Inheriting Software Metrics

Barnes, G.M. and Swim, B.R., Inheriting Software Metrics, Journal of Object Oriented Programming, vol. 6, 7, 1993, pp 27-34.

In 1993 Brad Swim and I published a conceptual paper describing how software metrics could be inherited. To my knowledge the article is not posted on any on-line digital library and the Journal of Object Oriented Programming is no longer in existence. I get a few requests for a copies so I have scanned and posted the article as a pdf document. [ get Inheriting Software Metrics article ] It reads better printed than on screen.


Software engineering must continue to automate both the measurement and analysis of software quality and incorporate the reuse of existing software components to satisfy the need for quality software. A conceptual extension to the OOP paradigm is presented to support the development of high quality production-grade software. A Quality Object Oriented Language (QOOL) extends the class concept to software metrics that assess how well software satisfies its design goals, how well it is written, and how well it performs. In addition, we describe how QOOL environments could reduce the burden of quality assurance and increase software reuse. A prototype (ActQOOL) is presented to demonstrate the feasibility and use of the QOOL concept.