CDH Student Fellowships

The Center for the Digital Humanities sponsors a maximum of 15 student fellowships per year. CDH Student Fellowships provide students with the opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with faculty members on faculty research projects in the Digital Humanities. In rare cases, students may also work on their own independent research as part of a CDH Fellowship. The fellowship program is designed to allow students to acquire technical knowledge appropriate to the nature of the project and to learn how to apply that knowledge to the study of one of the humanities disciplines. In some cases, this may lead to opportunities to present or publish the results of their research. Student Fellowships last for a term of one year but may be renewed.

At present, fellowships are awarded by invitation of sponsoring faculty members. Students interested in fellowships should enquire with members of the CDH faculty.

The CDH Student Fellowship program is currently unfunded, and the Center is seeking external funding for student fellowships which will be used as prizes for student fellows and/or compensation for faculty sponsors. To donate funds for the CDH Student Fellowship program, please go to Support the Center for the Digital Humanities.

Current CDH Student Fellows:

  • Melissa Filbeck

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