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Sending and Receiving Files


This is adapted from the mIRC Help file

One of the most useful features of IRC is the ability to Send and Receive files. This feature allows you to share all kinds of information with other people on IRC. Students can submit drafts or working documents or you can return assignments. Any file can be transferred while on IRC.

On IRC, a method called DCC Send and DCC Get is used to connect directly to another person on IRC to Send and Receive files.


Sending Files

DCC Send allows you to send a file to another user. You can do this by clicking on the DCC/Send tool bar button

DCC Send

or by highlighting the persons name with the left mouse button

Select person

and click the right button for the menu and select DCC/Send

   to open the DCC Send dialog box


You can then enter the nickname of the user, select the file you want to send by clicking on it and it will appear where the *.* is, and then click on the Send button.

DCC Send

mIRC will then tell the user that you want to send them a file.

Receiving Files

If you receive the following mIRC Warning About Accepting Files, after you read it you can put a check in the box on the bottom so that you are not bothered by that screen again and click OK.

Warning About Accepting Files

The following screen will appear


The user then has to accept your send request.

Make sure you notice where the file is being saved so you can retrieve it later. If you want to change the location to save or save it to a disk, click on the ? and the following box will appear:

Save File

Select the drive that you want to access and then a dialog box will be displayed to indicate where the file will be saved.


Select OK. The following dialog box will appear and you need to click on Accept.

Get File

If a user tries to send you a file that already exists in your directory then you will be shown a warning that the file exists.

File Exists

You then have the option to either overwrite, resume, or rename the file.

If you select overwrite then the whole file will be downloaded from the beginning and any existing file of the same name will be erased. If you are not sure you want to erase the existing file, rename the new one.

At this point the file transfer will begin and a dialog box will indicate progress.

Progress of Transfer

Close the window by clicking on the X in the right corner of the box.

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