The following essay is a preprint of Chapter 10 in the book,

We Will Not Be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel's Critics

Edited by William I. Robinson & Maryam S. Griffen

Published by Pluto Press (UK) and AKPress (USA), copyright 2017
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A Multiyear Zionist Censorship Campaign

by David Klein

My story begins in January 2009 during Operation Cast Lead, Israel's three week assault of Gaza.  Between December 27, 2008 and January 18, 2009, Israel closed off all means of escape from the Gaza Strip and proceeded to slaughter some 1400 people while destroying as much infrastructure as it could.  Half of Gaza's hospitals were bombed along with ambulances and refugee centers.  Dozens of  Mosques and schools were obliterated, and even kindergartens were not spared.  Farms, food centers, water systems, and homes by the thousands were destroyed while Israeli soldiers used Palestinian children as human shields.
A month before the massacre, I had joined California Scholars for Academic Freedom (CSAF), a group of faculty from California's universities.  CSAF operates through its listserve and has a history of defending scholars under attack for criticizing Israel's policies or advocating for Palestinian human rights.  In the midst of Operation Cast Lead, CSAF struggled to find ways to oppose the ongoing slaughter.  Exchanges on the listserve resulted in 14 members of CSAF, including myself, to create a separate organization, the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI).  During the course of these events, I created a web page dedicated to Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction, or BDS, on the server of California State University Northridge (CSUN), where I am a professor of mathematics, and I linked it from my faculty webpage [1].

Boycott Israel Webpage

My "Boycott Israel Resource Page" criticizes segregated roads and buses, racist marriage laws, and institutional de-Arabisation programs in Israel.  It is unrelated to my mathematical research and teaching — I've never mentioned it my classes — but it supports other duties.  These include serving as faculty advisor for Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the CSUN Greens, whose national organization endorsed BDS.  The page is also a resource for other faculty members who, through faculty governance, would support academic boycott or a call for divestment of the CSU system from corporations that bolster Israel's ethnic cleansing and apartheid system.

In the immediate aftermath of Operation Cast Lead, I wrote an Op-ed piece entitled "Support for Israel Must Stop" for the Daily Sundial, CSUN's school newspaper.  I recounted the loss of life and destruction, and I quoted "The Six Months of the Lull Arrangement," an Israeli government intelligence document that revealed that it was Israel, not Hamas, which broke the cease fire and initiated the carnage [2].  I also referred readers to my boycott webpage.

In publishing my letter and posting the webpage, I had violated the "11th Commandment," never to criticize the State of Israel.  Two colleagues immediately took it upon themselves to denounce me in letters to the editor.   Political science professor James Mitchell described my piece as "unvarnished, uncompromising and, decidedly myopic," leaving "little room for any possibility of reasoned dialogue on the matter."  He went on to repeat standard propaganda, and ignored the internal Israeli document that I cited, falsely declaring in his letter, "The fact is, this most recent salvo began with the Dec. 19 breach of a cease-fire by the Hamas side" [3].  Sociology professor Harvey Rich's letter praised Mitchell's, described my piece as "vitriolic and ideological," and then chided the Sundial for its decision to "even print such a piece without a counter piece alongside it," evidently finding his and Mitchell's letters, along with a myriad of Sundial blog attacks against me, inadequate to the task [4].

Mitchell and Rich were not alone, but neither was I.  Outraged by Israel's brutality, some colleagues added their names to USACBI's growing list of U.S. academics in support of the academic and cultural boycott of Israel [5].  I also invited faculty both on and off campus to link my boycott webpage to their faculty pages, or create their own versions.  A handful did link my page to theirs, but subsequent pressure in the form of scary legalistic sounding letters from Zionist organizations caused all but one to unlink it.  This was part of a general tactic of  Zionist censors: first isolate critics of Israel from supporters, then go after the critics. 

