Welcome to PREM

Goals and Mission of the CSUN-Princeton Partnership

The mission of the partnership is to establish a long-term collaborative research and education partnership in computational materials science between the CMTC at California State University Northridge (CSUN) and the Princeton Center for Complex Materials (PCCM) that will increase the participation of minority students in materials research and education.

The establishment of a PREM between CSUN and Princeton will allow us:

  1. to expand the existing collaborative research by incorporating new research and education partners
  2. to incorporate an outreach education program for high school students and teachers in computational materials research
  3. to develop novel techniques for multiscale modeling to study more complex physical phenomena;
  4. to access and harness the intellectual power and the existing unique approaches/codes that will be needed for the grand challenge simulations and predictions, through synergistic collaborations with team members and scientists from the two institutions
  5. to advance our research and education scopes to a new height; and
  6. to promote accessibility of frontier research/education experience in multidisciplinary computational science to students from underrepresented groups.