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Center for the Study of Biodiversity


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Center for the Study of Biodiversity
c/o Dr. Tim Karels
Department of Biology
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8303

Phone: (818) 677-2990
Fax: (818) 677-2034

email: biodiversity@csun.edu

The CSB and Department of Biology are located in Rm 2102 Eucalyptus Hall

Recent Master of Science Graduates from the CSB

Photo of Joanne Moriarty, MS 2007, with bobcat kitten. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, National Parks Service.

Comparable data are not kept for Environmental Biology or Marine Biology B.S. graduates; however, most go on to master's programs, high school teaching, jobs with government agencies such as the National Park Service, and jobs with environmental consulting firms. To find out more about careers in ecology and employment opportunities check out the information at "Becoming an Ecologist" provided by the Ecological Society of America.



  • Nicholas Colvard, Ph.D. program U S Carolina (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Wyndee Haley, instructor Pierce College (M.S. advisor Wilson)


  • Taylor Anderson-McGill, instructor College of the Canyons (M.S. advisor Karels)
  • Taya Cummins, SWCA Environmental Consultants (M.S. advisor Schiffman)
  • Jessica Dooley, Platte River Whooping Crane Trust (M.S. advisor Hertel)
  • Ann Dorsey, temporary National Park Service (M.S. advisor Wilson)
  • William Goldenheim (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Daniel Green, temporary National Park Service (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Raymond Hernandez, U.S. Fish & Wildlife (M.S. advisor Espinoza)
  • Jenna Krug (M.S. advisor Steele)
  • Nancy Muehllehner, Ph.D. program U Miami (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Nikki Osborn (M.S. advisor Gray)
  • Abigail Poray, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Melissa Spitler (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Christina Vasquez, Ph.D. program U Florida (M.S. advisor Dudgeon)


  • Jessica Bredvik, Navy contracting (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Stacy Krueger, Ph.D. program U of Roscoff, France (M.S. advisor Dudgeon)
  • “Alex” Lut Hang Li, Ed.D. program CSUN; instructor Mount St. Mary's College (M.S. advisor Schiffman)
  • Hollie Putnam, Ph.D. program U of Haiwaii (M.S. advisor Edmunds)


  • Andrew Ellis, stocks trader (M.S. advisor Schiffman)
  • Leanne Lapaz (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Mairead Maheigan (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Joanne Moriarty, National Park Service (M.S. advisor Wilson)
  • Chris Chabot, Ph.D. program UCLA (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Annaliese Hettinger, Ph.D. program UC Davis (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Jolene [Pucci] Moroney, Ph.D. program UCLA (M.S. advisor Schiffman)
  • Tarja Sagar, National Park Sevice (M.S. advisor Wilson: Interdisciplinary Studies in Ecology)
  • Stephanie Talmage, PhD program Stony Brook U (M.S. advisor Carpenter)


  • Rebecca Kordas, Ph.D. program U British Columbia (M.S. advisor Dudgeon)
  • Kylla Benes, Ph.D. program Northeastern U (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Enrique Aniceto, community college lab technician (M.S. advisor Gray)
  • Kathy Morrow, Ph.D. program Auburn U (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Stevie Adams, Fish Habitat Specialist for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Jonathan Williams, Research Biologist, Vantuna Research Group, Occidental College (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Bridgette Nace Froeschke, Ph.D. program Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi (M.S. advisor Allen)


  • Diego Sustaita, Ph.D. program U Connecticut (Advisor Hertel)
  • Diana Andres, Ph.D. program U New Mexico (M.S. advisor Espinoza)
  • Robin Elahi, Ph.D. program U Washington (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Jennifer Lancaster, Biologist with Aspen Environmental Group, Agoura Hills, CA (M.S. advisor Espinoza)
  • Jacqueline Padilla-Gamino, Ph.D. program U Hawaii (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Graham Ferrier, Ph.D. program UCLA (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Matthew Salomon, Ph.D. program U Florida (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Joshua Lindsay, Fisheries Biologist under contract to the National Marine Fisheries Service in Long Beach (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Amanda Izzo, Ph.D. program U Michigan (M.S. advisor Gray)
  • Jana Cobb, High School Teacher (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • David Bottinelli, Research Scientist Hubbs Research Institute, Carlsbad, CA (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Laurie Allen-Requa, Research Biologist MBC Applied Environmental Sciences, Costa Mesa, CA (M.S. advisor Edmunds)


