A photograph of undergraduate and graduate students hard at work in the Garrett group computer laboratory.


Photograph of Ariga Allehyari (2019)

Ariga Allehyari

Ariga is a Chemistry graduate student studying the effects of thiourea on silver corrosion layers.


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Photograph of Saswati Panda (2019)

Saswati Panda

Saswati is a Materials Science graduate student studying the transient viscosity of metallic glasses when heated.

Former Graduate Student Group Members

Chris Peiman Sobbi (MS 2019)

Michelle Chan (MS 2016)

Alex Mantanona (MS 2016)

Kaveh Vossoughian (MS 2016)

Yehan Zhang (MS 2015)

Nicholas Baca (MS 2012)

Former Undergraduate Group Members

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