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Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies Program is an interdisciplinary major which offers a degree program under the College of Humanities leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. The Liberal Studies major is designed to provide a broad, undergraduate liberal arts education, with a balance among the language arts, natural sciences and mathematics, humanities, visual and performing arts, and social sciences.

Services We Offer

The Liberal Studies Program offers a wide variety of support services in order to advise and mentor new and continuing students towards graduation.  Liberal Studies majors, Humanities minors, Sustainability minors, and Russian minors can take advantage of the following services:

  • Academic Advisement (General Education and Major/Minor)
  • University Policy and Procedure Advisement
  • Credential Admission Preparation (ITEP)
  • Graduation Planning

Students interested in a Liberal Studies major are encouraged to first complete an online workshop prior to scheduling an advisement appointment with an advisor.  To find the appropriate online workshop, select “Online Workshop” at the top of this page.

Students interested in declaring a Humanities minor, Sustainability minor, or Russian minor may call the Liberal Studies Program immediately to schedule an advisement appointment.

HUM 491: Capstone Seminar

HUM 491

HUM 491, Thursdays 7-9:45 pm JR 243 Professor Sean Pessin: Space, Place, Face: Queer Theories and Science Fiction

What queer futures are possible? This course will explore the vast frontier of various Science Fictions and their intersections with Queer Theories by reading and analyzing Queer Theory and Science Fiction as it appears in literature, webcomics, film, television, and performance art, and experimenting with composing our own Theories and Science Fictions. Preparatory: HUM 391 or FLIT 391; At least one course in intellectual history, cultural theory or critical methodologies.

LRS 491, Tuesdays 4-6:45 pm JR 218 Dr. Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam: Science and Society

This course will look at various ways in social factors influence the scientific enterprise. A common view of science is that it should produce objective knowledge about the world, untainted by social, political, and ethical factors. We will challenge this view and study arguments for social factors playing productive roles in doing science. At the same time, we will steer away from the (radical) social constructivist line according to which scientific claims are entirely socially "constructed"/ "fabricated" and aren't any different from the claims of say, folklore or mythology. We will strive to achieve a reasonable middle ground between these two extreme positions and will draw on perspectives from the history, philosophy, and sociology of science as well as from the sciences. Preparatory: FLIT 391 or HUM 391.