Should pornography be banned as a threat to women?

Resources used to support "no"

Women should be viewed as equal partners in their sexual relationships, but feminists that complain that pornography degrades women seem to have fotten this. Many of them want to suppress all pornography, even though this could impair the women's rights movement that was supposed to support expression of female sexuality. Some women's groups claim that pornography is degrading to women because they are often portrayed in sexually explicit material as being submissive to men. However, they cannot present any evidence that eliminating pornography would reduce sexism or violence toward women because a causal relationship between these has nevr been established. Neither is there evidence of a correlation between the availability of pornographic materials in different communities and the rate of sexual offenses. In fact, a higher rate of gender equality seems to correlate with a greater availability of sexual materials. [Kimberly Spitz.]



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