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The Mission of the College of Humanities is
to create a community of learners who…

Explore and value the diversities of cultures, thought, perspectives, literatures and languages of humanity;

Critically reflect on and analyze multiple dimensions of human identity and experience;

Contribute to scholarship and creative production and  innovation, and  

Act as responsible global citizens committed to principles of freedom,
equality, justice and participatory democracy.

Newsletter Editorial Team

  • Elizabeth A. Say, Dean
  • Elizabeth T. Adams, Associate Dean
  • Noreen Galvin, Assistant to the Dean
  • Teresa K. Morrison, Associate Editor

Contributing Writers

  • F. Patrick Nichelson
  • Teresa K. Morrison
  • George B. Sánchez-Tello
  • Elizabeth Say
  • Yarma Velázquez Vargas
The College of Humanities
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8252
Phone: 818-677-3301
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