Graduate Student projects

Last updated 12.8.2021.

I retired Spring 2019. This page describes completed graduate projects I chaired while a professor at CSUN.

Completed Graduate Projects

Since 2011 completed Computer Science MS Projects/Thesis are available from ScholarWorks . Here you can see some of the abstracts of past projects I have chaired before 2011.
  1. S. Kirdey, Client side video colorization using deep neural networks, Spring 2018
  2. K. Dondzila, Port and Analysis of a Surface Reconstruction Algorithm , Fall 2017
  3. D. Delmer, Comparative Effectiveness of CPU and GPU Ray Tracing with Parallel Computation. , Spring 2017
  4. R. Radwan, Cache Invalidation for Data Dependent Web Page Rendering, Fall 2016
  5. D. Smart, Cloud Based Monitoring and Control System for Aquaponics Garden, Fall 2016
  6. N. Studnitski, Laminar Crossroads Continuous-Flow Algorithm for Intersecting Traffic of Automated Vehicles, Fall 2016
  7. M. DiMartino, Gesture Recognition Training Using the Leap Motion Controller , Spring 2016
  8. K. Moore, Visualization of Real-time Server Loads , Spring 2016
  9. S. Wirz, Comparative Effectiveness of Language Modeling Algorithms on Acoustic Level Error Samples, Spring 2016
  10. C. Eng, Prototype Document Management System , Fall 2015
  11. D. Synott, Strategies for Creating Integrated Patient Health Records Fall 2015
  12. P. Topjian, A Case Study in Software Project Mangement , Spring, 2015
  13. David Lu Testing the Effects of Memory Structures and Recall on Non Playable Characters in Unity3D , Aug 2013
  14. Bjorn Davis Terrain Generation Engine using Voxels , Spring 2013
  15. Lianhua Shen Face Recognition and Disguise , Spring 2013
  16. Phillip Malinoski Object Detection and Recognition for UAV , Spring 2012
  17. Stephen Burns Virtual Reality Simulation using Stereoscopic Vision and Motion Tracking , Fall 2011
  18. Jeremy Staples Serious and Purposeful Video Game Environments , Spring 2011
  19. Benjamin Riviera III The Design and Implementation of Kindergarten Computer Assisted Instruction Software Package , Fall 2010, abstract (pdf).
  20. Javier Reyes, Data Glove Interface for a Virtual Environment , Spring 2010, abstract (pdf).
  21. Kristofer Shinn, Digital Signal Processing with a GPGPU Implementation , Spring 2010, abstract (pdf).
  22. Luis Vasconez, Threat Analysis using Fuzzy Logic applied to the Evading and Chasing Algorithm , Spring 2010, abstract (pdf).
  23. Dennis Walsh, Parallel Collision Detection Utilizing the CUDA Architecture adn DirectX9 , Spring 2010, abstract (pdf).
  24. Atsuya Takagi, MultiTouchJ: A Wii Remote and Video Projector User Interface. , Spring 2009, abstract (pdf).
  25. Neha N. Limaye, A C# Managed DirectX Client Server Library for Shared Environments , Fall 2007, abstract (pdf).
  26. Kristina Shroyer, A Study of 3D Facial Modeling and Aging with Project Applications in MAYA , Spring 2007, abstract (pdf).
  27. Francis Palardy, Automatic Speech Recognition using the Sphinx 4 , Fall 2006, abstract (pdf).
  28. Khaleel Ali, Shading Language for 3D Graphics , Spring 2006, abstract (pdf).
  29. Andrew Alter, Prototype HCI Experiment Framework Driving Simulator, Fall 2003, abstract (pdf).
  30. Francisco Vassallo, Starship Combat Game: Anchors Aweigh, Fall 2003, abstract (pdf).
  31. Chandra Akkiraju, .NET Strengths and Weaknesses, Spring 2003, abstract (pdf).
  32. Qi Fang, A Small Architecture Oriented Volume Modeler, Spring 2003, abstract (pdf).
  33. Joeseph Parham, Facial Animation Using Dynamic Subdivision Surfaces , Spring 2003, abstract (pdf).
  34. Henry Demirchian, Stereo 3D Presentation of the Human Digestive System, Fall 2002, abstract (pdf).
  35. Michael Stark, A Glove Gesture and 3D Position Tracking Interface, Fall 2002, abstract (pdf).
  36. Shaheenur Akhter, Developing Object Oriented Software Metrics for Java , Spring 2002, abstract (pdf).
  37. Radhika Ambatipudi, On-line support for CS's graduate program, Spring 2002, abstract (pdf).
  38. Joythi Bhavaraju, On-line support for CS's faculty information, Spring 2002, abstract (pdf).
  39. Irina Goldman, Visualizing Java Class Libraries, Spring 2002, abstract (pdf).
  40. Yahui Peng, Visualizing databases, Spring 2002, abstract (pdf).
  41. Peeti Jittiphalangsri, "Space Battle : a networked multi user game", Fall 2001, abstract (pdf).
  42. Ying Qian, "Developing a Multi-user, Shared, Java 3D API Behavior Class", Fall 2000, abstract (pdf).
