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Seattle is the largest city in Washington, USA, and it is also the industrial, financial and commercial hub in the area of the American Pacific Northwest. Sitting on a row of lush hills, it is also the biggest urban region north of San Francisco, California. Bounded by Elliot Bay, Lake Washington, the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascade Range to the east, it benefits from having a climate that is mild and moderately moist, enjoying warm winters and cool summers. Although it is famous for its rains and cloudy weather, in truth its average yearly rainfall is really less compared to those of New York, Atlanta and the several other cities in the USA.

It was established in 1853 and was given the nickname “The Emerald City.” Back then, it doubled as a pioneer outpost and a peaceful laidback lumbering town, quite the opposite from what it has evolved to be in present day. Notably, it was also the primary supply repository for both the Yukon and the Alaskan gold rushes which took place in the 1890s.

This conurbation has also survived an American Indian attack in 1856, anti-Chinese insurrections in the 1880s, and a catastrophic conflagration in 1889. Alongside these tragedies, however, are events which have contributed significantly to the boom and growth that have made Seattle the flourishing metropolis that it is today. In particular, Seattle experienced a tremendous growth during the Second World War, when its top of the line shipping and aircraft industries played very significant roles. Now, this city and seaport is largely considered to be the entryway to Oriental Asia and Alaska.

Seattle is an idyllic place to live in, especially if you’re looking for diversity and lush greenery to go along with a very developed and industrialized environment. As might be expected, real estate in Seattle tends to lean towards the expensive end, although if you were to buy a new home here in Seattle you will find that it is an investment well made.

Investing in homes and real estate in Seattle for renting and leasing purposes will definitely rake in great returns for you. Benefiting from the enormous boost afforded by the aircraft industry which took off in Seattle during World War II, specifically in the form of Boeing, real estate in Seattle has been enjoying a similar pep as well. To be specific, neighborhoods like Mercer Island, Bryn Mawr, Newport, Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Hunt’s Point, Medina, Juanita, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, and Lake Hills came about during this time.

Just as remarkable is the presence of the Microsoft head office (founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen went to a private middle and high school in the northern part of Seattle), you will certainly not have a paucity of prospective tenants who will want to live in this booming metropolitan area. Other software companies can be found here as well, such as RealNetworks, Itron, Attachmate Corp, Infospace, and several other smaller companies.

As of today, the suburban communities of Seattle continue to grow and develop, and the value of homes and real estate in Seattle not just maintains, but also continues to escalate, its prime worth.

This article was brought to you by American Classic Homes, a new homes builder in Seattle.

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