Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Exploring Literature


This course seeks to give reluctant readers an adventurous experience with a thematic exploration of literature with a dystopian twist. This class will be a safe environment for students to explore ideas and challenge themselves to think and grow with their peers in a relaxed, low-pressure academic environment.

Course Overview:
In this exciting and engaging course, students will read and interact intensively with one novel (The Giver by Lois Lowry) and several related literary works, including short stories and informational texts. Students will learn about the interconnectedness between the themes of literature, psychology and explore human characteristics, such as charity, generosity and compassion. In this class, students will be given safe opportunities to enjoy literature through interactive partner and group activities, compelling classroom discussions, and a variety of mechanisms to explore and express their own perspectives and points of view.


Syllabus: (download)