CLASSICS 315: Internet Assignment

As announced on the First Day Handout ("Course rules and regulations"), there is an internet assignment: "(4) WRITING: This is an upper-division writing course. There is a minimum requirement that each student produce at least 2500 words of written material. Part of this is satisfied by essays on the Midterm and Final, but there is also a written INTERNET ASSIGNMENT. "
The goals of this assignment are (1) to introduce the student to Internet-based sources of information on Greek Mythology; (2) to encourage a critical and skeptical approach to the quality and quantity of material available on the World Wide Web; (3) to improve the student's skills in articulating, through written analyses, the ways in which information may be useful or useless, adequate or inadequate, reliable or suspicious. (4) to provide the students with their own references to do independent study on mythology during the rest of the course.
Directions will be provided in class during the second week of the term (during the Language Lab Orientation), and detailed instructions are provided below.



NOTE: In calculating your 100 words per site, you must not count single-letter words (I, O), or two-letter words (if, in, to, so, etc.).

SEARCH ENGINES: [a sample, with hotlinks]

Last revised: 01/28/2003