Dan Hosken, D.M.A.

Talking Bodies

Talking Bodies was a residency by the Palindrome Intermedia Performance Group at the Forum Neues Musiktheater of the Staatsoper Stuttgart in June of 2005. The residency culminated two performances of about 60 minutes of material. Two exceprts are given below. Julia Eisele, Emily Fernandez, Robert Wechsler, dancers/choreographers, Dan Hosken, sound and sound programming, Frieder Weiss, interactive systems programming. The video from a camera focused on the dancer is analyzed by the program EyeCon and that motion data is passed to another computer where it is used to control sound using the program Max/MSP.

"Solo" from Blinde Liebe:

This is a solo extracted from Palindrome's dance-opera Brother-Sister (aka Blinde Liebe) and reworked as a standalone solo. Julia Eisele, dancer.


This piece represents a conversation in which one person does most of the "talking." The sound material is drawn from an improvised monologue in Dutch that is fragmented using granular processing. The sound is triggered by the dancers motions. The more that Julia moves, the more active her speech fragments are. Julia Eisele and Robert Wechsler, dancers.