"The Door of No Return " Goree Island, Republic of Senegal

Tuesday, Day Two
Black Heritage
African American History

 African American Invention Express 

 African American Inventor Series 

 African American Inventors and Scientists 

 African Americans in the Sciences 

African American Mosaic

African American Perspectives

Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire

Frontline:"The Two Nations of Black America"

Harlem Renaissance

Library of Congress

Schomburg Center

African American Cyber Guide

The Souls of Black Folks

African American Historical Resources

Virgina Black History Archives

 Georgia African American History and Culture

Harlem 1900-1940: An African American Community

Museum of Afro-American History - Boston

African American Heritage Sites for Kids - Chicago Public Library

African American Center - Baltimore County Public Library

Black History

"Black Facts Online"

The Buffalo Soldiers: Forgotten American Heroes

The Tuskegee Airmen

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History

 On the Web - African American History 

African/African American Historical Resources

"Lift Every Voice and Sing" - African American National Anthem

 Benjamin Banneker - 1st Black Inventor 

The Black Seminoles - America's Greatest Freedom Fighters
The Emancipation Proclamation

Medal of Honor Winners - African Americans in WWII

Integration of the US Armed Forces
African Americans in the US Military
In Our Country's Service: The Black Man Has Always Fought for History

Black Resistance - Slavery in the United States

 " I dunno but it jes seems like dat Lion don't nevah learn !"

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