September, 2016 - Jen receives NSF Grant!

The Macrosystems Biology project will look at continental scale small mammal isotope ecology over the past 100 years. Featured in a NEON press release here

May, 2016 - Press coverage of bison paper in CSUN Today

Article is available here

April, 2016 - Press coverage of bison paper in ClimateWire

Article is available here

March, 2016 - Bisoscapes paper out in Science Advances!

“Climate, CO2 and the history of North American grasses since the Last Glacial Maximum is now available online

January, 2016  - Jen arrives at CSU Northridge

Our carbon isotope cavity ring down spectrometer has arrived, and lab renovations will be underway soon.


Welcome to the TRACE lab site!

We use stable isotopes and other geochemical proxies as tracers of past terrestrial climate and ecological change. We study a wide range of materials both modern and fossil, including soils, plants and animals.



PI: Dr. Jennifer Cotton

Assistant Professor

Department of Geological Sciences

California State University, Northridge

Northridge, CA 97330 - 8266

Live Oak Hall 1230



Interested in joining the lab?

We are seeking motivated masters and undergraduate students to broaden our understanding of climate and environmental change on a variety of spatial and temporal scales.