Math 150A – Calculus I
Spring 2018

Day and Time:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 15:30-16:55, Live Oak 1326


Dr. Jacek Polewczak


Live Oak, Room 1301E

Office Phone:

(818) 677-7812 (24 hours voice mail)

Departmental Phone:

(818) 677-2721


Web page:˜hcmth008

Office Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday 14:00–15:30, or by appointment

Course objectives:

Textbook, Topics:

Calculus, 2nd Edition, by Briggs, Cochran, and Gillett Pearson, 2015.
We will cover most of the material from Chapters 2-7. Chapter 2 introduces limits and continuity of functions. Notion of the limit, the most fundamental concept in calculus, is being used in Chapter 3 to define the derivative of a function. Chapter 2 also includes various properties of derivatives. In Chapter 4 the notion of derivative is being applied in optimization problems and graph sketching. Chapter 5 introduces another fundamental concept of calculus, the integral, and its connection with the definition of area. Chapter 6 covers various applications of integration and Chapter 7 covers the logarithmic and exponential functions.

Tests, Quizzes:

There will be 3 (in-class) tests and a cumulative (common) final exam (Saturday, May 12, 2018, 11:30 – 13:30). There will be also 6-7 quizzes. Two lowest quizzes’ scores will be dropped.
A student must take the final exam to get a semester grade above a WU/F.

No electronic devices or cheat-sheets will be allowed during the tests, quizzes, or the final exam.


There will be online homeworks. Additionally, I will be also providing additional practice problems at˜hcmth008.

Make-up Policies:

No make-ups without doctor’s excuse. Late homeworks will not be accepted. There will be no make-ups for quizzes.

Grading Scheme:

10% – homeworks
15% – quizzes
45% – 3 tests
30% – cumulative final exam
In some cases, I may use the system when assigning the final grade.

Academic Dishonesty:

This is covered in Appendix C of the CSUN catalog. Academic dishonesty will always be reported to the Office of Student Affairs. According to the CSUN policy, a grade that is sanctioned due to academic dishonesty cannot be replaced by subsequent course grades.


It is my recommendation that in order to do well in this class, a student should devote, in addition to attending lectures, at least 8-12 hours per week on studying, homeworks, and solving problems assigned during classroom sessions.

Important Note !

All electronic devices must be turned off during the tests, quizzes, and the final exam.