CLAS 315: `The Study of imaginative tales of the Greeks and Romans, with emphasis upon their literature and its impact on occidental literature in general.'

*This is an upper-division course. It is NOT open to first-term first year students, and to any person who does NOT have the lower-division writing requirement taken care of. Please note that Concurrent Enrollment students should check immediately to see if there is room in the course.

Goals of the Course


Department of Foreign Languages regulations mandate various rules with regard to student attendance. Departmental policy considers attendance as mandatory, and subject to being considered an aspect of the final course grade. Three `unexcused absences' are allowed (in a twice-a-week format this means TWO), after which the instructor is entitled (but not required) to lower the student's grade by one full step (e.g. from B- to C-). Therefore, if you will be absent, you should produce a WRITTEN EXCUSE with appropriate documentation (medical note, employer's letter, etc.). Oral excuses or unverified excuses are not acceptable. To verify attendance, the Instructor will circulate a sign-up sheet at each class. It is the duty of the student to sign the sheet. If there is no signature, it is presumed that the student did not attend that class, and the sheet constitutes prima facie evidence to the fact. An attendance sheet may not be signed after the class period ends.

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