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" We burned logs and used the charred splinters as pencils. For ink, we mashed up elderberries. Strangers gave us a broom, a lamp, some cretonne to drape around the ugly packing case which served as my first desk. Day after day, I went to the city dump and visited trash piles behind hotels, looking for discarded linen and kitchenware, cracked dishes and shattered chairs. I became adept at begging for bits of old lumber, bricks, and even cement. Salvaging, reconstructing, and making bricks without straw, were all part of our training.

One day a potential benefactor entered my office, which was furnished with crates and broken down chairs and asked: 'Where is this school you want me to be trustee of?

''In my mind,' I answered, 'In my soul.'"

Mary McLeod Bethune,
recalling the early days at her Daytona Library
and Industrial School for Training Negro Girls,
which later became Bethune-Cookman College

Naming ceremonies are very important in all of Africa. With this in mind, 
Akan is one of the major languages spoken in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. 
It is part of the tradition to name the child, male and female, for the 
day of the week on which he/she is born. Starting with Monday through 
Sunday, the names given to male children in Akan are Kwadwo, Kwabena, 
Kwakwu, Yaw, Kofi, Kwame and Kwasi. The names given to female children 
born on those same days are Adwoa, Abena, Akua, Yaa, Afua, Amma and 
Akosua. The Signifyin' Monkey consists of 14 days, the first seven named 
for the male children and the latter for the female. Follow this as you 
work your way through this web site by following the Monkey.
Monday, Day One
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