Geography 103



  • To learn about our atmosphere and the physical processes that affect our weather
  • To understand what controls the temperature and climate of places around the world
    To understand how clouds and rain form, how the air circulates around the globe and how winds develop
  • To understand how to gather weather data, analyze it, and read and understand weather charts

Spring 2008 Syllabus

Global Warming (powerpoint slides)

Weather Exercises

CSUN Weather Data

Study Guide I: Atmospheric Structure, Composition and Energy

Study Guide II: Seasons, Temperature, Global Warming

Study Guide III: Air pressure and Winds

Study Guide IV: Vertical Air Motion

Study Guide V: Moisture and Clouds

Study Guide VI: Winds, El Nino, Fronts














Hurricane Frances, Sept 2004.


Clouds and lightning




Weather Station at Louisville High School, July 2003.






























Helen Cox, 2004.

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