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Peer Mentor Program



The CSUN GE Honors Peer Mentor Program provides opportunities for first-year students in the GE Honors Program to meet and talk with current GE Honors students. GE Honors Peer Mentors provide information, resources, and skills for navigating the University. GE Honors Peer Mentors may be the first experienced students that new students encounter, and the goal of peer mentoring is to help new GE Honors students feel that they have an ally who can answer their questions about university life, including dealing effectively with faculty, getting academic information and support, etc. The GE Honors Peer Mentor program is based on the community/group mentoring model developed by Prof. Glenn Omatsu and the CSUN Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).

There are two kinds of GE Honors Peer Mentors. Pairs of peer mentors are attached to a particular first-year class. These mentors attend the class and are available before or after class and/or during the week to meet with students in the class individually or in groups. Mentors ARE NOT academic tutors: they do not run study sessions or provide instructional support for the faculty member. Their role is to be available to students, to listen to their questions and concerns, and to offer advice on how to get to the right resources. Being in class with the group makes the mentor more visible and accessible to students, and helps the mentor better understand the group of students and some of their experiences. These peer mentors must be able to attend most class sessions.

The second kind of peer mentor attends at least three GE Honors events each semester and is available to students before and/or after events and during the semester more generally.

CSUN GE Honors Peer Mentors are knowledgeable about the GE Honors Program and about the University in general. They are committed to the CSUN GE Honors Program and to the goals and values of peer mentoring (see the Peer Mentoring Resource Booklet). They listen carefully and are attentive to students' goals and desires for their university experience. GE Honors Peer Mentors are advocates and facilitators: a mentor's primary responsibility is using their knowledge and their own experience to guide new GE Honors students in their transition to University life.

All GE Honors Peer Mentors are GE Honors students in good standing (i.e. who have a CSUN GPA of 3.3. or higher, and have taken at least one GE Honors course within the last three semesters or have completed five GE Honors courses). GE Honors Peer Mentors attend two training sessions during the summer, focusing on mentoring roles and responsibilities, communication skills, and University resources, and they meet regularly with the GE Honors Director during the semester.

Peer mentoring creates a mutually beneficial relationship. While helping new CSUN GE Honors students, GE Honors Peer Mentors strengthen their bonds with the GE Honors Program and the University, improve communication and leadership skills that are critical to success in personal relationships and future careers, and develop their self-confidence.

For more information about the CSUN GE Honors Peer Mentoring Program, please contact Dr. Beth Wightman, GE Honors Director (beth.wightman@csun.edu).


You can download the Peer Mentoring Resource Booklet here.


Peer Mentors

Estefania Padilla, Peer Mentor


Estefania Padilla


I am a sophomore at CSUN majoring in Communications and minoring in Psychology. I have a passion for singing and currently a member of CSUN's first acapella group, Acasola. In my life, I have learned that knowledge brings us the opportunity to make a difference; whether it be in our lives, or in the lives of others.




Eric Hanson, Peer Mentor


Eric Hanson


Standing: Senior

Majors: Psychology & Religious Studies

Facts: Free-writes at least nine pages each week. Favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.



Lavpreet Chehal, Peer Mentor



Lavpreet Chehal


Hello everyone! My name is Lavpreet Chehal and I am a 2nd year student here at Cal State Northridge. I am currently majoring in Health Administration. This is my 2nd year in GE Honors and I am excited to be a Peer Mentor for this program! I am from Bakersfield, CA and moved to Northridge, CA last year to attend CSUN. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, reading, watching movies, and traveling in my spare time. I look forward to meeting everyone in GE Honors this upcoming school year and helping with your transition to CSUN. Please email me at if you have any questions that I can help you with!


Estefania Padilla, Peer Mentor



Milana Medvedeva


Hi! I am Milana and I am Sophomore and Finance major at here at CSUN. I love to help people and volunteer so I am really happy to be apart of this amazing program and I hope you won't be shy because I am ready to help you with whatever you need. I hope you guys have an amazing first year at CSUN!



Estefania Padilla, Peer Mentor


Jacqueline Dinh


I am a third year junior working toward a BS in Communication Disorders and Sciences with an emphasis in Audiology and minor in Religious Studies. I intend to pursue my AuD and PhD to practice as an audiologist and eventually conduct research. I enjoy body boarding, playing guitar, and writing calligraphy during my free time.




Estefania Padilla, Peer Mentor


Elenie Philippas


My name is Elenie Philippas and my major is Biology. This is going to be my second year at CSUN and I am looking forward to it. The honors courses that I have taken are University 100, Psychology 150, and English 115. An interesting fact about me is that I am half Greek and half Venezuelan.




Estefania Padilla, Peer Mentor


Jennifer Luxton


My name is Jennifer Luxton, and I'm a senior Journalism major and art minor. I was the visual editor for the Daily Sundial last year, where I got ridiculously hooked on Doctor Who and tea. My mentor during my first year at CSUN completely changed my life – I hope one of us will be a great part of yours.

Tip #1: If you need to enroll a class next semester that has a prerequisite you haven't taken yet, it's not the end of the world. Try talking to both your advisor and the professor who is teaching the course you want. You may be able to work something out that allows you to take them as corequisites, or even better – bypass the prerequisite all together! Communication is key.

Tip #2: Keep your eyes and ears out for awesome things to do at school via campus media (i.e. the Daily Sundial, USU, AS, etc.). Just because you live off campus doesn't mean you can't enjoy the full college experience. Going to something as simple as Big Show every once in a while can help you let loose and get to know your classmates outside of the lecture hall.