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Interior shutters are often installed by homeowners who can handle home improvement projects personally. As long as you can manage simple do it yourself instructions and handle basic tools, you can mount the beautiful and functional shutters to protect the colors of your carpet and furniture. In addition, utilizing shutters helps allow for cooling air flow through a room without the heat and direct rays of the sun. Interior shutters can be placed on the inside of the window box so they are flush with the front of the opening. Mounting the shutters actually doesn’t require much more than being able to place the hinge plate in the right position and lift the shutter into place. Pre-finished shutters make the entire process even simpler. For those who prefer to hire an installer to do the work of placing the shutter in position, it is not a lengthy or onerous job
Caring for the plantation or American shutters is not a difficult task either. Wood shutters can be cleaned and polished as you would any item of fine wood furniture. Painted surfaces and those with vinyl or other coatings can be cleaned with the appropriate household cleaner or with a mild soap and water solution.

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