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Envision 2035
Envision 2035 Campus Open Forum
Campus/Community Feedback
September 13, 2004  

Question #1: What is needed for the campus to fulfill its mission of teaching, research and community service over the next 30 years?

Morning Session – 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
University Student Union Grand Salon

(Bolded items reflect the emphasis of forum participants)

Modernize facilities (Internet access & technology)
Quality of housing
Utilize campus space for recreational activities
Classroom size should be appropriate to class size & programs
Provide storage space for materials
Additional faculty space
Affordable housing for additional faculty (recruitment strategy, e.g. Channel Islands
Maintenance of current facilities
Addition space for specialized facilities for community use as well.
Space for demonstration and instruction
Addition of arts, theatre and recreation for community use
Additional soccer field
Flexible classroom scheduling to meet all students’ needs
Expand services into evening
Appropriate classroom furniture
Appropriate outdoor space for spontaneous meetings for up to 30 students (i.e. Sierra Center)
Maintain & improve campus signage for buildings and open space, on site and off site
Accessible community parking
Consideration of Darby border purchase
Housing for student cohorts
Improved access to disabled students
Transportation for disabled students
Seating for obese students
High technology smart classrooms
Spaces for convention type meetings
Space for part-time faculty
     Modernize and maintain facilities, i.e. Smart classrooms
      Faculty housing & parking w/signage, lighting, security
      Inside & outside space for spontaneous meetings
      Access & on-campus transportation for disabled students, faculty and staff
Larger halls and lecture halls and classrooms
Development of faculty housing
Enhancement of sports programs (fund raising)
Outreach venue for community involvement
Alumni facilities and programs w/emphasis on research in partnership with faculty
Good efforts by CSUN in growth of programs and facilities
Increase and improve housing for students and faculty
Increase efforts in community outreach using various communication media
Preserve instructional outdoor space
Definition of growth and its limitations
Updated academic master plan
Addition of small informal group space – multi-purposed
Additional service/delivery space
ADA 508 compliance needs to be part of campus plan
On campus transportation plan.
Growth and research match
All campus support needs to match growth
Community support for plan
East of Lindley, north of Lassen developed as CSUN academic
Match growth with size and density of campus
Medtronics and high school traffic incorporated in buses on Lindley
Type of classroom changes method of teaching.  Need support and assistance if class sizes are larger
How is faculty being included in planning process?
What will drive change is urbanization of the Valley – land pressure
Adequate part time and full time faculty office space is critically important
CSUN can be a model as the center for solving transportation issues
Simplify transportation to campus – connections to Metrolink
Students need 24/7 computer facility for weekends and after 5 p.m.
Adequate elevators and climate control for buildings – especially if used year round
Move student housing
Alleviate traffic
Space need (classroom, research lab) is determined by academic programs
Critical need for research space now for faculty and students
Large lecture halls
Faculty housing critical to hiring success
Consider moving soccer fields to North Campus
Underground parking
Preserve open space in center of campus
Integrate intramural space
Performing Arts Center for the community
Sustainability – saves money in the long term
Future technology – involve environmental sciences & construction management
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings
LEED in design process in new buildings
Renewable energy
Seating Capacity – classrooms/discipline – large and small classroom to accommodate different programs
Lab space crucial to recruit faculty
Research space
Remedial Classes
Diversity in Recruitment
Student involvement
30 years is too much
Mixed-use housing
Increasing density
Need more meeting and conference space accommodations
Interface w/community boundaries
More communication w/University, University liaison
Pollution, noise
Campus used on nights & weekends
Safety – Lighting, distance to parking
Availability of daily parking permits, few distribution kiosks open
Alumni space needed to reconnect
Designated event spaces
Change in classroom dynamics in future, Internet classes, etc.
Changing percentages of commuters/housed students
Housing needs increasing – about 2,000-3,000 beds
Faculty housing needs increasing
Additional parking – Zelzah
Create an environment more pleasant to students
Weekend parking for communing-entertainment venues-sports
Availability of instructors
Classroom space availability, more flexible classroom space
Graduation rates
American Indian s students department
American Indian Student Center, some sort of gathering space
Campus needs to understand own identity
Example: How does new Performing Arts Center fit into identity
What kind of tech. will be needed?
Build in modular ability
What kind of programs will be needed?
Parking for mobility challenged
Little in core of campus
Poorly planned
Speakers outside area not used – public forum next to Science 4
For red placard +
Affordable student housing
Need for student housing to be documented
Need for research facilities for community
Campus is not inviting
Faculty research space and community research space needed – critical for working with students
Circulation within and outside of campus
More high-tech areas – library, labs, ITR
Larger facilities for DL (distance learning)
Square footage adequate for Library growth? May need for collection, other features
Analytical instruments – need space in Science and Math – State formula may not allow
Need facilities in North Campus – game/study space
What is our real enrollment plan – 30,000
Will need to update all classrooms
Housing will need to increase
Will need housing for increased faculty hiring
Space for sports is neglected – need improvement (Olympic level)
Can buildings be built up more?
Taller development – what is the max?  Go high – better than lose green space
Need laboratory space – must be listed, define lab
Need more student housing if enrollment is up, (buy up houses on campus and off)
More space for student learning spaces
Changing culture of campus commuter to residential – possible
Academic conference facilities
Academic support space-meeting, faculty office, storage
Support for different models of teaching
May need more large classrooms
Remember Valley New High School #1
No community bldgs, graduation, convocations, indoor space
Places for faculty and students together
Evening Session -- 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Satellite Student Union Shoshone Room

Over what period of the plan: inception to completion?
How to pay for it?
Does the plan really come to fruition?
Concern that the plan might not be realized
Too many students/not enough space
Bad traffic
Historic orange grove – not cared for. Use the property for something else.
Look only at what can be done.  Don’t be idealistic.
Utilize the height to build tall buildings
Look at mixed use – living, work, shop, recreation
Key is student housing away from the neighbors, especially Greek houses.
As student population grows, be sure to protect athletic fields
Make sure the quality of education is a priority
Add more student housing
Better community outreach and information on cultural activities
Student/community partnerships, programs, facilities, focus on local kids
Better directional signage on and off campus
Some type of cap on student population, to avoid negative impacts on students and community
Promotion of other campuses
Move fraternities/sororities on to campus
Community-oriented programs – arts and sciences, cultural open to community and better awareness – communication
No football performance venue
Outdoor events open to community
Expanded EXL offerings
Access (parking) for community coming to campus for classes/even
Satellite campuses (Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley)
Student enrollment cut this year: problem and challenge
Maintain growth with student numbers
Community involvement needed
More housing for students
Why Valley New High School #1?
More classrooms
Performing Arts Center – Yes
More consistent, committed, visible action to show CSUN membership in the community.


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