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red ballDale Grote's WHEELOCK Self Tutorial Exercises

red ballcyber-WHEELOCK (Ohio State U.)

red ballWheelock: audio (Real-player) (Prof. Dale Grote)


red ballDefinitions: an Index

red ballFirst Conjugation [D. Camden]

red ballThe Idea of Case in Latin (St. Louis University, Claude Pavur)

red ballFirst Declension Endings (St. Louis University)

red ballMasculine Nouns of the First Declension

red ballAdvice for Learning Vocabulary (St. Louis University)

red ballSecond Declension Endings: -us/-er words(St. Louis University)

red ballSecond Declension Endings: -um words (St. Louis University)

red ballWheelock Vocabulary Grid (6th ed.) Chapters 1-10 (St. Louis University)

red ballWords easily confused, I: words beginning VI-

red ballSummary of the Genitive Case.

red ballPrincipal Parts of Verbs Wheelock, Ch. 1-13.

red ballThird Declension Endings: feminine / masculine words (St. Louis University)

red ballThird Declension Endings: Neuter Words

red ballWords easily confused, II: words beginning MOR-

red ballMeanings and cases of Prepositions.

red ballRoman Numbers (Wheelock, Ch. 15).

red ballWords easily confused, III: AUDEO/AUDIO, CAPIO/CUPIO

red ballNouns (General Summary)

red ballPronouns (General Summary) [D. Camden]

red ballFirst Conjugation(Summary) [D. Camden]

red ballSecond Conjugation (Summary) [D. Camden]

red ballThird Conjugation (Summary) [D. Camden]

red ballThird Conjugation, -io (Summary) [D. Camden]

red ballFourth Conjugation (Summary) [D. Camden]

red ballIrregular Verbs [D. Camden]

red ballIrregular Nouns & Adjectives [D. Camden]

red ballRules for Forming Subjunctives [St. Louis University]

Some Resources:

  • You can download, for your own use, a copy of the Study Guide to Wheelock, by Dale A Grote (U. North Carolina, Charlotte). This is for the 4th edition.

  • You can download, for your own use, a copy of the WinLatin (Lingua Latina) freeware program. (3MB)

  • Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar


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