Later that semester, a colleague and two student clubs, the CSUN Greens and the Muslim Student Association proposed a debate, "Palestine & Israel: What is Next?"  The organizers first invited CSUN Jewish Studies professor Jody Meyers to debate me,  an appropriate choice.  Back in 2008, she had vehemently opposed my speaking invitation to Norman Finkelstein.  Echoing other Zionists who had blocked Finkelstein's tenure at DePaul University in 2007, Meyers repeated the absurd claim that he was academically unqualified to lecture at CSUN.  Finkelstein nevertheless did come to CSUN and gave three well attended lectures across a one week visit [6]. 

Meyers, however, declined the invitation.  Instead, CSUN librarian Wayne Cohen debated me on April 16, 2009, and brought with him a dozen or so militant supporters.  At the end of the debate, one of them informed me that he had been an Israeli soldier. He accused me of being a liar, without identifying any lies, and said, "I hope God kills you."  Hate mail arrived in the form of email and postal letters, but most attacks came later.


In 2011, the California State University system began a process to reinstate  its Israel Study Abroad Program, previously suspended due to costs and a U.S. State Department travel warning. With two colleagues from other CSU campuses, I wrote an open letter to the CSU chancellor, Charles Reed, in opposition to reinstatement. The letter cited examples of Israeli soldiers injuring or killing US citizens including students, and argued that CSU students in the program “could face discriminatory treatment, based on race and ethnicity.” The open letter was signed by 52 CSU students and alumni, and 85 CSU faculty and administrators, including department chairs, several deans, and the provost of CSUN, Harry Hellenbrand.  I posted the letter on the CSUN server and linked it to my faculty webpage [7].

Press coverage and the solicitation of signatures throughout the 23 campus CSU system publicized the open letter, which was what we wanted, but the publicity also brought a backlash.  Hate mail poured in laden with obscenities, accusing me of being a kapo, anti-Semite, nazi, self-hating, violating state law, putting Jewish students in danger, and much more.  I posted them on a "hate mail webpage" linked to my boycott page in order to reveal how Zionist censorship operates, and have continued to do so [8]. Many of the senders signed off with impressive titles including, professor, Ph.D., M.D., and law degrees.  The hate mail at first focused on the open letter, but soon shifted to my boycott webpage.  They were sent not only to me, but in some cases to the chair of my department, the provost and president of CSUN, the chancellor of the CSU system, state senators, the governor, reporters, and Zionist organizations.

The most persistent attacks came from the AMCHA Initiative, a California Zionist group that collaborates with other Zionist organizations to suppress speech critical of Israel on university campuses.  Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and Leila Beckwith, the founding members of AMCHA, took the lead in pressuring the CSUN administration remove my webpage.

Rossman-Benjamin, a lecturer at UC Santa Cruz, is an anti-Palestinian activist with a history of racist accusations against students and litigious threats against faculty [9].  According to Rossman-Benjamin, "I don't separate my Zionism from my Judaism. What it means to be a Jew is to have a love and a connection for Israel."[10].  In conflating Judaism with Zionism, Rossman-Benjamin implicitly denies that the ultra-orthodox Jewish sect, Neturei Karta, is even Jewish (because it is anti-Zionist on religious grounds), and her conflation associates to Judaism an unending list of racist crimes objectively documented by human rights organizations. AMCHA's extreme Zionist ideology is ironically anti-Semitic.

AMCHA's two founders sent an email letter in November 2011 to then CSUN president Jolene Koester accusing my webpage of containing a "litany of false and inflammatory statements and photographs intended to incite hatred and promote political activism against the Jewish state," and demanded that it be taken down.  As usual, they could find no actual "false statements" to quote, but that did not stop them.

