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ALLY Committee


Positive Space Program - Organizing Committee

Title Department Phone Email Mail
2 Annie Liu Grad Student Bilingual Teacher Education Program x6853 annie.liu atcsun dot edu  
3 Bartle Eli Full Professor Social Work x3298 ebartle at csun dot edu  
4 Brad McAuliff Associate Professor Psychology x2810 bradley.mcauliff at csun dot edu  
5 Brenda Daitch Grad Student     novagirl_24at yahoo dot com  
6 Dyani Loo Student     ellyhmat hotmail dot com  
7 Garry Lennon Assoc. Professor Theatre x2845 garry.d.lennon at csun dot edu 8320
8 Gina Masequesmay Assoc. Professor Asian American Studies x7219 gina.masequesmay at csun dot edu 8251
9 Glenn Omatsu Coordinator EOP Faculty Mentor Program x6467 glenn.omatsu at csun dot edu 8251
10 Jillian Dacosta ITR/ CSUEU President (Chapter 312) ITR   jbd at csun dot edu  
11 Tony Perucci Assist. Professor Communication Studies x2874 tony.perucci at csun dot edu  
12 Kathryn Sorrells Full Professor Communication Studies x2104 kathryn.sorrells at csun dot edu 8257
13 Pamela Villasenor Student Psychology & Am. Indian St.   tataviampride at yahoo dot com  
14 Rie Rogers Mitchell Chair Ed. Psych. & Counseling x2599 rie.mitchell atcsun dot edu 8265
15 Sabina Magliocco Full Professor Anthropology x3331 sabina.magliocco at csun dot edu 8244
17 Wendy Yost Associate Director USU Marketing & Programs x2491 wendy.yost at csun dot edu 8272
18 Kevin Zemlicka Student     kevin dot zemlicka dot 60 at csun dot edu