LYCURGUS (8th c.?): [Founder of the Spartan ‘Constitution’]

ARCHIDAMUS son of Zeuxidamus (King, 469-427):

AGESILAUS (King 398-360):

Plutarch, Life of Lycurgus ch. 18:

"Whether a boy's standing was good or bad, his lover shared it. There is a story that once when a boy had let slip a despicable cry in the course of a fight, it was his lover whom the Ephors fined. Sexual relations of this type were so highly valued that respectable women would in fact have love affairs with unmarried girls. Yet there was no rivalry; instead, if individual males found that their affections had the same object, they made this the foundation for mutual friendship, and eagerly pursued their joint efforts to perfect their loved one's character...."

January 26, 2010 1:47 PM

John Paul Adams, CSUN

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