In response to the flood of Zionist accusations, President Koester ordered a formal review of my webpage and issued a December 5, 2011 public statement in which she acknowledged "a personal discomfort with some of the material on Professor Klein’s web pages" but also wrote,

"...the review considered whether the web content is in violation of California State University (CSU) or Cal State Northridge web use policies. While the review raised many difficult issues, it found no such violations. This conclusion was affirmed by CSU legal counsel." (See [1])
A later more detailed administrative report was posted which found that,

"Professor Klein has every right to express his opinions about the treatment of the Palestinian people at the hands of the government of Israel. Furthermore, based upon his thoughts and feelings about the issue, he has every right to call for a boycott of the country. Neither action is anti-Semitic."

In early December 2011, I received an anonymous recorded phone message that said, "Be afraid Mr. Klein, be very afraid." Also about that time, a Christian Zionist, Steve Klein (no relationship), showed up at my office. I believe he is the same Steve Klein who consulted for the anti-Muslim film, “The Innocence of Muslims,” which triggered violent protests in the Middle East.   Steve Klein was upset by the open letter about the Israel Study Abroad program.  Following his half hour visit, he sent his own letter to each of the roughly 140 signers of the open letter, and to the Los Angeles Times (which did not publish it).   His letter began,

"The blind-with-hate enemies of the Jews really don't need help – or encouragement from CSU Northridge math professor David Klein or from you...Klein has a long record of sympathy for Palestinian baby-killers and cowardly kindergarten bombers...I think he would probably feel fine if those bothersome, embarrassing Jews simply and quietly walked themselves back into the German ovens.  Klein comes off just slightly less smug than Jon Stewart...." 

He then gave his own peculiar history of the Middle East, vilifying Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu in the process. I was alarmed by his libel, but relieved to be placed (undeservedly) alongside such honorable company since that weakened his attack.

Outraged by the CSUN administration's refusal to remove my webpage, legalistic letters from Zionist organizations poured in to the administration.  One dated December 7, 2011 from AMCHA repeated earlier arguments but with sharper demands, including:

"We demand that you exercise your responsibility and declare to the University community that Professor Klein’s views are deeply offensive and violate the University’s policy of tolerance and inclusiveness."

It concluded with a warning: "Please understand that the Jewish community will not remain silent while anti-Semitism goes unchecked on your campus" [8].  That same day, another letter to the CSUN president arrived from the Zionist Organization of America's president, Morton Klein, and Susan Tuchman in which they said,

"Recently, the ZOA was contacted about the bigoted and repulsive content on the Web pages of one of your professors, Professor of Mathematics, David Klein, who has made no bones about his hatred for Israel.  For instance, we understand that Professor Klein was behind an "open letter" sent last week to Charles Reed, the Chancellor of California State University (CSU), opposing the reinstatement of the CSU study abroad program in Israel.  Outrageously and absurdly, the letter contends that 'participating CSU students could face discriminatory treatment, based on race and ethnicity,' in Israel — the only functioning democracy in the Middle East..." 

The ZOA leaders also urged President Koester to "to investigate whether Professor Klein's hateful conduct is creating a hostile environment for Jewish and pro-Israel students on your campus."  Copied recipients included the CSU Board of Trustees, both U.S. Senators from California, and Congressman Brad Sherman.  AMCHA supporters also sent emails, some calling for President Koester's resignation [8].

Koester finished her presidency amidst this chaos, and when Provost Harry Hellenbrand stepped in as CSUN's interim president January 1, 2012, he immediately became a target of Zionist attacks.  AMCHA informed its followers that,

"Surprisingly, Harold Hellenbrand, the new interim President of CSUN, is publicly listed as a signatory to a letter that demonizes Israel and seeks to prevent students from studying there, which was authored by Professor Klein and posted on Klein's CSUN-hosted web page" [8].

An email from a Gary Gerofsky of "The Never Again Group Canada" accused Hellenbrand of being an "interim President who counts himself among the haters of Jews and Israel and I advise Dr. Hillenbrand [sic] to step down now due to his conflict of interest with Jewish staff and students at Cal State" [8].

