Student Project Showcase

Students at CSUN are engaged in an amazing variety of projects employing digital media in the exploration of the various Humanities disciplines. The Center for the Digital Humanities would like to showcase some examples of this student work. The projects below were submitted by instructors and chosen by the Director of the Center for the Digital Humanities. The First-Year Feature and Undergraduate Showcase were the idea of Kristin Cornelius, President of 4Humanities@CSUN, the local chapter of 4Humanities. They form part of CSUN’s contribution to the outreach efforts of the 4Humanities initiative. (See also the Humanities Showcase on the 4Humanities site.)

First-Year Feature

First-year students at CSUN take writing courses that increasingly ask them to apply their understanding of rhetoric to visual and digital media in creating effective presentations of their research, ideas, and arguments. Featured below are two project blogs from the “stretch” composition course. Both demonstrate the students’ use of their learning about rhetoric to advance the health and well-being of society at large.

The Big Golden Arches Not So Fast, Food
"Eat Fast, Die Young" Project "Not So Fast, Food" Project
(and Jose Segura’s preface)

Undergraduate Showcase

The 2011-2012 academic year featured CSUN’s first-ever senior seminar on the Digital Humanities. We wanted to feature an outstanding project by Tara Ekmekci, Kendra Kohler, and Sinead Coleman, which explored the development of the detective novel using a number of digital methods. Details can be found on Tara Ekmekci’s blog. Scroll up through the blog entries to follow their progress, or go straight to their XtraNormal video encounter between Edgar Allan Poe, Wilkie Collins, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the latter two played by a Leonardo da Vinci character because XtraNormal’s limitations on free accounts):

Graduate Showcase

Deforming Havelok, written by Kim Lewis, Melissa Palazzo, Jose Escobedo, Melissa Filbeck, and Natasha Deniston applies the cutting-edge technique known as topic modeling to examine the themes and stylistic patterns of the thirteenth-century poem Havelok the Dane.

"Deforming Havelok" Project


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