CSUN Starts a Local Chapter of 4Humanities

The Center for the Digital Humanities is delighted to announce the formation of a local chapter of 4Humanities. 4Humanities is a site created by the international community of digital humanities scholars and educators to assist in advocacy for the humanities. A complete description of the mission is available at http://humanistica.ualberta.ca/mission/. In addition to the web site, there are institutionally-embedded, local nodes of the 4Humanities Collective. These will leverage the global activities of the 4Humanities Collective while emphasizing local strengths and opportunities.

At CSUN, the local chapter, to be known as 4Humanities@CSUN, will be run as a student organization under the sponsorship of the Center for the Digital Humanities. Students participating in the chapter’s activities will have the opportunity to engage in activities such as journalism on the 4Humanities web site, collaboration with students and scholars at other chapters around the world, production of documentaries to publicise on-campus work in the humanities, and fundraising to support the humanities at CSUN.

At present, 4Humanities@CSUN is in the process of setting up a web presence on both the 4Humanities main site and the Center for the Digital Humanities web site. Once that is done, we will start publicity throughout the College of Humanities. In the meantime, if you are a student who might be interested in participating, please contact the chapter president, Kristin Cornelius (kristin.cornelius.93@my.csun.edu). Students need not be interested in the digital humanities; the chapter, like the larger organization, is merely using the resources of the digital humanities community to advocate for the humanities as a whole.

We look forward to the activities and accomplishments of the new 4Humanities@CSUN.edu.

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