Supply Funds


Dear Distinguished NSF and Eisenhower Research Fellows,

Just a reminder that we have supply funds to help you implement research projects in your classes. With original receipts, we will be able to reimburse you for purchase of supplies. You need only send me the original receipts with your name and address on the reverse side for reimbursement. There is no need to get prior approval for supplies that cost up to a hundred or so dollars. If it's more than that, just contact me to check. If the receipt does not state what the item is, please state it on the reverse. If the item does not look "scientific", please explain its use in a sentence.
Please send receipts for reimbursement to (originals needed, photocopies will not be honored by our accounting office):
Steve Oppenheimer
Biology Department
Cal State, Northridge
Northridge, CA 91330-8303.

If you need something that costs on the order of $1000, we will need a brief l page mini-grant proposal in the form of a letter detailing the need, classroom impact projection, and assurnace that a student co-authored abstract will be submitted as a result of the use of the supplies or small equipment items.
We like to see that your school contributes by partial payment for the supplies, but this is not absolutely required for an award of funds. Try to get some money (even if it's only a small amount) from your school, though, and tell us what the school contribution is.
An honor to work with you.
Sincerely, Steve Oppenheimer