
1/20/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad (old style); "Liberty Theater", pg 7, col 3 by "Gang"; Sam Reevin information also, "The annual meeting of the T.O.B.A. will convene in Chattanooga, Tenn Jan 29, 1923 and many things will be considered as well as election of directors".
1/27/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad (old style).
2/3/23 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Meet", pg 6, col 6 (officers elected; minutes); T.O.B.A. ad (old style); "At A Glance" pg, col 2 (by "Gang"); article (poem) on conditions over T.O.B.A.
2/17/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Some Thoughts" (by "Gang") - about officers elected at T.O.B.A. pg 8, col 3.
2/24/23 pgs 6-8; Dad Howard - AKA "Old Chief Wheelock", one of the oldest of the present day performers, ill, pg 7, col 7 (born 1874 in Cairo, IL); T.O.B.A. ad.
3/3/23-3/10/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad=both dates.
3/17/23 pgs 6-8; "New Circuit", pg 7, col 6 (as competition for T.O.B.A.?); T.O.B.A. ad.
3/24/23 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/31/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/7/23 pgs 6-7; "War On Smut" (by "Gang"), pg 6, col 4 (on How to clean up T.O.B.A); T.O.B.A. ad; Monogram Theater ad: "The Monogram, 3453 South State Street. Chicago holders of T.O.B.A. franchise. Good Shows All The Time"; Reevin Writes", pg 7, col 5. 4/14/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; Monogram ad (smaller than T.O.B.A. ad); "What´s It All a About" (by "Gang") "... only about 5 good ’tab’ shows of all presented. Those not good do not spend enough money. ’Real’ tab show would cost about $1000 - from which salary list would be $400".
4/21/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; Monogram Theater ad (smaller than T.O.B.A. ad).
4/28/23 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; Monogram Theater ad.
5/5/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; Monogram Theater ad; Dad Howard died 4/29/23, pg 8, col, 8.
5/12/23 pg 7; Monogram ad (T.O.B.A. theater); performers sometimes had long jumps and had connections causing them to miss shows and loose bookings (see "Star Theater" by ’ Gang’*, pg 7, col 6 - *Henry ’Gang’ Jines - salary was paid anyway); T.O.B.A. ad.
5/19/23 pgs 6-7; Monogram, T.O.B.A. ads; " It´s Up To The Performer", (about ’smut’), pg 7, cols 2-3 - J.A. Jackson.
5/26/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A., Monogram ads.
6/2/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A., Monogram ads; " Is Racial Show Business Growing?" J.A. Jackson, pg 8, cols 2-3; "The Stage As A Career", pg 8, cols 5-6.
6/9/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A., Monogram ads.
6/16/23-6/23/23 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A., Monogram ads=both dates.
6/30/23 pgs 6-7+ (10); T.O.B.A., Monogram ads.
7/7/23 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A., Monogram ads.
7/14/23 pgs 6-7; Managers for "Tab" shows also placed ads for performers - see "Wanted At Once" (for Way Down Company) - "Performers in all lines. Single girls who sing and dance. Team, Man and Wife. Long engagement for right people. Opera house show running the year round. Salary sure. Stop at hotels. Write, - Don't wire". - Bernard McGraw, Manager, Richmond, Wisconsin; T.O.B.A., Monogram ads.
7/21/23 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A., Monograms ads.
7/28/23 pgs 6,7+ (10); T.O.B.A., Monogram ads.
8/4/23 pgs 6-8; Monogram, T.O.B.A. ads.
8/11/23-8/18/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad=for both dates.
8/25/23 pgs 8-10; T.O.B.A., Monogram ads.
9/1/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A., Monogram ads.
9/8/23 pgs 6-8; Monogram, T.O.B.A. ads; "Attention Performers" (Detroit, Cleveland theaters no longer booked by T.O.B.A.; "New Theater Opens" (T.O.B.A. theater-New Roosevelt - Cincinnati, Ohio, opens), pg 6, col 6.
9/15/23 pgs 6-8; "Attention Performers" ad (lists dropped theaters on T.O.B.A. circuit); T.O.B.A., Monogram ads.
9/22/23 pgs 6-8; Monogram, T.O.B.A. ads; "Bombay Girls" - "Gang" "... you will notice that three of the most needed houses on the T.O.B.A. have fallen off the list, this being due to bad shows, inferior acts. A fellow gets tired of paying out his money for nothing and the bookers don't try to do any better, just a matter of the same old soup, week in and week out. Now I suppose the officials of the T.O.B.A. will issue orders to blacklist all acts playing these houses. Well, it is not fair for the simple reason that the bookers will send an act to a town with the expectations of booking them further (so they tell you), but about Thursday a wire collect: 'next week off', and you don't hear from him anymore. Why? Because he has lied to you. Now what are you going to do, stay there and starve to death waiting on them? Well I should say not. If the bookers didn't hull the managers and performers so much we could build up a circuit whereby we could live, but as it stands today, we are five years behind… I've warned the officials of the T.O.BA. time and again, but they never take heed, because I'm a Colored man, …" (exploiting Black performers), pg 8, col 1; "Attention Performers" (Grand Central and Globe Theaters in Cleveland, Ohio are no longer booked by the T.O.B.A.); (bottom of page), pg 8, col 3.
9/29/23 pgs 6-8; Monogram, T.O.B.A. ads; "Attention Performers" ad (same as 9/22/23).
10/6/23 pgs 6-8; Monogram, T.O.B.A. ads.
10/13/23 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 6 "Week of Oct 8: Whitman Sisters Company - Lincoln Theater (K.C., MO); Jules McGarr Co, - Booker Washington (St Louis, MO); Lonnie Fisher's Fun Festival - Monogram (Chicago); Taylor's Watermelon Girls Co - Lincoln - (Louisville, KY); Billie McLaurin's Co - Roosevelt- (Cincinnati, OH); O.M. Bowman's Cotton Blossoms- Washington Theater (Indianapolis, Indiana); Jolly Saunders, Williams & Williams, Mabel Griffin and Ethel Waters Co - Dunbar Theater - (Columbus, Ohio); Durragh & Gentry, Pugh & Barber, Buber & Mader Mack and Myers & Smith - Koppin Theater - (Detroit, MI?) [Koppin Theater had an ad without mentioning T.O.B.A. near bottom of pg 6, col 7]; Pal Williams & Co - Star Theater - (Pittsburgh, PA); &quop;Mr Starr In&quop;, pg 6, col 3 "Milton Starr, one of the principal officials of the T.O.B.A. was in Chicago for a couple of days last week, during which time he booked for 21 weeks the No 2 "Lafayette Players" company for his circuit…&quop;; &quop;Attention Performers&quop; (Cleveland Theaters, etc ad); Monogram & T.O.B.A. ads; Globe Theater, Cleveland - seating capacity=1000 - ad, pg 7, col 7; Bob Davis, Mgr or M.B. Horwirtz, 401 Film Building.
10/20/23 pgs 6-8; Monogram & T.O.B.A. ads; ad for Koppin Theater with no mention of T.O.B.A.; Cleveland Theaters - Globe & Grand Central Theaters - no longer with T.O.B.A.
10/27/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A., Monogram ads; also, Koppin Theater.
11/3/23 pgs 6-8; Monogram, Koppin, T.O.B.A. ads; "T.O.B.A. Bookings": [Week of Oct 29] 2nd ed of Lafayette Players on route; Koppin still listed as T.O.B.A. theater; Cleveland theaters - Grand Central & Globe - listed also but were no longer on T.O.B.A. circuit, pg 7, col 1
11/10/23 pgs 8-10; T.O.B.A., Monogram & Koppin Theater ads.
11/17/23 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 6: "Week of Nov 12": Cleveland theaters Globe & Grand Central listed, as is Koppin Theater; Koppin has separate listing; Monogram & T.O.B.A. ads.
11/24/23 pgs 6-8; Koppin, Monogram & T.O.B.A. ads.
12/1/23 pgs 6-8; Koppin, Monogram & T.O.B.A. ads.
12/8/23 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A., Koppin ads; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 4 (for week of Dec 3); Grand Central & Globe Theaters still listed.
12/15/23 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. & Koppin ads.
12/22/23 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. & Koppin ads.
12/29/23 pgs 4-5; T.O.B.A., Monogram & Koppin ads.
1/5/24 pg 5; Monogram, Koppin, T.O.B.A. ads.
1/12/24 pgs 6-7; "A Jovial Surprise", "Gang", pg 6, col 7: Jine's & Jacqueline, America's foremost comedian and That Dainty Early Mornin' Hoofer (is) booked exclusively through the T.O.B.A. under Direction of Martin Klein. Permanent address: "Chicago Defender"; Koppin & T.O.B.A. ads; Lafayette's No. 2: Evelyn Preer, and Edward Thompson, leads; Shingzie Howard, ingénue; Elizabeth Williams, A.B. de Comathierre, Harry Plater, Charles Shelton and Charles Moore. The latter is business manager for Andrew S. Bishop, owner, pg 7, col 4 (bottom of pg).
1/19/24 pgs 6-7; Lonnie Fisher's Fun Festival - 12 people comedy= Lonnie plus Lollypop Jones, pg 6, col 2 (at) "The Monogram"; "A Jovial Surprise" copyrighted: serial #A171223 - piece/bit pertaining to automobiles; suggest performers not steal; will take steps to punish to the full extent of the copyright law. "Gang" "Warning", pg 6, col 5; T.O.B.A., "A Jovial Surprise", Koppin ads; "The Double Crossing Blues", pg 7, cols 2-3 (C.H. Turpin, Booker Washington Theater).
1/26/24 pgs 6-8; Answer to "Gangs" warning: "Look out Gang, you are using "Going Back South" "… you didn't get my permission … you can't get a copyright, as I attended to that many years ago". Arthur Allen. Allen and Stokes, pg 6, col 8; T.O.B.A. & Koppin ads.