In December and January, CSAF and USACBI each posted open letters, and USACBI launched an online petition to the CSU Chancellor defending me.  The petition garnered nearly a thousand signatures with many supportive statements, including from Holocaust survivors, Palestinians, and Israeli Jews.

Zionist pressure continued unabated through the winter break.  On January 4, 2012, the CSUN History Department (with which I have no affiliation) received two angry diatribes against me as recorded phone messages.  The pressure was taking a toll. In early February CSUN's Dean of Humanities, Elizabeth Say, asked via email to have her signature removed from the Israel Study Abroad Letter she had signed.

Censoring Ilan Pappé

In coordination with faculty from UCLA and two other CSU campuses, I helped  arrange a speaking tour for famed Israeli historian Ilan Pappé, with a February 20, 2012 visit to CSUN.  The event was co-sponsored by the CSUN Students for Justice in Palestine, CSUN Greens, Muslim Student Association, South Asia Club, and CSUN Communications Association, with CSUN funding.  Sherna Berger-Gluck, a community activist, and Estee Chandler, the Organizer of the Los Angeles Chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace (of which I am a member) helped to advertise Pappé's visit.

Flyers for the event were posted around campus, and predictably torn down or marred by Zionist graffiti.  In particular, a flyer on my office door was replaced by an unsigned note with the sarcastic threat,  "I do hope you are ok and don't have cancer or something.  Be seeing you." I requested and was granted campus police patrols near my office.

AMCHA pulled out all stops to try to prevent Pappé from speaking at CSUN and the other campuses.  It circulated a YouTube video vilifying him, his other CSU hosts and myself as anti-Semitic.  In addition, Rossman-Benjamin and Beckwith sent a letter to the CSU chancellor and the presidents of CSUN, Cal Poly, and CSU Fresno, expressing concern for the safety of Jewish students and urging the campus leaders to “revoke sponsorship of Ilan Pappe’s tour.” AMCHA claimed that lectures by Pappé would violate CSU policies and state law. 

With remarkable integrity, perhaps unprecedented in the U.S., Hellenbrand and the two other CSU presidents issued their own open letter, dated February 16, 2012, in which they shattered Zionist hopes for censorship of Ilan Pappé. In it they wrote [11],

"We are writing in response to concerns that have been raised about the appearance on our respective campuses of Ilan Pappé ...The individuals who invited Professor Pappé to our respective campuses have acted within their rights to invite speakers they feel bring a perspective to an issue...There is no danger to a free society in allowing opposing views to be heard. The danger, instead, is in censoring them."

Months later, in May 2012, the three presidents' joint statement was brought before the CSU Statewide Academic Senate.  Following lengthy debate, the senate endorsed the letter, made it one of their official documents, and reaffirmed the senate's commitment to academic freedom [12]. 

Some 300 people attended Pappé's February lecture, with perhaps a fourth of them hostile.  In violation of campus rules, members of the Zionist group, Stand With Us, set up a video camera on a tripod at the front of the auditorium near the stage. But the camera was aimed at the audience, not the speaker, as a form of intimidation.  Because of Zionist threats, Pappé had to be accompanied by campus police as he visited CSUN classes and student groups.

Despite the powerful statement from the three campus presidents, Zionist censors scarcely missed a beat.   In March 2012, California Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield, a committed Zionist (now on the Los Angeles City Council), demanded information from the CSUN administration on Ilan Pappé's visit.  Blumenfield was not satisfied with the campus response and communicated that he did not believe academic freedom was the issue. Siding with AMCHA, he felt there was a misuse of the CSU/CSUN names and a violation of policies related to the use of state and university resources.

The first of four Public Records Act (PRA) requests that I would receive arrived in early April 2012.  The campus, including myself, was required to provide to a "Shira Gold," all email correspondences, with on- or off-campus recipients related to Ilan Pappe's visit, all financial documents, room reservations, and receipts.  My wife, Edie Pistolesi who is a CSUN art professor, was also served notice to provide correspondences.  And there was more to come.  A second PRA request came for analogous information regarding Norman Finkelstein's campus much earlier visit in 2008 (see above).

