Illustrations from The Ecology of Marine Fishes: California and Adjacent Waters by LG Allen, MH Horn, and DJ Pondella II




Chapter 1: Biogeography

Horn, L. Allen and Lea


Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Phylogeography

Dawson, Waples and Bernardi


Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Evolution



Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Ecological Classification

L. Allen and Pondella


Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Bays and Estuaries

L. Allen, Yoklavich, Cailliet and Horn

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Surf Zone, Coastal Pelagic Zone, and Harbors

L. Allen and Pondella

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Continental Shelf and Upper Slope

M. J. Allen

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Rocky Intertidal Zone

Horn and Martin

Chapter 8
Chapter 9: Rocky Reefs and Kelp Beds

Stephens, Larson and Pondella

Chapter 9
Chapter 10: Deep Rock Habitats

Love and Yoklavich

Chapter 10
Chapter 11: Ichthyoplankton

Moser and Watson

Chapter 11
Chapter 12: Surface Waters

L. Allen and Cross

Chapter 12
Chapter 13: Deep Sea

Neighbors and Wilson

Chapter 13
Chapter 14: Feeding Mechanisms and Trophic Interactions

Horn and Ferry-Graham

Chapter 14
Chapter 15: Recruitment

Carr and Syms

Chapter 15
Chapter 16: Predation

Steele and Anderson

Chapter 16
Chapter 17: Competition


Chapter 17
Chapter 18: Disturbance

Stouder and McMullin

Chapter 18
Chapter 19: Reproduction

DeMartini and Sikkel

Chapter 19
Chapter 20: Movements and Activity Patterns

Lowe and Bray

Chapter 20
Chapter 21: Symbiotic Relationships


Chapter 21
Chapter 22: Subsistence, Commercial, and Recreational Fisheries


Chapter 22
Chapter 23: Pollution

M. J. Allen

Chapter 23
Chapter 24: Alien Fishes

Schroeter and Moyle

Chapter 24
Chapter 25: Climate Change and Overexploitation

Horn and Stephens

Chapter 25
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