2/9/24 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Meets", pg 6, col 6; Annual Election of Officers and Other Business Transacted. "The annual election of officers of the T.O.B.A. (Theater Owners' Booking Association) took place Thursday, Jan 31, the meeting…"; Koppin, T.O.B.A. ads; "Star Theater" (Pittsburgh, PA) (by) "Gang" - Bill (acts) was "class & cleanliness". John "Blue Steel" Williams (was) a good showman, veteran at the game, it stands for reason why Harry Tenenbaum's business has grown and to show his patrons how he has appreciated their loyalty in their support he is opening shortly a new theater, by name, the Lincoln, and it is located about 12 blocks from the present Star (Theater), direct on Wylie Avenue. It will have a seating capacity of 400 and will book T.O.B.A. attractions, and he tells me in plain words no SMUT or VULGARITY goes, pg 7, col 3.
2/16/24 pgs 6-7; "Dud's Dope", pg 6, col 4; T.O.B.A. & Koppin ads.
2/23/24 pgs 6-7; "Dud's Dope", pg 6, col 5; T.O.B.A. & Koppin Theater ads.
3/1/24 pgs 6-7; "Actors get together in Washington", pg 7, cols 2-3; Koppin & T.O.B.A. ads.
3/8/24 pgs 6-7; "Dud's Dope", pg 6, col 4, Monogram, Koppin & T.O.B.A. ads.
3/15/24 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. & Koppin ads; "Boots Hope now has the floor", pg 7, cols 2-3; "The Answer", pg 7, cols 2-3; "Gang": Lincoln Theater (Louisville, KY) slump over; actors join union.
3/22/24 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 5 (near bottom of page - theaters previously listed are all included); T.O.B.A. ad; "Uncle Dud Busy", pg 7, col 2.
3/29/24 pgs 6-7; "How the Union (Colored Actors Union) stands", pg 6, col 8; Koppin, TO.B.A. ad (Howard Theater was under new management - H.D.Collins); "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 2 (bottom of page); week of March 24: Lincoln Theater (Pittsburgh) listed.
4/5/24 pgs 6-7; "Dud's Dope", pg 6, col 3; Koppin, T.O.B.A. ads; "What do they Want", pg 7, col 4 (long) - [they=Managers]; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 5: Week of March 31.
4/12/24 pgs 6-7;"C.A.U. (Colored Actors Union) growing"; "T.O.B.A. Bookings, Union Grows", pg 6, col 7; T.O.B.A. & Koppin ads.
4/19/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. & Koppin Theater ads; "T.O.B.A. Bookings" [week of April 14] pg 6, col 3 (bottom of page - no new theaters listed); "Answers Gang" - William Henry, Manager, wanted new materials for acts - "tired of hearing comedians and near-comedians referring to the colors of our people viz: Black, Y Yellow, etc. Too many cheap imitations of real stars (Uncle Dud & his mule, Bert Williams=real stars); "Classification of acts and shows", pg 7, cols 7-8, by Ruby Shelton, formerly of the team of "Fiddler and Shelton".
4/26/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A., Koppin Theater ads.
5/3/24 pgs 6-7; "C.A.U. Meets", pg 6, col 4; Koppin Theater ads; "Lew's Idea", pg 7, col 2 (Lew W. Henry, Roosevelt Theater, Cincinnati, Ohio); "C.A.U. Session", pg 7, col 6.
5/10/24 pgs 6-7; Monogram, T.O.B.A. & Koppin ads; "The Union", pg 7, col 8.
5/17/24 pgs 6-7; Monogram ad; Koppin Theater [530 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI] ad - E.B.Dudley still Manager; "T.O.B.A. Bookings" (week of May 12): Star (Pittsburgh); Koppin (Detroit); Monogram Theater (Chicago, IL); Washington Theater (Indianapolis, IN). Signed by Martin Klein, col 8; "C.A.U. Rambles", Section I, pg 7, col 2; T.O.B.A. ad.
5/24/24 pgs 6-7; Letter to Drama Editor, Tony Langdon, complaining that the T.O.B.A. wanted to set up a "tryout house" but didn't. White Circuits had "tryout houses" and when performers were offered 30 to 40 week contracts, that's what they received. On T.O.B.A. instead, a team might work a week, and lay off a week, with a jump that would cost $20, and which tended to cut into the $90 salary for both. - signed by Fulton Alexander of "Alexander & Alexander" (he lived in Los Angeles), "Letters", pg 6, col 6; Eastern end of T.O.B.A.: Colonial Theater - Newport News, VA; Lincoln Theater - Baltimore, MD); Douglass Theater - Macon, GA - Audience tended to prefer "single" and "double" one-act bills to "stock" companies, pg 6, col 1; "Bessie Banned", pg 7, col 2: Nashville, TN - Milton Starr, President and General Manager of the T.O.B.A., issued orders to all officers of the T.O.B.A. instructing them not to book Bessie Coleman (Black Mime(?) Aviatrix). This action was taken upon complaint of D. Ireland Thomas, H.C. Washington, prominent citizens of Columbus, Ohio, and others, alleging that Miss Coleman did not carry out contracts with them. She was appearing in person with two reels of films showing her flights in Europe and America, under contract with D. Ireland Thomas, who claimed that "she jumped her contract with him after he had 'framed' her act and spent a large amount of money on special advertising for her". Starr made investigations and found a large number of complaints against Miss Coleman from reliable showmen and noted citizens of Ohio, Tennessee, and other states; Lonnie Fisher's Fun Festival- Troupe included: (all were C.A.U. members) Louise Pollard, Myrtle Hugg, Blanche Lubri, Marie Robinson, Jewel Cox, Ownie Jones, William Sledal, George Tilford, Robert Barge; Koppin ad.
5/31/24 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 5 (no change in number of theaters); Charles Anderson, "The Hoo-Hoo Man", Okeh record artist, yodeling blues singer; Milton Klein's territory (5 theaters - agent for): Star (Pittsburgh); Lincoln Theater (Pittsburgh); Koppin Theater (Detroit); Monogram Theater (Chicago, IL) Washington Theater (Indianapolis); Koppin Theater ad; T.O.B.A. ad (full page), pg 7; Pekin Theater (Savannah, GA) re-opened again by Drs Tyson and Smith; Theater orchestra=W. Tyson, violin; C. Walker, piano; C. Coursey, coronet; C. Royal, trombone; Thomas Brinnard, (reporter for article also) drummer.
6/7/24 pgs 6-8; "C.A.U. Report", pg 6, col 2; T.O.B.A. & Theater ads.
6/14/24 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings" included all theaters in which Martin Klein was listed as agent plus Lincoln Theater (Kansas City); T.O.B.A. & Koppin Theater ads; Wiggins and Wiggins=(Felix and Emma); Dudley and Dudley=(Cosy and Ethel).
6/21/24 pgs 6-7; "Salem Says", pg 6, col 3 - (regarding finances for/classifying shows); T.O.B.A. ad.
6/28/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. & Koppin Theater ads; "T.O.B.A. Bookings" - all previously listed theaters included, plus Labor Temple Theater (Toledo, OH).
7/5/24 pgs 6-7 "T.O.B.A. Bookings": previously listed theaters included; Koppin Theater offers to book acts; Jack & Helen Wiggins with Sherman (their son)= "Wiggins Trio"; Curry & Curry=husband and wife Billy Curry & Edith Robinson; Ella B. Moore Theater - being built from ground up by Manager/husband (Chintz Moore), who spent over $3000 for scenery and stage equipment, and was to name the Theater after his wife - Ella B. Moore; souvenir tickets were made, i.e.: small coupons were retained by ticket office, and other portion was kept by the purchaser/holder; "Texas Tattles" , pt 1, pg 7, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad; "New Theater" to be constructed by Paul Felix in Kansas City, MO; construction will be steel, cement and brick, with modern steam heating and ventilating systems; will also contain12 suites of offices, and be situated in the very center of the "Colored business development".
7/12/24 pgs 6-7; "Letters", pg 6, col 3: from performers about conditions over T.O.B.A.; Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads.
7/19/24 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings" - same theaters plus Dunbar Theater (Columbus, Ohio); Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads; T.O.B.A. Theater of Milton Starr in Nashville to be painted in time for reopening of season on Labor Day; S.H. Dudley Jr's company - "We Got It" included: caramouche - Mitchell; Mable Moore - singer; Queenie Price; Edna Young; Cello; Tony Brown - comedian.
7/26/24 pgs 6-8; "Hollywood Revue", owned by A.B.Williams, included: Dusty Murray a and Billy Zeek- comedians; Marie Boatner-singer; "Butterball" Wallace Soubrette; Washboard and Bebe Johnson, Little Perry Henderson, "Gooferdust", Edith Dunbar, Blanche Lyons, and others; Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads; "Gaines Explains", pt 1, pg 7, col 1 (problems encountered by managers of shows); Johnson and Lee=Baby Johnson & Johnnie Lee; Lincoln Theater still under management of Abe M. Long with Willie Walls as stage manager instead of W.S. Scales, pg 7, col 1; Monogram Theater owned by H.B. Miller; C.A.U. was hoped to be to the black actors, what equity was to white actors; T.O.B.A. Bookings (included same theaters).
8/2/24 pgs 6-8; Charlie Turpin (Booker Washington Theater-St Louis, MO) addressed a small gathering of C.A.U. (he had spent Sunday at the country home of S.H.Dudley). Turpin was impressed and encouraged by intentions of C.A.U. to classify and build up show business (black). Otherwise he felt that black vaudeville was limited. Turpin had assumed that the intentions of the C.A.U. was to be formed against the managers, instead working in harmony with the managers to help build up black show business; "Boissey DeLegge and His Bandana Girls" included 35 people - 20 girls & musicians (jazz band); "Wanted!" - ad for New Colored Circuit, pg 6, col 4 (bottom of page); T.O.B.A., & Koppin Theater ads; T.O.B.A. Bookings (included same Theaters previously listed); Ella B. Moore Theater to be opened in four more weeks.
8/9/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. Bookings (included previously listed Theaters); Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; ad by A.B. Williams regarding his "Hollywood Review": "Wanted - At Once! Experienced Chorus Girls. A Good Comedy Team, Man and Wife who strut, sing and dance"; Telfair Washington - material was filled with double entendre, and black and yellow as color.
8/16/24 pgs 6-7; Howard Theater placed on "unfair list" by CAU; acts belonging to CAU asked not to perform there; Koppin theater & T.O.B.A. ads; T.O.B.A. Bookings (included same Theaters).
