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Information Systems

The Study of Information Systems (IS) centers on the effective use of information technology—computers and telecommunications networks—to support management decision-making and corporate strategy, in addition to providing all necessary operational level support for an organization.

Faculty Information

  • Position: Associate Professor – Information Systems
  • Degree: Doctor of Philosophy, Mississippi State University, 2003
    • Major: Business Information Systems
    • Minor: Management
    • Dissertation: Appropriation Strategies in Technology-Supported Decision Groups: Reconceptualization and Extension of Adaptive Structuration Theory
  • Research Interests:
    • Social Structuration and Technology
    • Information Technology Adoption and Use
    • Trust and Ethics in the Information Society
    • Information Security and Controls
  • Other Degrees:
    • Master of Science in Information Systems, Mississippi State University, 1999
    • Master of Business Administration, Mississippi State University, Meridian, 1996
    • Bachelor of Science in Business & Industry, Summa cum Laude, Mississippi State University, Meridian, 1993
    • Associate in Arts, Cypress College, 1987

Academic Discussion

Within this section of this page I insert some academic observations as well as some random memory dumps of things I’m thinking about.  I make all efforts to avoid topics that are political and will keep the discussion purely academic.  I invite interested colleagues to comment on my discussion.  Please send comments to the email address below.

Virtual Reclusion

As a means of coping with the irritations of living in close proximity, the increasingly technologically-enabled American is utilizing this technology to seclude him- or herself from everyday social activity.  Smaller, lighter personal electronic components are allowing users to wall themselves off from their immediate social surroundings.  Users of iPods and similar devices are able to load thousands of songs and other audio onto the devices and have themselves constantly plugged in, blocking out the sounds of human activity around them.  We’ve all seen, or at least heard of, the individual sitting in the crowded waiting area or room speaking in elevated tones on his or her cell phone.  This too, may be seen as a means to block out the immediate social environment, even while engaging in a remote social activity.  Even the use of cell phones while driving may be seen as a means to seclude oneself from interacting with the other drivers on the road.  More…

Phædrus’ “Church of Reason” Lecture

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig relates a lecture delivered by his alter-ego, Phædrus.  At the time the lecture was written, Phædrus was struggling with a problem his students had with their perception of university.  The University was at that time in danger of losing its accreditation and students seemed concerned that if it did, the university would cease to exist.  One student remarked that the State Police would move onto campus to prevent the University from losing its accreditation.  This made it clear to Phædrus that there was a fundamental misunderstanding of what comprises a university.  The “Church of Reason” lecture was delivered by Phædrus to explain to the students the true nature of ‘university.’    Read the ‘Church of Reason’ analogy of the University.

Recommended Reading

There are several books that I believe all business students should read before graduation.  These books are all classics in business literature and define many of the principles of for-profit business and management that are used today.  I feel that these texts should be read in their original form rather than through contemporary interpretations that appear in textbooks and popular media.  The books are listed below and should be available at most bookstores.  For example, I found all four books at amazon.com for about $50.  The ISBN’s provided are for the books I found on amazon.com

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
by Max Weber, with an introduction by Anthony Giddens, translated by Talcott Parsons

ISDN 0-415-25406-X

Note: I am NOT recommending any text on Weber’s discussion on bureaucracies.  In those texts, Weber is talking about not-for-profit organizations; specifically, government agencies.


Administrative Behavior, 4th Edition
by Herbert A. Simon

ISBN 0-684-83582-7


The Wealth of Nations

by Adam Smith

ISBN 0-879-75705-1


The Principles of Scientific Management
by Frederick Winslow Taylor

ISBN 0-486-29988-0

Contact Information:

Email: david.w.miller@csun.edu

Office Phone: (818) 677-2451


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