Geography 630E

Human Impact on the Environment


       to understand the impact that man has had, and continues to have, on the environment including issues such as global warming, ozone depletion, air pollution, acid rain, water pollution, availability of fresh water, biodiversity, deforestation, energy supply and use, sustainable agricultural practices

       to understand the severity of these problems, their cause, and possible solutions

       to understand the economic and political implications of environmental policy


Spring 2007 Syllabus


Student Presentations



1. Feb 19: Oil drilling should be permitted in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

FOR: Mike Koepnick, Marc Shores

AGAINST: Matthew Conrad, Tiffany Robinson


NRC report on Arctic drilling (pdf)

USGS report on oil and gas potential (pdf)

2. Feb 26: New Orleans should not be rebuilt at the cost of taxpayers

FOR: Patrick Kahn, Matthew Conrad

AGAINST: Marc Shores, Kathryn Ward


Katrina and Government Disaster policy (pdf)

Reconstruction of New Orleans (pdf)

3. Mar 12: A tax of $1/gallon should be added to the price of gasoline to fund public transportation projects

FOR: Tiffany Robinson, Kathryn Ward

AGAINST: Patrick Kahn, Mike Koepnick


Funding public transport (pdf)

Los Angeles and transport (pdf)

Comparison of UK and US gas taxes (pdf)


Helen Cox, 2007.

Last updated, Feb 13, 2007.