8/23/24 pgs 6-8; "Why The Howard Is In Bad", pg 6, col 3 - written by S.H. Dudley: If any theaters were percentage houses, i.e. percent (50%) of proceeds from vaudeville - not movie - owner would clear theater after film was shown, then charge another admission for those who wanted to remain for the vaudeville show, and any new admittees; T.O.B.A., Koppin Theater ads.
8/30/24 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Bookings": Lincoln Theater, Pittsburgh, PA; Rex Theater, Farrel, PA=first half of week, Home Theater, East Youngstown=last half; E.A. Martin=Stage Manager of Hippodrome Theater, Richmond, VA; Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads.
9/6/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A., Koppin Theater ads; "CAU News", pg 8, col 1: $1 for new cards for dues (were quarterly); if not paid, would have to "lay off" until received one, and paid a new "joining" fee of $5 instead of $3; intent was to raise $50,000 for building an "Actors' Home & Headquarters"; Bart Kennett, well-known Magician, appointed Chief Deputy (to S.H.Dudley) and Traveling Organizer for fund raising; Kennett promoted idea for a Colored theatrical guide (which) "would give railroad fare to each city, best boarding houses, transfer men, names of every manager, etc"; proceeds from the sale of this "Guide" would be for this "Actors Home…"; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters.
9/13/24 pgs 6-8; Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same Theaters.
9/20/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters; Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads, Moore's were to pay $100,000.00 more for new Ella B. Moore Theater set to open soon; "Opens Soon", pg 8, col 3: Ella B. Moore Theater is located on N. Central Ave; total cost=$125,000; seating capacity of 1,200, plus spacious roof garden atop which will be devoted to private dances, possibly cabaret entertainments; the Moore's owned and operated the Park Theater; "Better Shows" (over T.O.B.A. Circuit), Pt 1, pg 8, col 3.
9/27/24 pgs 6-8; Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads; Liberty Theater, Chattanooga, TN (Sam Reevin, Mgr) - as were most theaters during that summer season - was being renovated; principally because of "a fire in a drug store adjoining the theater which damaged the theater's roof. Will reopen about October 20, 1924"; Mr. Silverman=House Manager; William Jefferson & his six-piece band=Orchestra; spacious orchestra pit in Theater; Reevin entered vaudeville in approximately 1912; and the orchestra, plus the stage hands had been with him since that time; Washington Theater, Indianapolis, IN, had a small stage; Vendome Theater, Hot Springs, AK - owner was accused of being "derelict in his duty in that he failed to take the interest in his business that he should have, advertising (shows) in the proper manner).
10/4/24 pgs 6-8; Bijou Theater, Nashville, TN (Milton Starr, General Manager-Bijou A Amusement Co.) renovated also: new scenery, paint, and new electrical equipment added; theatrical season opened Monday, Sept 22, 1924; W.R. Arnold, Director of Publicity; T.O.B.A. & Koppin Theater ads; Grand Theater, Chicago, ILL, which had been purchased by H.B. Miller, owner of the Monogram Theater (Chicago), to open Oct 6, 1924; renovated with new stage, heating and ventilating systems overhauled, aisles recapeted, new seat installed, new drapes over boxes, etc; to be managed by Martin Klein - another T.O.B.A. link.
10/11/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. & Koppin Theater ads; "Texas Tattles", pg 8, col 4 (about opening of Ella B. Moore Theater): "Ella B. Moore Theatre to open Oct 20, 1924 at 7:30 p.m. with ceremonies…".
10/25/24 pgs 6-8; Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads; New Rialto Theater, Kansas City, just being completed - only seated 1000, but when completed, will house 200 more seats; Paul Felix=owner/Manager; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters, plus Grand Central Theater, Cleveland, OH; "Some Meeting": CAU meeting, and problems with Charles P. Bailey, owner of "81" Theater.
11/1/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. & Koppin Theater ads; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters; Crystal Theater (on T.O.B.A.?), owned by Charles P. Bailey, opened - had problems: opposition from "dicteys" on W. Hunter Street; cost $25,000 to build; seating capacity 1200; organ cost $1500, plus Colored help from Manager down "Letters", pg 8, col 2.
11/8/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters; "Reevin's Survey", Pt 1, pg 8, col 6, (long article) - T.O.B.A. Official (Sam Reevin) gives his views on conditions; Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads.
11/15/24 Chintz Moore, Owner/Manager of Pike and Ella B. Moore Theaters - were adjoining - was experimenting with operating the two theaters under one management; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters; T.O.B.A., Koppin Theater ads.
11/22/24 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters; "Reevin States Facts", pt 1, pg 8, col 5 - about theaters closed during summer (long article); Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads.
11/29/24 pgs 6-8; Robert Wilson, Manager of Liberty Theater, Greenville, SC; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters; T.O.B.A., Koppin Theater ads; Booker Washington Theater ad, pg 8, col 1 (bottom of page).
12/6/24 pgs 6-8; "Western Vaudeville Managers' Assn sets example for Circuit using 'our' people", pg 6, col 1 (long article); T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters; Koppin, Booker Washington Theater, T.O.B.A. ads.
12/13/24 pgs 6-8; Asst Mgr of Bijou (TN) Amusement Co was E. Sprott; Koppin Theater, Booker Washington Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "Uncle Dud Writes", pg 8, col 1; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters.
12/20/24 pgs 6-9; T.O.B.A. Bookings=same theaters; T.O.B.A., Booker Washington Theater (St Louis), Koppin Theater ads; "Merry Xmas" (Colored Actors Union) ad, pg 7, col 7; "Salem Sez", sub heading=Milton Starr, Sam Reevin, S.H. Dudley, pg 7, col 3; "Motion Picture News", pg 8, col 6-7; Palace Theater ads, pg 8, col 7.
12/27/24 pgs 6-8; Booker Washington Theater, Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 5 (about CAU purposes and fees).
1/3/25 pgs 6-7; Ella B. Moore Theater instituted policy of 1st run motion pictures plus T.O.B.A. attractions - as stated in "Texas Tattles", pg 6, col 6, by Wyatt B. James; "Mr. Barraso is one of the first white men to operate a Colored theater in the South and well deserves the success that his conscientious efforts have won for him. He is well liked about the city, always willing to assist any movement that will contribute to the advancement of the Colored people's interests…" S.T.Whitney, "Salem Sez", pg 6, col 5; "Oh Say! Wouldn't It Be A Dream", pg 7, cols 4-5 (written by S.H. Dudley); "Gilpin Booked", pg 7, col 6: "Three Black Stars: Charles Gilpin; Lawrence Chanault; and Miss Rose McClendon, booked over some theaters - Bijou (Nashville, IN) - of T.O.B.A. to perform sketch entitled 'White Mule'". The three were purported to command the highest salary ever paid for a sketch over the T.O.B.A. circuit; "CAU Functions" - letter from performer about transportation troubles, and how S.H. Dudley sent him fare; then gives pitch for others to join the Union (CAU), pg 7, col 2; T.O.B.A., B Booker Washington Theater, Koppin Theater ads.
1/10/25 pgs 6-8; "Texas Tattles", pg 7, col 8 - Ella B. Moore Theater attractions listed, but the Houston theater was closed "temporarily to vaudeville due to uncertain weather at (that) time of year"; T.O.B.A., Koppin Theater ads; "Douglass (Theater) OK", - (letter from white patron - C.H. of St Louis) regarding the Theater, and audience.
1/17/25 pgs 6-8; "General Manager of Vaudeville Circuit Returns to Chicago After Inspection", pg 6, cols 1-2; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; New Colored Theatrical Guide (CAU list of members) going to press, pg 7, col 6; S.T.Whitney, pg 8, col 4, gives opinions of Cummins - Operator/Manager of Belmont Theater - Pensacola, FLA - and the Theater itself.
1/24/25 pgs 6-8; Vendome Theater (Hot Springs, AK) got new Manager=R.G. Elliott, who was the brother of the former Manager; "Salem Sez", pg 7, col 4: article written by S.T.Whitney giving opinions of the Chrystal Theater (Atlanta, GA) and Charles P. Bailey, who controlled the Chrystal; additionally, he discussed the conditions of Black theaters; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "Dud's Dope", pg 8, col 4 - about the CAU - some performers joined union for $2, then didn't keep in touch until they heard that others, who had continued supporting the Union, had received money and transportation.
1/31/25 pgs 6-8; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads.
2/7/25 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Adds Houses" - (theaters were mostly in Texas), pg 6, col 5; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads, pg 8, col 1; "T.O.B.A. Acts Routed" by W.R. Arnold, Nashville TN - included in the acts booked/routed were Bessie Smith at the Koppin Theater, Detroit, MI, and Clara Smith at the Monogram Theater, Chicago, Feb 2, pg 8, col 3.
2/14/25 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. List" by W.R. Arnold (who had been appointed Press Agent for the entire T.O.B.A. Circuit, instead of Martin Klein), pg 6, col 6; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "Reevin Optimistic" by Sam E. Reevin, (about the 1925 Season), pg 8, col 3.
2/21/25 pgs 6-8; "Semi-Annual (meeting) of T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 4; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A.ads; "Washington Dope", pg 7, col 6.
2/28/25 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. News", W.R. Arnold, Reporter, - including bookings, reviews and publicity, pg 6, col 7; Koppin Theater & T.O.B.A. ads; "Capital Cullins", pg 6, col 4 - bookings; "Capital Cullins", pg 8, col 4 - first meeting of Colored Actors Union (CAU) to be "called in Washington Wednesday, March 18", with the T.O.B.A leaders also in attendance, in hopes of "bringing about better attractions…", pg 8, col 4; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads.
3/14/25 pgs 6-8; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "Capital Cullings": Washington, DC, March 6 - article about the Dudley (S.H. Dudley) office (Lloyd Wycks=aide-de-affairs) controlling the eastern end of the T.O.B.A. Circuit, and placing "Toby" attractions in new Supreme Theater, Brooklyn, NY, pg 7, col 4.
3/21/25 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 6, col 4 - bookings for Circuit; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 5; "Capital Cullings", pg 8, col 8 - includes bookings for eastern end of T.O.B.A., same theaters included, but not Supreme Theater, Brooklyn, NY, pg 8, col 8.
