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Critical Studies Faculty


Lili Berko, Ph.D., USC

Coordinator of the Master of Arts Program, Professional background in film/video post production. Author of "Video and the Public Sphere" and articles on film, video, and new technologies.


Ants Leps, Ph.D., UCLA

Professional in the design and development of linear and interactive multimedia-based programs. Active in professional associations and author of texts and articles on media.


Judith Marlane, ED.D, Columbia University, NY

Documentary and public affairs producer/writer/broadcaster for network, local and syndicated programming, Author of award winning "Women in Television News."


John Schultheiss, Ph.D, USC

Film and video producer: Hollywood Directors and their craft, Hollywood Screenwriters and their craft, The Hollywood Writer the Studio Fears; Editor of "To Illuminate our Time: The Blacklisted Teleplays of Abraham Polonsky."


Howard Rosenberg, MA, University of Minnesota

Pulitzer price winning media critic and columnist for the Los Angeles Times, Murrow Award and National Headline Award Winner.




Screenwriting Faculty
Eric Edson, MFA UCLA,

Writer of numerous TV movies and journal articles. Former Instructor in Scriptwriting at UCLA Extension


Alexis Krasilovsky, MFA, Cal Arts

Film Director/Producer: End of the Art World, What Memphis needs, Epicenter U. Author of The New Cinematographers: Women Behind the Camera.


.John Stahl MFA, UCLA


Lance Lee, MFA, Yale University, Yale School of Drama

Author of books plays and poetry, including Wrestling with the Angel, The Understructure of Screenwriting; Time's Up.


Kenneth Portnoy, Ph.D, NYU

Screenwriter and author of "Screen Adaptation" and "Fundamental Building Blocks of Screenwriting."


Keith Mehlinger, MFA, NYU University

professional experience in corporate video production. Writer of films and videos for Northrop/Grumman Aircraft, TRW Space and Electronics, and Datron/Transco International, among others.