The links below represent a preliminary list of resources. The format and content of this page is expected to change once we get off the ground. For information on the relationship between the Digital Humanities and Online Instruction/Educational Technology, see the FAQ page.

Definition of the Digital Humanities

Believe it or not, the Wikipedia article is pretty good for those not familiar with the term. For a much more complicated discussion, see the online edition of the Blackwell Companion to the Digital Humanities. In addition, you can see the many responses to the question “How do you define the Digital Humanities” provided as part of the annual Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities.

Digital Humanities Organizations

A good place to start is the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations. From there, you can link to journals, conferences, and funding bodies. Another good point of departure is the NEH Office of Digital Humanities web site. One of the most important organizations in the Digital Humanities is the Text Encloding Initiative (TEI). More links will be added here soon.

Peer Reviewed Journals


There are many Digital Humanities blogs, and they are notable for the high quality of their intellectual content. Digital Scholarship is a good place to start because it has links to many other blogs in the field. I particularly recommend the post on Examples of Collaborative Digital Humanities Projects.

One of the most-read blogs on the Digital Humanities is Dan Cohen’s blog, and his Best of the Blog compilation makes a good place to start. Dan Cohen is also responsible for Digital Humanities Now, a real-time, crowdsourced publication which takes the pulse of the digital humanities community and tries to discern what articles, blog posts, projects, tools, collections, and announcements are worthy of greater attention.

Web Sites

Interesting Articles

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