3/28/25 pgs 6-8; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "Colored Actors' Union and T.O.B.A. Heads hold Premier Session", pg 7, cols 4-5 (long article); "Capital Cullings", pg 8, col 1: Supreme Theater, Brooklyn, NY and other Theaters of Eastern end of T.O.B.A. listed; Howard Theater closed because of internal dissention; "T.O.B.A. News", pg 8, col 3 (bottom of page).
4/4/25 pgs 6-8; "Purchases (Milton Starr) Theater", pg 6, col 7; "T.O.B.A. Notes", pg 8, col 3; "Capital Cullings", pg 7, col 2 - included acts for eastern end of T.O.B.A. for week of March 30.
4/11/25 pgs 6-8; Actors' Union (CAU) printed first issue of newspaper: Bart Kennett, Editor, Telfair Washington, District Editor, and S.H. Dudley, Business Manager; printed in Washington, DC, pg 6, col 6; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "Fighting Gamely" by "Gang" Jines (long article), pg 7, col 4.
4/18/25 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 7; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; CAU Directory and book of general information went to press.
4/25/25 pgs 6-7; S.H. Dudley in movie "Easy Money"; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads.
5/2/25 pgs 6-8; CAU cards to be issued semi-annually; T.O.B.A., Koppin Theater ads; "Potters' Pot Shots", pg 8, col 6.
5/9/25 pgs 6-9; "Capital Cullings", pg 6, col 8 - second edition of CAU News published; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads.
5/16/25 pgs 6-7; "Arnold's News" (of T.O.B.A.), pg 7, col 6; "Capital Cullings"; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads.
5/23/25 pgs 6-8; "Theatrical Talk" by "Gang", pg 6, col 4; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "T.O.B.A. Mentions", pg 7, col 7.
5/30/25 pgs 6-8; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "Salem Sez", pg 7, col 4, by S.T. Whitney about T.O.B.A. complaints: attractions and booking; jumps were long, bookings not consecutive (making for lay-offs); poor attractions, inequitable salaries, ("No first-class attraction need be afraid or ashamed to play the Circuit"); "Potters Pot Shots", "T.O.B.A. News", pg 8, col 2 (two long articles).
6/6/25 pgs 6-7; "Notes of the T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 2; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads.
6/13/25 pgs 6-8; "News of T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 4; Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; third edition of CAU News available.
6/20/25 pgs 6-8; "News of the T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 6 (bottom of page); Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads.
6/27/25 pgs 6-8; Tony Langston resigned as Theatrical Editor (Chicago Defender); James A. Jackson no longer on staff of Billboard Magazine - economic reasons -"lack of needed advertising for "The Page" and the policy of the paper which forbade solicitation"- were responsible; three other departments were discontinued for the same reason; Billboard reduced from 124 pages to 100, Langston had been on staff for 5 years, pg 6, col 3; "T.O.B.A. Circuit News", pg 6, col 3; T.O.B.A. & Koppin Theater ads; Florence Mills first of Race to headline at the Palace (June 22, 1925).
7/4/25 pgs 6-7; "81 Theaters' Big Business", pg 6, col 4 - special advertising featuring the parade of stars on the bill during the summer=crowds flocking to see the shows, pg 6, col 4 (Bailey=owner of 81 Theater); Koppin Theater, T.O.B.A. ads; "By 'Gang'", pg 7, col 5 ("Gang" Jines) - "…best orchestra on Circuit" (was) Ed Bailey, who was leader, and who's orchestra included violin, coronet and drums; E. B. Dudley was considered a "knowledgeable manager (because he) accepts only what is wanted by his patrons…".
7/11/25 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 7; "July 3 - 101(degrees) in Atlanta" - (broke Atlanta's heat record); "Jonesy" Says: "Chas P. Bailey always alert and ready to spend any amount of money to secure the best (acts)"; Milton Starr left on business trip, among other things, he wanted to make an investigation as to business conditions in Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina; "Money to be Spent" by W.R. Arnold, pg 7, col 5: "Nashville, TN - (Special to the Defender) - The following announcement has been made by M.B.Horwitz, Manager of The Globe Theater, Cleveland, OH, one of the T.O.B.A.s' popular directors:…" (describes planned remodeling, redecorating and improvements for the Globe); T.O.B.A. ad.
7/18/25 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. News", pg 6, col 3; No T.O.B.A. ad.
7/25/25 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Directors' Meeting Held In Chicago", pg 6, col 1: resolutions presented by Reevin unanimously adopted by those present - resolutions were: recognize CAU; book only those members when everything else is equal; and, theater managers will send "unbiased and unprejudicial reports on each act and company they play, in order to help the Colored Actors' Union (CAU) to classify the acts"; "Buys Theater", pg 6, col 5: Milton Starr purchased a new theater (Lenox Theater- Augusta, GA), was fifth under his management/ownership: Royal Theater, Columbia, SC; Lincoln Theater, Charleston, SC; Bijou Theater, and Lincoln Theater, Nashville, TN;=four already owned/operated by him; "Arnold's Chicago T.O.B.A. News", pg 7, col 7; No T.O.B.A. ad.
8/1/25 pgs 6-7; "Does T.O.B.A. give Tabs Preference?", pg 6, cols 1-2; "S.H.Gray Complains", pg 6, col 5 - Gray complained about money being deducted from salary for being three people short; No T.O.B.A. ad.
8/8/25 pgs 6-7; "Potters Pot Shots" by Bill Potter, Theatrical Editor, of "Chicago Defender", pg 7, col 6 - acts were complaining about layoffs, particularly in Kansas City, MO, with no action from T.O.B.A. officials, who were making money on black performers' talent; No T.O.B.A. ad.
8/15/25 pgs 6-7; No T.O.B.A. ad.
8/22/25 pgs 6-7; "Globe Theater Opened", pg 7, col 1 - Theater reopened after renovations, and updating; Black performers given chance on Burlesque - mostly Columbia Wheel Attractions); T.O.B.A. ad.
8/29/25 pgs 6-7; "Arnold's T.O.B.A. News", pg 6, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad.
9/5/25 pgs 6-7; "$100, 000 Theater Opened in Augusta, GA, August 31", pg 6, col 6 - Lenox Theater, Augusta, GA, owned/operated by Milton Starr and managed by Earl Evans, was to play T.O.B.A. acts; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 6; T.O.B.A. ad; Harry Plater, onetime Lafayette Players' stock company member, became House Manager for Bijou Theater; Milton Starr's Lincoln Theater=movies.
9/12/25 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 6; "Andrew Bishop to reorganize famous Players to tour T.O.B.A. this season"; "Actors' union makes drive for membership. J.A. Jackson now connected with "Washington Tribune" and CAU"; T.O.B.A. ad.
9/19/25 pgs 6-7; "New T.O.B.A. house for Nashville, TN", pg 6, col 1 - to be known as the Royal Theater - was previously an old Masonic Building located almost directly across 4th Ave from the Bijou Theater; to be remodeled, and start as a motion picture house, but will also include vaudeville; T.O.B.A. ad.
9/26/25 pgs 6-7; "S.T. Whitney", pg 6, col 1 - Promoters of the T.O.B.A. and the managers of "Colored Theaters" were accused of booking first-class Tabloid shows for "big money", and subsequently canceled at a day's notice "when the manager has an opportunity to book a cheaper attraction, no matter what the quality of this cheaper attraction may be"; Black performers/acts were not booked as consistently nor shown the same consideration as performers/acts, etc on Keith or Orpheum Circuits; cancellation clauses were abused; performers were not given ample time to obtain other engagement; same held true for performers who cancelled at last minute without giving managers' time to obtain other attractions; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/3/25 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/10/25 pg 6; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad; Orpheum Theater, Newark, NJ opened in September, Manager=Leigh Whipper.
10/17/25 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/24/25 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 2.
10/31/25 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 2; Lincoln Theater, Lexington, KY, was a new venue for T.O.B.A. acts, Joe Frances=Manager; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/7/25 pgs 6-7; "CAU Meeting", pg 7, col 3 - nominations for officers; J.A. Jackson felt Union should remain independent.
11/14/25 pgs 6-7; "W.R. Arnold quits T.O.B.A. to travel", pg 6, col 4 - to become 'advance man' for Whitney and Tutt's new show "Nonsense"; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 3 (bottom of page).
11/21/25 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad (small one).
11/28/25 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad (small one).
12/5/25 pgs 6-7; "81 Theater Opens", pg 6, col 5 - Theater had been closed three weeks for repairs/decorations, etc, in addition to installing a $10,000 organ, mention of cold weather in Atlanta, a situation which might have a bad effect on attendance; "Dudley has this to say about independent acts", pg 7, col 1 (bottom of page); T.O.B.A. ad (new style=small).
12/12/25 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 5 (bottom of page); "T.O.B.A. Meets", pg 7, col 1; "Actors' Union election to be held", - only members in good standing to be able to vote, pg 7, col 3; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/19/25 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/26/25 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
1/2/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; New Lincoln Theater, Winston-Salem, NC - seated 1,200 comfortably; lower floor raised, seats arranged so that every person in audience had an unobstructed view of the stage; W.S. Scales=owner, Mr. Merriweather was Manager, and Willie Wall, ex-showman,=Stage Manager; excellent orchestra; paid more than the $250-300 for Tab shows that some managers try to get away with; "The Tab Show", pg 6, cols 1-2; "In Old Kay-See", pg 7, col 1 - states that Lincoln Theater, Kansas City, MO had 1300 seats.
1/9/26 pg 6; T.O.B.A. ad; E.B. Dudley had band on Billy Kersands' show.
1/16/26 pgs 6-7; "New Circuit formed", pg 6, col 3 (bottom of page) - Charles P. Bailey, Owner of "81" Theater, and Joseph Spiegelberger, Atlanta, formed a vaudeville and road show circuit; general offices of agency to be located in the Georgia Savings Bank Building, Suite 703; "New Circuit", pg 7, col 8 - (Bailey and Spiegelberger); T.O.B.A. ad.
1/23/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
1/30/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/6/26 pg 6; "The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, cols 5-6 = Salem Tutt Whitney column; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/13/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/20/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Chicago T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 6.
