ho Am I? 

I'm Gina Poli Hsiung, or "The Better Half" of Kite Fighter Extrodinaire, Johnny (Kuo Hua) Hsiung.
I am a Native Californian, of Italian descent. I moved to Los Angeles to attend Mount St. Mary's College, in Brentwood, and ended up staying in beautiful Southern California after graduation. I have been employed at the University Library at CSUN (Calif. State Univ., Northridge) for 20 years.

met Johnny back in 1981, when he was my hairdresser!  That's what he does when he's not out flying his kites. 

Johnny was born in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He was raised there and in West Pakistan (now Pakistan)
 until he came to the U.S in 1978. [Are you confused yet?] 

Johnny is of Chinese descent. He speaks several languages, including Hakka, Urdu, Hindi, and a little Bengali.
 Visit the-south-asian.com to gain more knowledge about this region. 

Maui, 1995.
Johnny and I have been married for ages....22 years to be exact. Our wedding took place in the Royal Wedding Chapel  on the Queen Mary, with Captain Gregory, the last British Captain of the ship, leading us through our vows. 

Johnny and I are both "Roosters" according to the Chinese Astrological calendar, and our daughter, Michelle, 
now 11, is a Rooster too!  Goodness! A household full of leaders ... and no followers!!

Dec. 2000
Michelle doing a solo dance
during Performance Awards.
She attends dance classes at 
Theatrics Dance Academy.
Photo by Tandy Wilson.
     Dec. 2001 - Performance Awards

"The Three Bears" - October 2002
Sequoia National Park (Calif.)

[The chinese character for
"Hsiung" is the same as "Bear"]    

1st pair of Pointe Shoes, Nov. 2004

The Family keeps growing.
Johnny & Siblings, spouses and kids. Toronto, Canada   July 2004

Happy New Year
Year of the Rooster (Feb. 2005)!!


ack to KITES!!

My major assignments (as told to me by my hubby, the Fighter King) are as follows:
Keep an eye on Michelle.
Keep an eye on Johnny's large assortment of kites and reels.
Take pictures.... LOTS of pictures.
Finally, Socialize with all of our wonderful kiting friends!!

I don't fly ..... in fact, I don't even own a kite...

Wait! I take that back. As of Feb. 2003, I now own 2 kites. One is a Mike Coons fighter made especially for me; and the other is a Chuck Lund Championship kite I won in the raffle at Tucson. 

But if the theory "What's his....is Mine" still applies, then I've got more wonderful kites!!!


Here are a few of the more interesting sites I've visited since becomming a dedicated "web surfer".
Rock-In-Roll Hall of Fame
Going to Hawaii? Take me with you!
Spent many summer vacations here.
Great Local News source in So.Cal. Includes the "Quake List".

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