for exemption from liturgies

Berliner Griechische Urkunden 180

. . . . from Gaius Julius Apollinarius, veteran owning land in the village of Karanis.

It has been decreed, my lord, that after their discharge veterans should have a five-year period of repose. In spite of this regulation I was molested two years after my discharge and arbitrarily nominated for a public duty [ leitourgia ] and from then until now I have been on duty without a break. Such a prolonged burden being universally forbidden in the case of natives [ enchoriôn ], much more ought the rule to be observed in the case of myself who have served such a long time in the army. Therefore I have been compelled to have recourse to you with a righteous request, and I ask you to secure for me an equivalent period of repose in accordance with the decree on this subject, in order that I may be able to attend to my own property, being an elderly and lonely man, and may be grateful to your fortune forever. Farewell.

(signed:) Presented by me, Gaius Julius Apollinarius.
(dated:) Year 12, Mecheir 29. [A. D. 172]
(subscribed:) Submit your case to the Strategos, and he will do what is within his competence.
(order to the clerk:) Deliver.


January 26, 2010 8:43 AM

John Paul Adams, CSUN

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