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Topic 4: Sustainability

February 13, 2014

Photo of CSUN campusAs noted in a message to the campus community from President Dianne F. Harrison introducing topic 4 for the Help Make CSUN Shine Brighter initiative, this semester we turn our attention to sustainability, one of the planning priorities included in CSUN Shines for the Next Decade. To quote from that document:

A focus on sustainability achieves cost savings, represents responsible stewardship of the university’s physical resources, and prepares knowledgeable graduates who will also be leaders and stewards of the earth’s resources. California State University, Northridge is already a leader with sustainable buildings, efficient practices, reduced energy and water usage, and the generation and use of alternative energy. Further, the university’s focus on sustainability promotes educational experiences for students.

We have made an institutional commitment to sustainability and we can take pride in CSUN’s achievements to date, including installation of solar panels, the fuel cell plant, the rainforest, establishment of the Institute for Sustainability and the new curriculum in sustainability. The growing interest in ‘green’ issues led to the development of a sustainability plan for CSUN

As green initiatives multiply, managing those efforts with limited resources becomes increasingly important. What efforts should take priority and what creative ideas do you have for making CSUN shine greener?

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Thank you for your participation.

Topic 1 Update: Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Initiative

February 7, 2014

Photo of CSUN campusThe debut topic of the Help Make CSUN Shine Brighter initiative last year focused on pedestrian and vehicular traffic on campus and the projects and actions undertaken as a result of the feedback and comments submitted. We are now pleased to share the following new updates on the continued work in response to this topic.

We are now pleased to share the following new updates on the continued work in response to this topic:

Once again, we are grateful to the campus community for their participation and interest in this project, which has resulted in very constructive and positive outcomes for this issue.

Click here to access the previous report on this topic from February 2013.


Topic 3 Update: Becoming a Smoke-Free Campus

February 7, 2014

Photo of CSUN campusLast November, we reported on the feedback results of Topic 3 on whether CSUN should be a smoke-free campus. This feedback included a summary report of the responses and the appointment of the Task Force on Becoming a Smoke-Free Campus, which was charged with considering this important issue (see also the President’s message about the results of the survey and the appointment of the Task Force.)

As a further update on this issue, the Task Force reported that it has begun its work and will meet at least twice a month from February to April 2014 and provide its recommendations to the President's Cabinet in early May. An email address has been created for Task Force, and members of the university community are invited to share their input with the members at .

Input and feedback from the university community, which includes smokers and non-smokers, remains critical—the Task Force is considering the survey results, as well as other forms of input such as emails sent to the above e-mail address from students, faculty, and staff, as it works on developing recommendations, so the continued interest and feedback of the campus community are welcome.


Topic 2 Results: Enhancing CSUN Pride, Spirit, and Reputation

May 1, 2013

CSUN Shine image

Several weeks ago, a new topic on this forum was introduced:

The recently launched ‘CSUN Shine’ identity campaign is an exciting new vehicle for telling the CSUN story in a more compelling manner and to a larger audience. Using ‘CSUN Shine’ as a springboard, what can we do to grow pride and school spirit and further enhance the university’s reputation?

True to form, the CSUN community provided thoughtful and thought provoking input. An overview of the responses, organized into general areas, with some information on related university projects is included in the report, Enhancing CSUN Pride Spirit, and Reputation, now available for download.

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions and ideas. The comments received covered a broad array of subjects; every response has been reviewed and comments/suggestions have been shared with the appropriate administrators as food for thought and inspiration for future planning/programming. To a considerable extent, the input was a confirmation of projects planned or underway. The feedback is also clearly reflected in the recently released CSUN Shines for the Next Decade: Planning and Priorities as an Engaged Institution which lays out CSUN planning priorities to guide university efforts at all levels.