Mathematics Placement Test (MPT)

The Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) is a CSUN department exam used to determine eligibility for enrollment in MATH 102, 103, 104, 105, 150A and 255A. The MPT must be taken within two semesters preceding enrollment in the courses. It can be taken only once in a 4-week period. The MPT does not replace the ELM requirement, but is used in addition to the ELM to determine eligibility for enrollment.

The test consists of two parts: Part I and Part II. MPT Part I is 75 minutes long and consists of 45 multiple-choice questions on intermediate algebra. The MPT Part II is 75 minutes long and consists of 40 multiple-choice questions based on trigonometry and advanced topics from intermediate algebra.

Students must register online for the Mathematics Placement Test at least one week prior to the test date. Space is limited, and registration will close when capacity has been met. See the Testing Center website for test dates, test fee and registration information. The website also describes the type of payment accepted, identification required, other regulations that must be followed for the test, the qualifying scores required for specific CSUN Math classes and how to obtain scores.

Students are advised to visit the Mathematics Diagnostic Placement Testing website and take the free online sample tests to help prepare for the CSUN MPT. The MR test is similar to the MPT Part I, and the CR test is similar to the MPT Part II.