2/27/26 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 8; "The Best Class", pg 6, cols 5-6 - "Observations" by S.T. Whitney=performers were not anxious to play over T.O.B.A. because of "Jim Crow" in South, particularly railroads of South; suggested that managers of theaters could easily arrange that units carrying ten or more people, or tabloid shows be given separate compartments; have the okay signed by passenger agent so conductor could not change when train left station.
3/6/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/13/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/20/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 4.
3/27/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/3/26 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 8: bookings were for week of March 29, 1926; prominent among the performers were: Ethel Waters (Globe Theater, Cleveland, OH), Whitman Sisters and Company (Koppin Theater, Detroit, MI), and Clarence B. Muse's "Charleston Dandies" (Monogram Theater, Chicago, IL); Ella B. Moore Theater=E.E. Williams, Stage Manager; Miss Stewart, pianist, Norman Reed, drums, and Edward Durham, trombone; W.D. Jones, secretary and auditor; top admission for Theater was $1.50; white patrons attended the Friday Midnight Frolic; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/10/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/17/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; Koppin Theater signed up with Midwest Managers Circuit, formed by Louis Weinberg and others; Midwest Managers Circuit also aligned with Bert Levy Circuit, pg 7, col 1.
4/24/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "Curley Drysdale Radios", pg 7, col 3: regarding the Dreamland Theater, Tulsa, OK - Curley Drysdale, Manager, stated that the Court took Theater away from Mrs. Z.A. Rhone and awarded it to Mr. Cotter, who was a white, "well known theatrical man", who was also connected with various film exchanges); Cotter was remodeling the Theater, and planned to honor contracts with performers: i.e. no more cutting of salaries or canceling acts, will only hire good ones to protect himself from having to do so; Chester Wells, formerly Stage Manager with Lincoln Theater, Kansas City, MO, will be retained as such for Dreamland.
5/1/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; E.B. Dudley no longer Manager of Koppin Theater, Detroit, MI, became Manager of new Theater, Dunbar in Detroit, MI; Dreamland Theater, Tulsa, OK, opened - Frank Jamison's Black Hawk Orchestra added.
5/8/26 pgs 6-8; "Nashville Theater Pulls Off Jim Crow Performance", pg 7, col 8: - Milton Starr (at Bijou Theater) hit upon an idea (probably culled from Ella B. Moore Theater) to institute a Midnight Performance on Friday nights, wherein whites were given main floor seating preference, and Blacks were seated in the gallery, those who resented were forced to purchase box seats at enormous prices, and insulted by policemen when they attempted to purchase seats. "The situation is unprecedented here and is rendered the more embarrassing in that our people are barred from all white theaters except one. In this Theater Race patrons are forced to gain entrance through a dark unsanitary alley, and gaining the inside must sit in the third gallery on uncomfortable wooden benches"; Milton Starr gave as excuse for his "Jim Crow Performance": "poor attendance", this was used in spite of the fact that "Ethel Waters had played to capacity house each night during the week of April 26".
5/15/26 pgs 6-7; E.B.Dudley, after two absence, became Manager of Koppin Theater, Detroit, MI again; this was in addition to being Manager/Owner (?) of Dunbar Theater, also Detroit; T.O.B.A. ad.
5/22/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
5/29/26 pgs 6-7; "Stage O'Torials" by The Scribe: "T.O.B.A. - At a meeting and election and an election of officers of the T.O.B.A. Circuit, plans were discussed relative to the welfare of both actor and manager. We hope the conditions will be bettered for all concerned…"; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/5/26 pgs 6-7; "CAU elects officers", pg 7, col 4; "Tab Shows", pg 7, col 6; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/12/26 pgs 6-7; "Ebony Follies" (S.H. Dudley's), pg 6, col 4 - S.H. Dudley, jr. was Manager in charge; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/19/26-7/3/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad = all dates.
7/10/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "Shufflin Sam from Alabam", pg 7, col 1 - W.R. Arnold byline from Nashville again, had returned as Publicity Director (?) for T.O.B.A. - apparently Starr (Milton) continued with his "Midnight Shows" (Jim Crow seating) which he stated had proven to be quite successful with both races - a statement that wasn't exactly true.
7/17/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Observations" by Salem Tutt Whitney, pg 6, cols 5-6 - Whitney gives news/reports of T.O.B.A. Circuit: acts, Theater renovations, etc; "Superior Acts on T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, col 1 - (so "sez" Milton Starr), article was a publicity release of W.R. Arnold; Sam E. Reevin ill but improving at home, had been in Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, TN; W.R. Arnold states, pg 6, col 1, that Gardner & Barton's "Shufflin Sam" to play over Keith Circuit also; T.O.B.A. ad.
7/31/26 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 5; T.O.B.A. ad.
8/7/26 pgs 6-8; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 1; T.O.B.A. ad.
8/14/26 pgs 6-8; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 7; T.O.B.A. ad.
8/21/26 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 5 (long article); T.O.B.A. ad.
8/28/26 pgs 6-8; "Chicago Theatrical News", pg 7, col 8 - Martin Klein, Western Manager of the T.O.B.A. Circuit, promised"… wonderful attractions for the coming seasons…excellent working conditions for the actors…" this being so, he felt that "the actors must bring them shows that are wholesome". If they complied, he said that "the T.O.B.A. can give them consecutive work, probably 60 weeks"; Klein also felt that the "get-ready-quick tab of 10 people, dirty wardrobe, vulgar sayings and lewd dancing has seen its day". He listed Clarence Muse, Irwin Miller, Miller and Slayter, Drake and Walker, The Smarter Set (Tutt & Whitney), etc as successful producers - acts/groups that should become models for those who wanted to succeed; T.O.B.A. ad; "Reevin Talks on Salaries", pg 8, cols 2-3.
9/4/26 pg 6; T.O.B.A. ad; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit" by W.R. Arnold - talks about circus season for most of article, plus the Tennessee Race (Black) State fair and the success of Gardner & Barton's "Shufflin Sam from Alabam" (George Barton=General Business Manager of the show): show broke records in all T.O.B.A. theaters, and Ethel Waters' house record at Elmore Theater, Pittsburgh, PA, by $98.50 - total gross of "Shufflin…" was $1,054.50. George Travis was General Advance Representative of the show.
9/11/26 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 4: success of "Shufflin Sam…" still being extolled; Sam Reevin optimistic about upcoming season over T.O.B.A., and the reopening of his renovated Liberty Theater; T.O.B.A. exhibitors/managers made a profit from film: "The Fighting Deacon", starring "Tiger" Flowers, the Georgia Tornado - booking was handled through the Bijou Amusement Co; T.O.B.A. ad.
9/18/26 pgs 6-7; "Observations" by L. Baynard Whitney (son of Salem, who was ill at the time); "The Cat and the Crow", pg 6+, cols 5-8 (continued on pg 7, col 3 - bottom of page); T.O.B.A. ad; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, cols 5-6.
9/25/26 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit" by W.R. Arnold, pg 7, cols 6-7: Salem Tutt Whitney progressing, but had to cancel "all our new time" but will return next season over T.O.B.A.; Cumby and Marshall's "Harlem Scandals" to open 1926 theatrical season at Bijou theater, and was said to be "clean and free from old style slapstick comedy offering; "Lands T.O.B.A. Plum", pg 7, col 5 - was referring to W.R. Arnold, who had resigned as Director of Publicity for T.O.B.A., and was again appointed Director of Publicity for T.O.B.A., began on September 20, 1926 at Bijou Theater; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/2/26 pgs 6-8; J.A. Jackson appointed Publicity Director for Race for Columbia Circuit in several Mid-West cities; about 300 Black artists on this circuit making $25,000 weekly with total of approximately $1,000,000 per year for Blacks; local conditions in some cities were making it difficult - as in other professions - for Black performers, pg 6, col 4; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, cols 2-3 (long article); T.O.B.A. ad.
10/9/26 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, cols 2-3; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/15/26 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, col 1; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/23/26 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/30/26 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, col 6 - about success of "Shufflin' Sam from Alabam".
11/6/26 pgs 6-8; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 6, cols 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 6; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/13/26 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 4 (long article); T.O.B.A. ad.
11/20/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/27/26 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, cols 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/4/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 4 - success of Mamie Smith, "Queen of the Blues", at the Bijou, both regular and Midnight (Jim Crow) performances: "Miss Smith not only broke all box office records of this house from a financial and attendance point of view, but established a clientele which will be beneficial for some time to come."
12/11/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "On The T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, cols 5-6 (long article).
12/18/26 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; Mrs. Isis M. Fountaine=one of few female company managers in Country ("Desires of 1927"), husband was William E. Fountaine, a member of "Four Chocolate Dandies"; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 8, col 1 - reported Mamie Smith success and "Shufflin Sam…" returning to tour over T.O.B.A. with entirely new show, Company also included "America's leading exponents of burnt cork (blackface) fun".
12/25/26 pgs 6-8; "Directors Meeting", pg 6, col 1 (bottom of page); T.O.B.A. ad; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 8, col 1 (long article).
1/1/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 1; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 4.
1/8/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 7.
1/15/27 pgs 6-7; "Grand Theater (a T.O.B.A. theater)", pg 6, col 2 - year started off fine, so said Martin Klein; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 6; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad.
1/22/27 pgs 6-7; "Mamie Smith Show gets some unusual publicity", pg 7, col 3; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 5; T.O.B.A. ad.
1/29/27 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 6; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/5/27 pgs 6-7; "Dud's Dope", pg 6, col 4 - was imploring acts to bring us (T.O.B.A.) something worthwhile: "You can get all you are worth. Ask Irving C. Miller. You are worth what you draw is about the way to judge the value of your act"; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/12/27 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 1: listing of acts- their personnel/bookings, etc in the Virginia/Baltimore/Washington, DC area; "Pekin Theater, Montgomery, AL", pg 7, col 4: work to begin on new theater last of February, and will open early July.
2/19/27 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 8; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 1; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/26/27 pgs 6-7; "Dud's Dope", pg 6, cols 4-5; "On the T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/5/27 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/12/27 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 7; T.O.B.A. ad; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 4; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 5.
