"Desegregation at Little Rock's Central HS, 1957"

Thursday, Day Four

African American History, U.S. Information Service

African American Vernacular English

African Studies World Wide Web

Antioch University

Assn. for Africanist Anthropology

Black Christian Schools Impacting Inner Cities

Black English and Black Children

Black Issues in Higher Education

Black/Minority Assns. in Southern California

California State University, Northridge

Education and the Economy: Indicators Report

Harvard University

Los Angeles Unified School District

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora

National Center for Education Statistics

Oakland Unified School District

US Department of Education

Linguistic Society of America's "Ebonics" Resolution

National Medical Association

United Negro College Fund

People of Color Education Page

Black Demagogues and Pseudo-Scholars

Assn. for Study of Afro-American Life & History

Hear Our Voices: The National Writing Project

Stayin' Alive and Fit: The African American Health Net

Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Filmmakers

Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court Decision

The Affirmative Action and Diversity Project

NCBE's Language & Education Links

African American Women and Womanist Studies

Womanist Theory and Research

Black Excel: The College Help Network

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Black Colleges and Universities

Onnidan's Black College Sports Online

Council of Great City Schools: Focus on Urban Education

Black English: Its History and Role in Education Black Children

Project Excellence - African American Scholarship Program

Brian's Backyard: Information for African American Educators

African Americans in the Sciences

Black Families

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