The third PRA request, arriving in May, demanded all correspondences between "Dr. Koester, Dr. Hellenbrand and Dr. Klein regarding Dr. Klein's website."  A fourth PRA request from a "Mitt Riggins" arrived in October 2013 and cast a much wider net.  It demanded records related to a 2011 CSUN symposia, "The Middle East Across the Curriculum," which, except for my attendance, I had nothing to do with.

California Attorney General

Having failed to pressure the CSUN administration to remove my boycott webpage, and then failing to persuade the CSU Chancellor, AMCHA and its allies turned to California Attorney General Kamala Harris.  In a letter dated April 2, 2012, Kenneth Leitner, the director of the Global Frontier Justice Center (GFJC), and his counsel, Mier Katz, urged Attorney General Harris to prosecute me and any CSUN administrator who permitted me to maintain my boycott webpage.  They cited numerous statues and focused on the word "csun" in the web address of my boycott page, arguing that the url associates CSUN with the content of the webpage (in spite of disclaimers on the page).

According to Ali Abunimah, the GFJC has little real-world existence.  It is apparently a front for Shurat Hadin, a well-funded far-right Israeli lawfare group also known as the Israel Law Center.  And "according to Max Blumenthal, Shurat Hadin is partly funded by John Hagee, the Islamophobic, anti-Semitic and homophobic radical Christianist founder of Christians United For Israel" [13].

Absent from the GFJC legal analysis was any mention of the fact that CSUN Hillel also included "csun," not only in its web address but in its very name, that it had pro-Israel political links, and that it openly recruited students for two of the most racist political organizations in America:  Stand With Us and the ZOA. CSUN Hillel even recruited students for internships with the Israeli government.  Whatever legal arguments against associating CSUN's name with political positions that could possibly have applied to my case would have applied to theirs with greater force.  As of this writing, the website for "Hillel 818" is titled, "Hillel at California State University, Northridge, Pierce College, and Los Angeles Valley College" and it includes a link entitled, " Site Launched to Counter Boycotts of Israeli Goods."
The response from the Attorney General's office to the call for my prosecution arrived in my mailbox in late May 2012, and it was a major disappointment to Zionists.  The key sentence was, "Because we conclude upon review that the evidence ... provided does not support a finding of misuse of such name and resources, we find no basis for any action on our part."  The Attorney General declined to prosecute me.

Undeterred, Mier Katz shot off another letter dated June 5, 2012 to the Los Angeles City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich, accusing Harris "of abdicating her responsibilities as Attorney General of the State of California," and asked Trutanich to take up the cause. In opposition to Katz's letter, CSAF immediately sent a letter to Trutanich defending my free speech rights.  I don't know whether the City Attorney replied to the GFJC, but no action was taken by the City Attorney's office.

Meanwhile, partly in response to AMCHA's attempts at censorship, the CSU Academic Senate passed a resolution to strengthen its constitutional commitment to academic freedom.  In preparation for its adoption by the CSU Board of Trustees, each of the individual faculties of the CSU campuses had to vote on the proposed change.  Of the 23 campuses, 22 voted in favor, with CSUN in sole opposition, voting against it by a narrow margin.   I was informed that some of the opposition came from liberal Zionist faculty.
My personal standing on campus was mixed.  Some colleagues turned away when they saw me, and others cheered me on.  I never knew the proportions of the split, but there must have been quite a bit of opposition to my boycott website because on April 27, 2012, President Hellenbrand sent out an email, with no advance warning to me, to all CSUN faculty.  In his piece, "J’accuse! The New Anti-Anti-Semitism," he wrote,

"Many of Klein’s critics implicitly fuse the elected policy of the Israeli government with God’s covenant with the Jews as a spiritual people and/or ethnic tribe. This consolidation empowers them to denounce, with the fury of Jeremiah, dissent to policy as if it were apostasy..."