3/19/27 pgs 6-7+ (10); "Dud's Dope", pg 6, col 8: - answer to S.H. Dudley's question whether there was interest among Blacks for Black movie company - "… David Starkman, President and General Manager of the Colored Players' Picture Corporation (Philadelphia), is interested in making pictures, (he) had a studio, and also believed that we (Blacks) should organize a corporation for a half-million dollars to produce Race pictures"; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 1; "Dudley's T.O.B.A. Bookings, pg 7, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/26/27 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 4; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 1, - entreats Black theaters to boost Black films by booking them; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/2/27 pgs 8-10; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 8, col 8 - (Washington office - S.H. Dudley); "C.H. Douglass Tells of Drawbacks in Show Game", pg 9, col 7; "Dud's Dope", pg 9, col 1 - suggests that "actors help yourself too"; T.O.B.A. ad; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 10, cols 3-4.
4/9/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 1 (bottom of page).
4/16/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/23/27 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/30/27 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 8; "On the T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 5; T.O.B.A. ad.
5/7/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 4; "T.O.B.A. Bookings, pg 7, col 8.
5/14/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 6; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 1: was "bad year for promoters and theater owners", not 1% of theaters made a profit and several promoters lost money; several shows cutting size, upcoming season looks bad, salaries and number of railroad tickets have to be cut.
5/21/27 pgs 6-8; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 1 (bottom of page) - bookings were from Nashville theaters; "Dud's Dope", pg 7, col 6 - about Black films and "bad times" for show business in general, as well as the T.O.B.A. Circuit where summer business was always bad, now spring was equally as "bad"; T.O.B.A. ad; "Linwood's Letter", pg 8, col 3 - regarding problems for acts playing engagements at the Pike Theater, Birmingham, AL: admission was twenty cents ($.20), a large group - such as the Whitman's - would have to play for that admission, therefore most did not play it, because they could hardly make enough to pay expenses.
5/28/27 pg 6; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/4/27 pgs 6-7; "On The T.O.B.A.", pg 6, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/11/27 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 7; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/18/27 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/25/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 5.
7/2/27 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad.
7/9/27 pgs 6-7; "Dud's Dope", pg 6, col 6 - continuing to push for black films, it was rumored that only one black show was to tour on the Columbia burlesque wheel; Dudley saw this as a chance for the black films to benefit from those avenues closed to blacks on the stage: "What will become of the Race actors or shows that do not play the T.O.B.A.? Of course, there are a few acts that can play the white vaudeville circuits, but a very few"; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 2 (bottom of page).
7/16/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
7/23/27 pg 6; T.O.B.A. ad.
7/30/27 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad; "Grand Theater makes a change in Policy", pg 7, col 4 (bottom of page) Grand Theater, Chicago, IL added feature films with usual vaudeville bills.
8/6/27-9/3/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad = all dates.
9/10/27 pgs 6-7; "Plays (Koppin Theater) all of the T.O.B.A. attractions", pg 6, col 7 - lists the managers and leader/members of the orchestra; T.O.B.A. ad.
9/24/27 pgs 6-7; blues singers tended to sing suggestive or double entendre songs; Ida Cox toured over both T.O.B.A. and Erlanger (white) circuits; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/1/27 pgs 8-9; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/8/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/15/27 pgs 8-9; performers were complaining to officials of T.O.B.A. of long jumps and small wages; "New Circuit", pg 9, col 7 - a new circuit was proposed by Thomas Bailey of the "81" Theater, Atlanta, GA; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/22/27 pgs 6-7; Clarence Muse's "Miss Bandana" company/shows, etc. was favorably mentioned; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/29/27 pgs 8-9; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/5/27 pgs 8-9; T.O.B.A. ad; "New movie house to be opened", pg 9, cols 4-6 (with picture) - was to be open to both races soon, and "to be located on the southeast corner of 4th street and South Parkway".
11/12/27 pgs 6-7; Aldridge Theater, Oklahoma City, OK - Zella N. Breaux=owner; built in 1920, seating capacity=900, Manager=F.E. Whitlow, also showed movies; T.O.B.A. ad; "Smashing Thru Review", pg 7, col 3 - staff of show listed; complaints about Black managers and producers included: bad costumes, salaries; large companies had bad casts and "skipped out" without paying casts on payday, in addition to not budgeting enough funds so that if the show was in trouble, it might be necessary to sell the show to others. Owners of shows were not paying enough to those producing the shows, causing large turnovers among the producers, and consequently, there was not much continuity in the shows; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/26/27 pgs 6-7; Criticism about T.O.B.A. Circuit: - vulgarity and smut=ruined the Circuit; some shows were so offensive that audiences would not attend; this would cause non-attendance at the theaters, even though the show following might have been a 1st class attraction, by the time the audience learned the quality of the new show, the show would have left; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/3/27 pgs 8-9; "T.O.B.A. Combine", pg 9, col 4; - theaters of W.S. Scales and Milton Starr combined; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/10/27-12/17/27 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad = both dates.
12/24/27 pgs 6-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/31/27 pgs 6-7; "On the T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 4, by Tim E. Owsley; "T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 4 - stated that there was a larger proportion of white than black managers/owners; some (S.T. Whitney) felt the Circuit should not be "knocked" but "boosted", he did feel that there was room for improvement and, except below liberty (Mason-Dixon) line, no manager should declare his house to be a theater for Race people, T.O.B.A. ad.
1/7/28 pgs 8-9; T.O.B.A. ad.
1/14/28 pgs 6-7; "Advance Man (W.R. Arnold) Reappointed", pg 7, col 8 - was reappointed Advance Man for "Dixiana" Company; "Season of 1928 to bring much success" by W.R. Arnold, pg 7, col 5: 1927=disastrous year partly because of the popularity of the automobile, and a fickle public who was tired of the amusements presented to them; T.O.B.A. ad.
1/21/27 pgs 6-7; E.B. Dudley returned as Manager of Koppin Theater; T.O.B.A. ad
1/28/28 pgs 6-7; "New Theater" (Palace Theater, Ensley, AL - $50, 000 -Starr & Scales=owners), pg 6, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/4/28 pgs 6-7; "Timely Topics", pg 6, col 4+ (pg 7, col 6) - long article; T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. meets in Chicago" (photo), pt 2, pg 10 - "Chicago Defender" staff photo of the T.O.B.A. Officers - four were black, six were white.
2/11/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/18/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. owners were beginning not to be able to compete with the "jim crow" (separate) accommodations extended to blacks by white theaters; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/25/28-5/19/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad = all dates.
5/26/28 pgs 6-7; "Starr-Scales Circuit", pg 6, col 5; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/2/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/9/28 pgs 6-7; "Starr-Scales Circuit", pg 6, col 3 (bottom of page) - former Fisk University student, Charles B. Haynes of Baton Rouge, LA - named as Manager of Lincoln Theater, Nashville (succeeding Frenchy Davis) by Milton Starr.
6/16/28 pgs 6-7; "Tim Ousley", pg 6, col 4 - T.O.B.A. managers set to meet June 20 in Pittsburgh; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/23/28 pgs 6-7; Frenchy Davis to be manager for new house in Greenville, SC on Starr-Scales Circuit; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/30/28 pgs 6-7; "A note or two", pg 6, cols 5-6 - at their meeting in Pittsburgh, June 30, the T.O.B.A. managers, with hope of encouraging producers (of individual shows) to present better shows to the public, decided to lend them financial assistance with the production costs; T.O.B.A. ad.
7/7/28 pgs 6-7; Bijou Theater, Nashville, TN closed for season, but will open about Labor Day; T.O.B.A. ad.
7/14/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
7/21/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad; Bijou Theater, Nashville TN, to open July 23 with Whitman Sisters troupe.
7/28/28-10/6/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad = all dates.
10/13/28 pgs 6-7; "Raisin Cain" (Ida Cox tab show), pg 6, col 1 - long article about the show; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/20/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
1027/28 pgs 6-7; Boisy DeLegge (comedian) to put new show - "Wildbird" - on tour, pg 7, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/3/28 pgs 6-7; Benbow suggests policy for T.O.B.A., pg 6, col 8 - regarding the failure of the Majestic Circuit; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/10/28 pgs 6-7; "Starr-Scales gets two new theaters", pg 6, col 1; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/17/28 pgs 6-7; "Runnin Wild", pg 6, col 1 (long article); T.O.B.A. ad.
11/24/28 pgs 6-7; Lyric Theater, New Orleans, LA, demolished; "Closes Chicago Office of T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 1 - Sam E. Reevin to take over and book directly from Chattanooga, TN office; T.O.B.A. ad, pg 7, cool 4 (bottom of page) - larger, without Chicago office listed.
12/1/28 pgs 6-7; "Bijou opens again", pg 6, col 4 - Bijou opened (November 30) after long period (three weeks) of darkness; opened with T.O.B.A. road show ("Syncopated Sue"), then opened (week of December 3) with another Majestic Theatrical Circuit offering - Bessie Smith's "Steamboat Days"; reason for theater being closed=unable to get a show from either Circuit - T.O.B.A. or Majestic; T.O.B.A. ad - new style.
12/8/28-12/15/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad = both dates.
12/22/28 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad ("wishes everybody a Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year"); "Apollo of Chicago T.O.B.A. House", pg 7, col 1.
12/29/28 pgs 6-7; "New T.O.B.A. Policy", pg 6, col 7; T.O.B.A. ad, pg 7, cols 4-5 - bottom of page).
1/5/29 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad, pg 7, col 5 (bottom of page - small); "Miller's Grand Theater has come back to it's own" - business was poor for some months but was beginning to thrive; "Chicago Theatrical News" - first T.O.B.A. show (Ida Cox Revue) was to open at the Apollo Theater the following week.
1/12/29 pgs 6-7(9=different edition); T.O.B.A. ad; "T.O.B.A. Doings - for week of Jan 14, 1929", Eastern house (theater) to break jump from New York to Pittsburgh sought; "Miss Broadway", pg 6, col 4 - cast of revue listed; "Hot Springs Theaters", pg 7, col 6 - Gem Theater management and playbills; "At the Apollo", pg 9, col 3 - gave location and states that "… now caries franchise of the Circuit (T.O.B.A.);
1/19/29 pgs 6-7 (10-11=different edition); "What is wrong with the Show business?", pg 6, cols 5-7(long article); "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 7, col 4 - 1929 to be good year for Circuit says Reevin; "T.O.B.A. Bookings for week of Jan 21", pg 7, col 7; "Manager Emil Starry is offering another, the second T.O.B.A. show this week (Williams & Brown)" - and also buys another house; "Miss Creola" opens at Apollo (Chicago) Monday; T.O.B.A. ad.
