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President's statement on energy efficency.

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Energy Efficiency

March 7, 2012

To members of the campus community:

Questions are frequently raised by members of the Cal State Northridge faculty and staff about energy use and efficiency on campus.

In response to these questions and growing interest around campus energy and budget efficiency, this message provides two documents that outline what the University is currently doing to improve energy efficiency and what you as an individual can do to conserve. Additionally, both can be accessed from the PPM home page at

The first document — — describes current projects and initiatives around five key University priorities for maximizing energy efficiency. These priorities lie within the overarching goal of providing the highest level of facility quality and service possible within increasingly constrained budget parameters.

The second document — — lists 10 best practices in answer to questions of what we personally can do to save energy on campus. The document describes energy-saving ideas such as keeping blinds open to harvest natural daylight, remembering to turn off lights when exiting a room (but only if you will be out for awhile because continually turning lights off and on shortens lamp life and negates energy savings), and closing doors (because doors propped open waste conditioned air and increase energy use).

We appreciate the care and concern of the Cal State Northridge community around both institutional and individual actions for improved energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and cost savings.

Harry Hellenbrand
Interim President


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