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The Mission of the College of Humanities is to create a community of learners who…

Explore and value the diversities of cultures, thought, perspectives, literatures and languages of humanity;

Critically reflect on and analyze multiple dimensions of human identity and experience;

Contribute to scholarship and creative production and  innovation, and  

Act as responsible global citizens committed to principles of freedom, equality, justice and participatory democracy.


Newsletter Editorial Team
Elizabeth A. Say, Dean
Elizabeth T. Adams, Associate Dean
Noreen Galvin

Contributing Writers
Elizabeth Adams
Scott Andrews
Joshua Einhorn
Jody Myers
Ritzal Ngo
Michael Neubauer
David Rodriguez
Noreen Galvin
Elizabeth Say


The College of Humanities
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8252
Phone: 818-677-3301

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