1/26/29 pgs 6-7 (11=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope - where they Play Week of Jan 28", pg 6, col 1 (11, col 3); "T.O.B.A. Bookings"(11, col 3); "Chicago Theatrical News" (Pt 1, pg 11, cols 3-4); "Miss Broadway", pg 6, col 4 - cast listing; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/2/29 pgs 6-7 (10-11=different edition); T.O.B.A. ad.
2/9/29 pgs 6-7 (9=different edition); "Midnight Steppers", pg 6, col 3 (bottom of page) - cast listed; "T.O.B.A. Doings", pg 7, col 1 (Pt 1, pg 9, col 1) - officials elected; "Dancing Days on Toby", (pg 9, col 4); T.O.B.A. ad.
2/16/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); "Miss Inez", pg 6, col 1 - cast, review of show: "Raisin Cain", pg 6, col 8 - cast of show; "Toby Routes week of Feb 18", pg 6, col 5; "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 7, col 7 (Pt 1, pg 9, col 7) - good reports from managers of theaters, and Charles H. Turpin's appeal to the managers of shows for more "systematized" advertising, and house managers put it (advertisements) out when furnished; new Eastern house; "Sam Reevin, a hustler", pg 9, col 2; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/23/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 7, col 8 - L.B. Holtkamp on radio with T.O.B.A. attraction for one house=good advertisement; also "Where They Play Next Week; T.O.B.A. AD".
3/2/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 6, col 4 (bottom of page) - Sam E. Reevin, Treasurer/Manager of T.O.B.A. Circuit, announced that Lincoln Theater, Dallas, TX, would become a T.O.B.A. house, thus enabling the acts to have shorter jumps between their engagements in Houston. Those playing in Shreveport, LA theaters would similarly benefit; "Jigfield Follies' (George L. Barton's) got good press notice from "a white daily of Hot Springs, AK", pg 6, col 3 (bottom of page); "Where They Play Week, Feb 4", pg 7, col 4; "Movietone boon to our actors", pg 7, col 1; "Performers on Mutual", pg 7, col 4 - Black performers were playing on the "Burlesque Wheel (Mutual)" which had "always barred colored performers"; a 50 player group opened Sunday at Strand Theater (Washington, DC), if successful will tour the country=40 weeks; "New Orleans House closes", pg 7, col 4 (bottom of page) - was Dauphine Theater=had "failed to stay on the bright side of the ledger"; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/9/29 pgs 6-7 (11=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope - Where They Play Next Week", pg 7, col 2; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", (Pt 1, pg 11, col 1); T.O.B.A. ad
3/16/29 pgs 6-7 (10-11=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 6 (Pt 1, pg 11, col 4); T.O.B.A. ad.
3/23/29 pgs 6-7 (11=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Plans trial of instant show system (road show)", pg 6, col 6; "T.O.B.A. Dope" also "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 4 (Pt 1, pg 11, col 3); "A Note or Two", (pg 11) - Sam Reevin= "expert showman and a good thinker"; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/30/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 6, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/6/29 pgs 6-7 (10-11=different edition); "Reevin Tours South", pg 7, col 1 (long article - 5 paragraphs); "Ma Rainey's Ramble", (pg 11) - midnight ramble (benefit performance) in support of victims of Alabama flood; Milton Starr, owner of Bijou Theater, Nashville, TN, gave her the use of the Theater for the purpose; "Avenue (Theater) to open" (Pt 1, pg 11, col 2); T.O.B.A. ad.
4/13/29 pgs 6-7 (10-11=different edition); "Knickerbocker Girls", pg 6, col 4 - cast; "T.O.B.A. Dope" (includes "The Others will play"); "Kansas (Lincoln Theater) to open April 22", pg 7, col 1 (Pt 1, pg 11, col 6); "The Death Trail", pg 7, col 4-5 (long article by Tim Owsley); T.O.B.A. ad.
4/20/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); "Miss Broadway Notes", pg 7, col 3 (bottom of page); "Chicago Theatrical News", (pg 9) - E.B. Dudley, Manager of Koppin Theater, bought the Avenue Theater, which had been closed almost three years, and will book T.O.B.A. attractions into the Theater; "Butterbeans & Susie" get good reviews at Avenue Theater, will go to St Louis from Chicago; "Avenue Theater ad (Pt 1, pg 9, col 2); T.O.B.A. ad.
4/27/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 6, col 1 - "Miss Broadway" revue is a hit, and letters to Reevin; "Silas Green Show", pg 6, col 4 by Tim Owsley; "Club Alabam (Cleveland, OH nightclub) opens in big time fashion", pg 7, col 6; "Way Down East", (pg 9) by Maurice Dancer; T.O.B.A. ad.
5/4/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 7, col 1 - Pekin Theater, Montgomery, AL, to be on T.O.B.A. soon; T.O.B.A. ad.
5/11/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 6, col 6, (Pt 1, pg 9, col 6); T.O.B.A. ad.
5/18/29 pgs 6-7 (10-11=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 6, col 6 (Pt 1, pg 9 col 6); T.O.B.A. ad.
5/25/29 pgs 6-7 (8-10=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Dope", pg 6, col 6 (Pt 1, pg 10, col 2)- "more than 35% of the shows playing the T.O.B.A. Circuit are playing return engagements and holdovers…"; "Butterbean's & Susie" (picture), pg 6, cols 6-7; "Chicago Theatrical News", (pg 10) - "Avenue Theater is still dark, but rumors are alive along the Stroll that the house is to be wired for talking & sound pictures"; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/1/29 pgs 6-7 (8-10=different edition); Drake & Walker Show, "My Chocolate Gal" (cast), pg 6, cols 7-8; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/8/29 pgs 6-7 (8-10=different edition); "Ohio Theater (Royal Theater, Middleton, OH) signs up with T.O.B.A. Circuit", pg 7, col 6 (Pt 1, pg 9, col 2); T.O.B.A. ad.
6/15/29 pgs 6-7 (10-11=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Folks will be kept working hard" (also includes "Routes week of June 17"), pg 6, col 2; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/22/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); " 'Shake Your Feet Folks' in Louisville" (also includes "Routes week of June 17"), pg 6, col 5; T.O.B.A. ad.
6/29/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); T.O.B.A. ad.
7/6/29 pgs 6-7 (8-9=different edition); " 'Raisin Cain' Pleases Grand Theater fans", pg 7, col 1 (Pt 1, pg 9); - Bob Hayes, Columnist; "Here & There with Bob Hayes", (Pt 1, pg 8); - states that Martin Klein, former Manager of the Grand Theater, and one-time head of the T.O.B.A. offices in that district, now was connected with Art Rollin of Detroit, and was in the process of selecting performers for a newly formed Circuit; T.O.B.A. ad (requesting "shows of all kinds…").
7/13/29 pgs 6-7 (9=different edition); "Ida Cox and Company Make Hit at the Grand", pg 6, col 1; "Grand Theater", (Pt 1, pg 9) - "Whitman Sisters, known to the theatrical world as 'Sweethearts of the Stage' (and absent for almost a year) will return to Chicago, Monday, July 15…"; NO T.O.B.A. ad
7/20/29 pgs 6-7 (Pt 1, pg 8=different edition); "Whitman's are filling Grand at each show", pg 7, col 4; "Whitman sisters held over at Grand" (Pt 1, pg 8).
7/27/29 pgs 6-7 (Pt 1, pg 8=different edition); "Salem Tutt Whitney Blames Theater Owners and Managers for Decline in Show Business", pg 6, cols 1-2; Whitman Sisters still at Grand, and many movie ads, as well as ads for phonograph records, (Pt 1, pg 8).
8/3/29 pgs 6-7 (Pt 1, pg 8=different edition); Whitman's=third week at Grand; NO T.O.B.A. ad.
8/10/29 pgs 6-7; "Our stage history, almost forgotten, is well worth knowing and being proud of", pg 7, cols 6-8 written by C.A. Leonard, "New York Times", 8/1/29 - total number of Race theaters in America is approximately 400 alternating between musical and dramatic stock; eighty of these theaters are members of T.O.B.A. or "Toba", a vaudeville chain; full name is Theater Owners' Booking Association, but some among the Colored vaudevillians called it "Tough on Black Actors".
8/17/29 - 9/7/29 pgs 6-7; not much activity/mention of T.O.B.A. nor ads.
9/14/29 pgs 6-7 (8=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Routes - week of September 9", pg 7, col 5 (bottom of page), and (pg 8, col 4 - middle of page); good review for Whitman Sisters (pg 8); T.O.B.A. ad.
9/21/29 pgs 6-7 (11=different edition); "New House opening on Starr (Milton) Circuit", pg 6, col 8; "Performers happy over R-K-O (Radio-Keith-Orpheum) boom", pg 7, col 6; T.O.B.A. ad.
9/28/29 pgs 6-7 (11=different edition); "Ella B. Moore Theater, takes on new life", pg 6, col 8 - taken over by a "new and efficient Manager, Wyatt D. James", and booked "exclusively by the T.O.B.A. under the direction of Sam E. Reevin…"; "Good shows get results says T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 6 (pg 11, col 2) - more than 18 shows/acts were booked at the time, and the houses "were up to more than 70% of the whole". Sam E. Reevin, Treasurer/Manager of the T.O.B.A. Circuit, believed this success was due to the diligence/concern of the producers/managers of the shows having good costumes, scenery and trained/professional performers, etc in their acts/revues/shows; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/5/29 pgs 6-7 (11=different edition); "Dusty's (Dusty Murray) New Edition Rated as Topnotcher", pg 7, col 2 - Dusty Murray's show (cast listed) to open at the "81" Theater, Atlanta, GA; "Joe Carmouche and Cleo Mitchell old time stroll favorites due at Grand Oct 7 with 'Shake Your Feet' company", (pg 11, col 2) - the company had "been one of the best shows on the Toby wheel for more than nine years"; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/12/29 pgs 6-7 (10=different edition); "Carmouche & Mitchell held over (at Grand Theater), (pg 10, col 5) - act had been absent from Grand for six years; T.O.B.A. ad; good shows are boosted over T.O.B.A. Circuit.
