Norton Antivirus 9.0:  Macintosh Installation Instructions


Per campus policy (, "all computers that connect to the University IT infrastructure, including all off-campus computers that connect remotely (e.g., via wireless, VPN, or dialup) must be protected with antivirus software or by other appropriate means."

Beginning January 31, 2005 active Faculty (which includes Emeritus Faculty), Staff, and Students are entitled to download a single copy of the Norton Antivirus software from the Campus Web PORTAL for home use.  Follow the instructions below to download and install your copy of Norton Antivirus on your home computer.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SOFTWARE ON YOUR CSUN WORK COMPUTER.  Instead, contact your local computer technician to get this software installed on your work computer.


1.) Visit the Campus Web PORTAL ( and log in using your CSUN 'User ID' and Password.

2.) Once logged in to the campus Web PORTAL, click the "Software Downloads" link located on the left hand side menu.



 3.) Click the “View/Download Software” link located just below the 'Software Downloads' link.



4.) Click the "License Agreement' link.


5.) Read the CSUN License Agreement and then select 'Accept' and click 'OK'.


6.) Select the radio button which corresponds to “Norton Anti-Virus" for Macintosh, and click 'Download'.

Norton Anti-Virus Macintosh Download Option  


7.) When the download is complete, logoff the portal and close any other
     programs that are open and follow the install instructions below.

8.) Double-click on the icon that appears on your desktop to
     begin installation of the software.  The folder INSTALL FOR OS X will
     appear on your Desktop. Open the folder and double-click the NORTON ANTIVIRUS                  INSTALLER file.  Follow the install instructions through to installation.

Make sure to keep a copy of the installation folder for reinstalling later if
     your hard disk crashes.  The suggested method is to burn a CD.

** If your browser plugins are not set properly, you may see the download as
    a document file and not a zip file.  If you add '.zip' as an extension on the
    end of the file name, it will open as a zip file.  Follow the install 
    instructions as described below.

10.) Read the Symantec Software License Agreement.  To accept the terms of the Symantec software license, click "Continue" and "Accept" and the installation begins.

Norton Anit-Virus License Page


11.) Follow through the installation process using the defaults.  When you are finished with the installation process, run the LiveUpdate feature, which will update you for the latest virus definitions.   Note:  You cannot update your virus definition unless yo are connected to the Internet.

Norton Anti-Virus Restart Page  

12.) Click 'Restart' when you are finished to restart your computer.


Congratulations!  You have now successfully installed and configured Norton Antivirus. 


If you have any questions regarding this page, please contact the University Help Desk at campus extension 1400 or by email to