"AMCHA charges, too, that Klein is guilty of misusing state resources — the CSUN web — for political ends, citing state code. But AMCHA conducts some of its political work through UC email accounts, while [Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME)] has solicited sponsorships for its lectures from UC departments. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with SPME and AMCHA’s political advocacy in an educational context. The context presents advocacy as a contestable proposition."

Congressman Brad Sherman

Hellenbrand returned to his position as provost when Dianne Harrison was appointed CSUN's president in June 2012.  One of Harrison's first meetings was with Brad Sherman, the local congressman, for the purpose of discussing opportunities for him to address the student body.  However, Sherman turned the meeting into a rant about my boycott webpage, demanding that it be removed, or at least a letter sent out denouncing it.

Brad Sherman is arguably the most fanatically Zionist member of congress.  He publicly called for the arrest and prosecution of any U.S. citizen involved with the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla, in which nine aid workers were killed in international waters by Israeli commandos, including a U.S. citizen.  Sherman announced that he planned to work with Homeland Security to make sure that all non-U.S. citizens aboard the Aid Flotilla would be permanently barred from entering the U.S.  That would include Nobel peace laureate Mairead Maguire, former UN assistant secretary general Denis Halliday, and government officials from nearly a dozen countries.

President Harrison's very first letter to the CSUN community, dated July 9, 2012, was indeed about my webpage.  She reaffirmed earlier findings "that the website was not in violation of any CSU or CSUN policies and there was no evidence that the safety or well being of students was compromised as a result of the statements on the website."  She added, however, "Let me state in no uncertain terms that I do not agree with Dr. Klein’s positions and, particularly, the manner in which he has chosen to present them."  I asked her which of my positions she disagreed with, but, as is typical, I never received an answer.

Continuing Censorship Campaign

Petitions, testimony, and letters from Zionists calling for the removal of my webpage continued without pause. AMCHA's Rossman-Benjamin and Roberta Seid of Stand With Us testified before the CSU Board of Trustees on Sept. 25, 2013, calling again for the removal of my webpage, but they faced opposition.   Testimony in support of my academic freedom came from supporters including Estee Chandler, who also wrote about it in San Diego Jewish World [15].  Chandler was no stranger, herself, to Zionist threats.  Shortly after forming the Los Angeles Chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, she came home to a "Wanted Poster" with her photograph, charging her with "anti-Jewish activity" and even targeting children in her extended family [16].

When the American Studies Association and several other academic organizations endorsed the academic boycott of Israel in 2013, CSUN President Harrison joined the CSU Chancellor and hundreds of university presidents rushing to the defense of the apartheid regime and denounced the boycott.  In response, I published another opinion piece in the school newspaper, asking why she and other CSU leaders, while waxing poetic over principles of academic freedom for complicit Israeli institutions, had nothing to say about the denial of academic freedom to Palestinians caused by Israel's bombing of schools, arrest and torture of students and faculty, and closing down of universities.   My challenge elicited nothing but yawns.

AMCHA continued sending letters in 2013 and 2014 to the California Attorney General  and CSU administrators calling for censorship of my webpage, but I was defended  in numerous ways by attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Palestine Legal, including Carol Smith, Liz Jackson, Jim Lafferty, David Mandel, Dan Segal, and Mark Kleiman, all of whom selflessly gave time and energy in support of principles of free speech.  Activists from various groups including CSAF, USACBI, Independent Jewish Voices Canada, Jewish Voice for Peace, and others also wrote on my behalf. I could not have resisted the attempts at suppression for so long without the help of all of these amazing people.

The conclusion, however, is unresolved. In 2015, some 24 Zionist organizations signed a letter to Attorney General Harris calling for the removal of my webpage, hoping for a different decision after she announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate.   Unable to deny the facts of Israel's ethnic cleansing and apartheid regime, they have no better options than intimidation, character assassination, and censorship.


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