10/19/29 pgs 6-7 (10=different edition); Joe Carmouche "We got it" at Grand Theater; week of Oct 31 to be "Happy Go Lucky" company of Williams & Brown "direct from a big and successful tour of the eastern end of the T.O.B.A. Wheel"; T.O.B.A. ad.
10/26/29 pgs 6-7 (10=different edition); "Happy Go Lucky Company (Williams & Brown) Packs Them in at Grand Theater", (pg 10, cols 2-3); T.O.B.A. ad.
11/2/29 pgs 6-7 (13=different edition); "Tell difference between white and our big shows", pg 7, cols 5-6 (pg 13, cols 5-6); Ad for week of Nov 14, at Grand Theater, (pg 13); "Gibson's Dunbar (Theater) in Philadelphia leased to Jews", pg 13, col 2; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/9/29 pgs 6-7 (11=different edition); "The Ella B. Moore Theater is now known as the Central Theater (Houston, TX), stated Wyatt D. James, Manager. The house is T.O.B.A. franchised", (pg 11); "T.O.B.A.Bookings - Where they play This Week", (pg 11, col 8); T.O.B.A. ad.
11/16/29 pgs 6-7 (11=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Bookings - where They Are This Week", pg 6, col 8 (pg 11, col 5); T.O.B.A. ad.
11/23/29 pgs 6-7 (10?=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Bookings - where They Play Week of Nov 18", pg 7, col 6; T.O.B.A. ad.
11/30/29 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/7/29 pgs 6-7 (10=different); T.O.B.A. ad; Bessie Smith at Grand Theater.
12/14/29 pgs 6-7 (10?=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Bookings: Where They Play This Week, Dec 9", pg 7, col 5 (bottom of page); Bessie at Grand Theater; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/21/29 pgs 6-7 (10=different edition); "Irvin Miller's New Show ('Brownskin Models'), pg 6, col 8; "T.O.B.A. Bookings: Where They Play This Week", pg 6, col 1 - bottom of page - (pg 10, col 6); "Colored Acts cause annoyance" (says) 'Variety', pg 7, cols 5-6; T.O.B.A. ad.
12/28/29 pg 6 (8-9=different edition); "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 3 - bottom of page - (pg 8, col 6); "SRO signs for Miller's show in PA", pg 6, col 8 (pg 8, col 6); "T.O.B.A. Manager goes to Pittsburgh", (pg 9, cols 7-8; Walter Rector had musical comedy tabloid at Monogram (pg 8); T.O.B.A. ad.
1/4/30 pg 6; "Talkies put in the Bijou in Nashville", pg 6, col 5 by W.R. Arnold - motion pictures ("Jazz Singer") were put into the theater Xmas night; Manager (Milton) Starr wanted to access motion pictures impact at the box office, and if found more beneficial/stronger audience preference than the previously popular T.O.B.A. shows, picture shows would be in, and T.O.B.A. shows would be out; "T.O.B.A. Bookings - Where They Play This Week, Jan 3", pg 6, col 3 (bottom of page); "Central Theater, formerly the Ella B. Moore", pg 6, col 6 - owner (P. Gorman) and operating manager (Wyatt D. Jones) listed; T.O.B.A. ad.
1/11/30 pgs 6-7; "Milton Starr buys another race theater", pg 6, col 4; T.O.B.A. ad.
1/18/30 pg 7; "Movies will replace Tabs at the Elmore", pg 7, col 1; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 3 (bottom of page); T.O.B.A. ad.
1/25/30 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 7; "Small audiences; folks broke, says T.O.B.A. Manager (Sam E. Reevin)", pg 7, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/1/30 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 7; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/8/30 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 8; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/15/30 pgs 6-7; "Charles Turpin and S.H. Dudley Head T.O.B.A.", pg 7, col 1; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 7; "Rastus Airship With Barton's CO - St Louis, Feb 14", pg 7, col 8 - George Barton's Company ("Shufflin Sam From Alabam") was doing SRO business, and above average business in Memphis, Rose Bruin was Manager; the troupe reported however that "Death Trail" (i.e. T.O.B.A. Circuit) "tougher than ever" and advised all shows to avoid it if possible, as it was considered "starvation business"; T.O.B.A. ad.
2/22/30 pgs 6-7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 4 (bottom of page); "'Visions of 1931' folds in Memphis", pg 6, col 3 - folded because of bad business and Floyd's (Elmore Floyd of 'Franco & Floyd', owners of 'Visions…') impending operation; show business in general, and especially in South, was on a downward spiral; 'Visions…' had traveled from Louisville to Memphis, then played only two weeks of "rotten business" (because of inclement weather), following which, they were asked to "jump way down in Texas". Unable to do so, they folded the production; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/1/30 pgs 6-7; "Show Routes - Week of March 3", pg 6, col 6; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 6, col 2 (bottom of page); "Broadway Steppers", pg 6, col 5 - cast listed; nightclubs were becoming popular, many were opening, and beginning to be advertised in newspapers; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/8/30 pg 7; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 7, col 2; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/15/30 pgs 6-7; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/22/30 pg 7; "Show Routes; Week of March 24", pg 7, col 8; "T.O.B.A. Bookings: Where They This Week"; "Many Find Steady Work in Hollywood", pg 7, col 2 - it was felt that with the success of the movie ("Hallelujah"), other producers seemed similarly inclined to sign up many of the "leading stage stars of the Race", in hopes of producing "another Race epic", additionally, many were finding employment in character roles, and members of mob scenes in which their racial characteristics may not be seen; T.O.B.A. ad.
3/29/30 pg 7; "T.O.B.A. Officer (Sam Reevin) sees improvement", pg 7, col 4 - Reevin acknowledged that "business…been off over the entire circuit", but felt that with some managers "reporting better business" the future would seem to be brighter; "T.O.B.A. Bookings; Routes This Week"; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/5/30 pg 10; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 10, col 4 (bottom of page); T.O.B.A. ad.
4/12/30 pg 7; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/19/30 pg 10; T.O.B.A. ad.
4/26/30 pg 7; T.O.B.A. ad.
5/3/30 pgs 8-9 (Pt 2); T.O.B.A. ad.
5/10/30 pg 10; "T.O.B.A. Bookings", pg 10, col 5 (bottom of page); T.O.B.A. ad.
5/17/30 pg 10; NO T.O.B.A. ad.
5/24/30 pg 10; "Butterbeans and Susie head for Hollywood to try movies"; NO T.O.B.A. ad.
5/31/30 pg 7; "T.O.B.A. to lose W.R. Arnold's Help", pg 7, col 6 - was to resign (Publicity Director) effective Labor Day; NO T.O.B.A. ad.
6/7/30-6/14/30 pg 7; NO T.O.B.A. ad = both dates.
6/21/30 pg 5; NO T.O.B.A. ad; "Hundreds of Performers Seek Bookings in Vain", pg 5, cols 7-8 - hard times caused by "merging of theater chains" and desperation of independent booking agencies and theaters, "hit the Negro players harder than it has their ofay brothers and sisters", as reported by the magazine "Variety" the previous week. Previously the "Colored Acts", although always hopeful of performing in the white theaters - where money was better and exposure was highly desirable/beneficial - they could play the T.O.B.A. Circuit, but engagements/work over the Circuit was minimal or non-existent.
6/28/30-7/5/30 pg 5; NO T.O.B.A. ad = both dates.
7/12/30 pg 5; Sam Reevin left to go on 3-week tour through the Middle West - went for business and recreation.
7/19/30 pg 5; "Smoky City Theater (Lando)" goes over to T.O.B.A., pg 5, col 8; "Wanted Chorus Girls", pg 5, col 1 (was ad).
7/26/30-8/16/30 pg 5; NO mention of T.O.B.A. Circuit.
8/23/30 pg 5; "T.O.B.A. leaders hold meeting in Cincinnati", pg 5, col 4.
8/30/30-9/6/30 pg 5; NO mention of T.O.B.A. Circuit.
9/13/30 pg 5; "Irvin C. Miller to handle T.O.B.A. Bookings in NY", pg 5, cols 4-5 (bottom of page).
9/20/30-10/25/30 pg 5; Nothing regarding T.O.B.A. Circuit.
11/1/30 pg 5; T.O.B.A.=nothing, however cast lists for three companies/acts previously on the Circuit were listed: "Miss Broadway" and "Brownskin Models", pg 5, col 3; "Brown Gal", pg 5, col 4.
11/8/30 pg 5; T.O.B.A.= no mention.
11/15/30-12/6/30 pg 5 (bottom of page); for all dates; "Show Routes"= probably itinerary for theatrical acts/companies/groups NOT booked by T.O.B.A. Circuit.
12/13/30 pg 5; "George L. Barton, white manager of 'Shufflin Sam' company skipped and left performers stranded in Knoxville", pg 5, col 3; "Show Routes", pg 5, col 5; "Miss Broadway" Company, pg 5, col 6 - cast listed - had previously been booked over T.O.B.A. circuit.
12/20/30-1/3/31 pg 5; NO "Show Routes" column.
1/10/31 pg 5; "Theatrical Weekly ('Variety') Finds Race Show Biz is Poor", pg 5, cols 4-6 - was 25th anniversary of the weekly, written by Mark Vance, who gave an accurate account of "Colored" show business - poor; "Show Routes", pg 5, col 7.
1/17/31-3/14/31 pg 5; "Show Routes", pg 5, col 4 (bottom of page) was listed only on 1/24/31. Page 5 was the "Theatrical/Entertainment" page for all dates listed, however mention of the T.O.B.A. Circuit was minimal - if at all.
3/21/31 pg 5; "Night Clubs use surplus Performers; Chicago, New York in Lead", pg 5, col 6; In Chicago "1" house/theater=vaudeville performances for Blacks.
3/28/31-7/11/31 Theatrical/Entertainment page for all dates was page 5. For all the dates listed there was no indication that the Theater Owners' Booking Association (T.O.B.A.) was still in existence.

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