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Strategic Enrollment Management Update

March 26, 2008

Dear MPP Employees and Faculty,

In early 2007 I announced a new strategic approach to enrollment management at Cal State Northridge.  At that time, I appointed an Enrollment Management Committee chaired by Vice President for Student Affairs Terry Piper with additional leadership from Provost Harry Hellenbrand.

The Enrollment Management Committee has worked diligently over the past 12 months and has presented to me a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.  The following is an Executive Summary of the plan. The full text may be accessed at:  Questions may be directed to Vice President Piper at

I have asked the Enrollment Management Committee to move to the next steps of identifying time lines, departments and units to be assigned responsibility, and outcomes to be achieved as we implement this plan.

I thank the members of the Strategic Enrollment Management Committee for their thoughtful efforts toward planning the University’s enrollment for the future.


Jolene Koester


Executive Summary
Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, March 2008


The Enrollment Management Committee has developed a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan to steer our efforts for the next five years.

The plan is guided by the vision that Cal State Northridge will recruit, retain, and graduate students who represent the diversity of the community we serve. Students who seek a strong academic foundation, practical knowledge and adaptable life skills will find Cal State Northridge a particularly good choice.

The following is a summary of guiding principles and strategic goals.  The committee will annually review progress and recommend adjustments as appropriate.

Guiding Principles:  While remaining committed to the CSU Enrollment Management Policy and Practices, Cal State Northridge is guided by the following principles:

  1. Commitment to both access and quality.

  2. Sustainable enrollment growth and the development of alternative revenue sources.

  3. A quality learning environment rich in diversity, including diversity of thought, culture, ethnicity, religious expression, sexual orientation and gender expression, citizenship/country of origin and political philosophy.

  4. We recruit, admit and enroll students who meet eligibility requirements.

  5. Commitment to creating conditions that maximize students’ abilities to attain their educational goals.

  6. Recruitment and marketing guided by and responsive to academic planning as well as the changing needs and desires of students.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Position Cal State Northridge as a first-choice university based on academic reputation and student preparation for graduate/professional school and/or employment success.

  2. Increase the number of fully proficient students who choose Cal State Northridge through outreach and recruitment, expanded honors curricula, links to high school honors programs, need and merit based financial aid, and expanding academically and thematically focused on-campus housing.

  3. Eliminate obstacles that impede student application, admission, enrollment (including advisement and orientation) and matriculation.

  4. Create a comprehensive communication plan for prospective freshmen, transfer students, and those who influence their decisions.

  5. Increase persistence and graduation rates by monitoring and responding to academic performance difficulties, creating course schedules that reflect curriculum demands and student needs, strengthening advisement, increasing access to academic support and enrichment, and working with populations prone to attrition.

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