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As a part of our commitment to help students achieve academic success in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Facilitated Academic Workshops (FAW), Cooperative Learning Participation, and Living Learning Community (LLC) programs are available. Each program is committed to helping students develop a better understanding of course content.

Facilitated Academic Workshops provide a weekly, group facilitated, study session to engineering and computer science related courses that have a high academic failure rate each semester. The current targeted courses for FAW are: AM 316, CE 240, ECE 240, ME 370, and Comp 110.

The Cooperative Learning Participation program provides individual and group tutoring to students enrolled in over 200 engineering and computer science related sections throughout the semester.

Living Learning Community - students in the Living Learning Community Dorm are provided with in-house tutoring for science and engineering related courses.

On average, 90% of students that participate in these services pass their class! These programs work!!!

The tutorial facilities are located in Jacaranda Hall (JD) 1622B. Tutoring hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. By request, provisions for weekend and night tutoring can be arranged. Tutoring begins the second week of every semester.

You may contact the Tutorial Program Coordinator, Doris Chaney by telephone at (818) 677-2191 or by email at doris.chaney@csun.edu for further information.