  43. Qi Wang, "3D Graphical Representation of Object Oriented Programs", Fall 2000, abstract (pdf).
  44. Inga Leu, "Troubled Bubbles: A Java 3D Game", Spring 2000, abstract (pdf).
  45. Ervin Bakhshian, "Pepi: a study of Facial Animation with Maya", Fall 1999, abstract (pdf).
  46. Issa Hanna, "A Three Dimensional File Visualization Tool using Java 3D", Fall 1999, abstract ( pdf).
  47. Vartan Nazarian, Video Telepresence: A Remote Control Camera, Fall 1999, abstract (pdf).
  48. Steve Zubelevitsky, 3D Scanner, Summer 1999.
  49. Mark Rothenberg, 3-D Development Tool for LEGO System, Summer 1999.
  50. Jonathan Gottlieb, Classes for Persistent Graphical User Input Controls, Spring, 1999.
  51. Thomas Huang, Design and Implementation of DOSS, Spring, 1999.
  52. Gus Quiroga, A Graphical Simulation Environment, Fall 1998.
  53. Paul Firnett, Porting a Software Change Tracking System to Java, Spring 1998.
  54. Christian Schulze, Valuation Automation for Windows NT, Spring 1998.
  55. Vadim Parizher, Image Tiepoint Collection for Image Processing, Fall 1997.
  56. Lynne Winner, Virtual World Command and Output Experiment, Fall 1997. abstract
  57. Saad Mashtoub, An Adventure Virtual Reality Game, Spring 1997. abstract and game snapshots
  58. Esmail Daraki, X Window Implementation for GO (XWGO), Fall 1996.
  59. David Drucker, Designing Graphical User Interfaces, Fall 1996.
  60. Erik Kellener, Are GUIs Ambidertrous?, Fall 1996.
  61. Lien Duong A Display Independent Simulation Environment, Spring 1996.
  62. Ara Juljulian, Theory and Practise of Videogame Development, Spring 1996.
  63. Sam Le, Design and Implementation of NICES, Spring 1996.
  64. David Tallent, Visual CAI for Binomial Heap Operations, Fall, 1995.
  65. Robert Angelino, Monitoring Spacecraft Data in Cyberspace, Fall 1994.
  66. Gregory Welz, A Computer Aided Instruction Package for Human-Computer Interface Development: Menus, Fall 1994.
  67. Alexander Kasman, CAI for Data Link Layer Protocols in OSI Network Model, Summer 1994.
  68. Christine, Salazar, Experiments with Window Shape, 1993.
  69. Gordon Schunker, Turtle: An Iconic Visual Programming Language, Fall 1992.
  70. James Hurrell, Exposure Processing in Window-based Software, Spring 1992.
  71. Shyh Chen, SMC++: Software Metrics for C++, Fall 1991.
  72. Mark Waldrep, A CAI Application for the Study of Memory Intensive Subjects and its Extensibility through the use of Audio Recording and Playback, Spring 1991.
  73. Bradley Swim, Quality Object Oriented Programming: Methods and Tools, Spring 1990.
  74. Morteza Khorrami, Process Interaction Simulation in ADA (PRISM_ADA), Fall 1990.
  75. Lora Meise, Expert Systems and Training, Fall 1990.
  76. Margret Morita, A Database Search and Retrieval System for Simulation Specifications, Spring 1988.
  77. Dean Okamura, LISTS: a linked list visualized algorithms lecture tool , 1988.
  78. Hsuan-hua Chang, CAI for Hashing, Summer 1987.
  79. Mei-Yu Lee, CAI for Merge Algorithms, Summer 1987.
  80. Steven Pomeroy, Interactive creation of facial expressions, 1987.
  81. Fred Mikami, PRISM: A Computer Animation System, Spring 1987.
  82. Robert Melendez, Visible Microprogramming: A Computer Assisted Instruction Package, Fall 1987.
  83. Daniel Howell, Simulation in a Terminal Independent Environment, Summer 1986.
  84. Charles Lavine, Automated Compelisa Analyzer, Spring 1986.
  85. Gary Kind, Computer Animation of Binary Tree Operations, Fall 1986.
  86. Georgia Lulovics, Computer Assisted Instruction for Computer Science, Fall 1986.
  87. Ridge McGhee, Virtual Screens for Visual Simulation, Fall 1986.
  88. Lorinda Carter, The Effects of Indentation on Program Comprehension and Debugging , Summer 1985.
  89. Chung Trinh, Program Errors and Complexity Experiment , Spring 1985.
  90. Chainn Wang, CAI for Recursion , Fall 1985.
  91. Teresa Sun, CAI for Linked List Algorithms , Fall 1985.
  92. Thong Nguyen, CAI for B-Trees Algorithms, Fall 1985.
  93. Victoria Hsu, CAI for Sorting Algorithms, Fall 1985.
  94. Rin-Rin Hsu, CAI for Binary Tree Algorithms, Fall 1985.
  95. Nan-Lai Hsu, CAI for Memory Management, Fall 1985.
  96. Juhsien Liu, Run Generation: CAI for External Sorting , Summer 1984.
  97. Maria Lopez, Stacks and Queues: A CAI Prototype, Fall 1984.
  98. Marc Thompson, Effects of Algorithm Design on Program Development and Modification , Fall 1983.