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For the second time the Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, also known as the CSUN Conference, is proud to feature a special Scientific/Research Track aimed at fostering the involvement of leading researchers into the CSUN community and a platform of users, practitioners, educators, and policy makers with the fields of Technology and Disability.

The CSUN Conference has been serving and supporting the fields of Technology and Disabilities, Assistive Technologies and eAccessibility as the major platforms for meeting and exchanging ideas and attracting more than 4,500 participants every year. It reflects, facilitates and contributes to the revolutionary developments for the inclusion of people with disabilities around the globe aided by the ICT and AT revolutions and cross-fertilized by social, political, legal, cultural and economic changes. We are proud of the outstanding role that CSUN plays and we are committed to fulfilling our role in advancing the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Looking back in history one recognizes that the roots of the CSUN Conference are in the scientific field. Technology and Disability, AT and eAccessibility, in many aspects started as “handicraft” grass-roots campaigns by dedicated researchers and developers and the CSUN Conference was the first meeting place of this community almost 3 decades ago.

To meet the interests of the scientific community we invite you to submit high quality scientific papers to the CSUN Scientific/Research Track subject for:

  • Competitive selection (we aim at an acceptance rate of 50% maximum) based on
  • Review of each contribution by at least three outstanding and carefully selected experts forming the Science/Research Track Program Committee
  • Consideration for publication in the high quality, indexed and visible scientific Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities
  • Presentation during the CSUN Conference in the Scientific/Research Track in chaired sessions

We sincerely hope that the CSUN Scientific/Research Track will attract researchers from all over the world to participate and contribute to the platform of exchange.

Klaus Miesenberger, University of Linz, Austria
Chair, Science/Research Track Program Committee

Call for Papers

For information regarding Call for Papers for the 2014 Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities, please visit the Call for Papers page.

2014 Scientific/Research Committee

Scientific/Research Track Program Chair

  • Klaus Miesenberger, University of Linz, AT

Publishing and Organizing Chairs (to be decided)

  • Caren Sax, San Diego State University, USA
  • Mary Ann Cummins-Prager, CSUN, USA
  • S K Ramesh, CSUN, USA
  • Arthur Karshmer, University of San Francisco, USA
  • Michael Paciello, TPG, USA
  • Sean Goggin, CSUN, USA
  • Sandy Plotin, CSUN, USA

International Program Committee (invited)

  • Roberto Manduchi
  • Clayton Lewis
  • Klaus Miesenberger
  • Dominique Archambault
  • Enrico Pontelli
  • David Sloan
  • Bernhard Stoeger
  • Andreas Hub
  • Michael Paciello
  • Simon Harper
  • Arthur Karshmer
  • Harry Murphy
  • Gopal Gupta
  • Jaime Sanchez
  • Karel Brinda
  • Jennison Asuncion
  • Donal Fitzpatrick
  • Mary Ann Cummins-Prager
  • Caren Sax
  • James Coughlan
  • Katsuhito Yamaguchi
  • Masakazu Suzuki
  • Makoto Kobayashi
  • Alex Mihailidis
  • Petr Penaz
  • Deborah Fels
  • Dominique Burger
  • Gert-Jan Gelderblom
  • Dusan Simsik
  • Luis Azevedo
  • Mohamed Jemni
  • Ignasi Vilardell
  • Yeliz Yesilada
  • Giorgio Brajnik
  • Joshue O’Connor
  • Carlos A Velasco
  • Yehya Mohamad
  • Hisaichi Ohnabe
  • Mojca Debeljak
  • Jerry Weisman
  • Desleigh De Jonge
  • Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf
  • Peter Cudd

Key Dates

Call for Papers for Scientific/Research Track Opens
Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Call for Papers for Scientific/Research Track Closes
Monday, September 30, 2013
Notification of Acceptance
Friday, November 8, 2013
Speaker Registration Opens
Monday, December 2, 2013
Speaker Registration Closes
Thursday, January 30, 2014
Conference Presentations
March 20 - March 22, 2014
Deadline to Submit Final Papers for post-conference Journal Publication Consideration
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Publication of the CSUN Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities (planned)
September 2014

Official Journal and Conference Language

The official journal and conference language is English. Abstracts, presentations, and final papers have to be written in proper English.