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I earned a B.S. from U.C.L.A and a credential inBiological Sciences from C.S.U.N. I am currently working on a master's in Science Education. I also supervise the homeowrk club for the L.A.C.C and assist with the Pacoima Drill Team.

I have been teaching at Pacoima Middle School for eleven years. I teach seventh and eighth grade science, seventh grade Health Science, and have taught Pre-Algebra for eighth graders. I teach within the Resident School's Math Magnet program, which has an outstanding Theater and Fine Arts Program, as well as Cadet Core. I have always enjoyed science. However, I did not realize how much until I met my high school Biology teacher. I love to understand and explain how and why things work. I find the structures and functions of the human body fascinating! I also enjoy learning about technology and how to apply it in the classroom. My students will hopefully be as excited about science as I am because I enjoy teaching it and also learning. My students not only learn from me but I also learn from them. Last, but not least, math is very important to me because it goes hand in hand with science.




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I hope to earn a Master's in Science Education, as well as become technologically savvy.






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