  • Michael Brewer, Ph.D. program U Nevada Las Vegas (M.S. advisor Hertel)
  • John T. Froeschke, Ph.D. program Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Casey ter Horst, Ph.D. program Florida State University (M.S. advisor Dudgeon)
  • Eric Miller, Research Biologist, MBC Applied Environmental Sciences, Costa Mesa, CA (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Elizabeth Jordan, environmental consulting (M.S. advisor Wilson)
  • Geoffrey Horst, Ph.D. program U Michigan (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Janna Fierst, Ph.D. program Florida State U (M.S. advisor Dudgeon)
  • Kamelia Fallahpour Algiers, professor Ventura College (M.S. advisor Espinoza)

2003 [where does the year break?]

  • Mia Adreani, Ph.D. program Florida State U (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Gary Busteed, National Park Service Biologist (M.S. advisor Dole)
  • Brad Erisman, Ph.D. Scripps Institute (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Maike Kasuya, technician Scripps Institute (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Jacob Kerby, Ph.D. UC Davis; Assistant Professsor U South Dakota (M.S. advisor Wilson)
  • Tracy Prude, Biological Station Public Educator (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Brian Swig, Ph.D. program Hull University (UK) (M.S. advisor Hogue)
  • Denise Weisman, Marine Biology Consulting UCSB (M.S. advisor Carpenter)


  • Robert Nick Harding, City of San Diego, Marine Biologist (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Joshua A. Idjadi, Ph.D. U Delaware; Assistant professor Eastern Connecticut State U (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Cheryl Baca Hovey, Pharmacy Manager, Saugus, CA. (M.S. advisor Allen)


  • Rebecca Habeeb, Ph.D. U Tasmania (M.S. advisor Edmunds)
  • Sarah Kimball, Ph.D. UC Irvine, postdoc U Arizona (M.S. advisor Schiffman)
  • Judy S. Peng, Teaching Credential Program (M.S. advisor Hogue)
  • Carla Zilberberg, Ph.D. Rio de Janeiro; Professor Federal U Rio (M.S. advisor Edmunds)


  • Jeannie Chari, Associate Professor College of the Canyons (M.S. advisor Wilson)
  • Sandra J. Ng, Textbook Editor (M.S. advisor Dole)
  • Carol M. Phalen, Aquaria Inc., Researcher (M.S. advisor Allen)


  • James D. Dilley, U.S. Forest Service Botanist (M.S. advisor Wilson)
  • Jill B. Fariss, So. California Edison Biologist (M.S. advisor Valone)
  • Amy A. Foote, community college instructor (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • John D. Ingrum, Ph.D. program, Indiana University (M.S. advisor Dole)
  • Stephen J. Mason, High School Counselor (M.S. advisor Schiffman)
  • Amy M. McClean, Watershed Resource Manager (M.S. advisor Allen)
  • Kathy C. Molina, Vertebrate Collections Manager, UCLA (M.S. advisor Valone)
  • Hannah L. Stewart, Ph.D. UC Berkeley; Research Scientist Dept of Fisheries & Oceans Canada (M.S. advisor Carpenter)
  • Steven V. Vollmer, Ph.D. Stanford U; Assistant Professor Northeastern U (M.S. advisor Edmunds)

Selected graduates of current faculty from earlier

Jamie Kneitel, Ph.D. Florida State U; Assistant Prof Sacramento State University (M.S. advisor Schiffman)

John Bruno, Ph.D. Brown U; Associate Prof University of North Carolina (M.S. advisor Edmunds)

Loretta Roberson, Ph.D. Stanford U; post-doc at University of Puerto Rico (M.S. advisor Carpenter)

Marc Meyer, Ph.D. UC Davis; Southern Sierra Provence Ecologists US Forest Service (M.S. advisor Schiffman)

Ali Whitmer, Ph.D. U Washington, Associate Dean Georgetown College (M.S. advisor Carpenter)