Balanced Sample Binary Trees distribution

Updated 1/12/2005

This distribution is a supporting document for, Experiments with Balanced-Sample Binary Trees, to be presented at SIGCSE '05, by:

G.Michael Barnes
Computer Science
C.S.U. Northridge
John Noga
Computer Science
C.S.U. Northridge
Peter D. Smith
Computer Science
C.S.U. Channel Islands
Jeff Wiegley
Computer Science
C.S.U. Northridge

You should place the files BSBTree.html (this file) and BSBTree.jar in a subdirectory of your choice (e.g. BSBTree).

Get the BSBTree.jar distribution file: [ download BSBTree.jar ] .

You can expand this distribution with the following command:

jar xvf BSBTree.jar
The BSBTree.jar file can also be expanded by other compression utilities; for example the MS Windows winzip program.

The Balanced Sample Binary Trees project distribution has the following four subdirectories:

Subdirectory Description
  • compiled class files (*.class)
  • BSBTreeDemo.class -- main class for BSBTree experiments
  • "How To" run BSBTree experiments
  • batch files (*.bat) for running BSBTree experiments
  • data result of BSBTree experiments (data*)
  • doc
  • javadoc -- browser readable documention files
  • Documentation root (doc/index.html)
  • src
  • java source files
  • makefile
    • make, or, make BSBTree -- will compile project
    • make doc -- will create documentation with javadoc
    • make clean -- will remove all class files in bin subdirectory
    • make cleanDoc -- will remove all files in doc subdirectory

  • batch files -- MS Windows users can click on file to:
    • compile.bat -- will compile project
    • doc.bat -- will create documentation with javadoc
    • clean.bat -- will remove all class files in bin subdirectory
    • cleanDoc.bat -- will remove all files in doc subdirectory
  • misc
  • miscellaneous files used for javadoc documentation tool
    • optionsJavaDoc -- options file for running javadoc
    • sbtree.png -- UML class diagram of project
    • overview.html -- project overview statement
    • pseudo.html -- project pseduocode
    • *.png -- UML class diagrams for each class in project
  • For questions about this distribution please contact Mike Barnes.