CONSULS 2, elected annually from 509 B.C.
  • first plebeian in 366 B.C.
  • [but, in the next 100 years, only 32 families provided 90 plebeian consuls
INTERREX served only five days
  • originally served during the time between the death of one king and the qualification of another
  • later appointed to conduct elections for consul or dictator
CONSULAR TRIBUNES 2, 3, 4, 6 elected for annual term
  • first elected in 444 B.C., to meet plebeian demand to be included in chief magistracy, but without having to elect a plebeian to be consul; there were no consuls elected when Consular Tribunes were elected.
  • first plebeian elected in 422 (?) or 400 (?) [Livy]
CENSORS 2 elected, every five years
from 443 B.C.
  • first plebeian in 351 B.C.
  • 2 plebeians for the first time in 131 B.C.
  • #1 in 367 B.C.
  • #2 in 241
  • first plebeian in 337 B.C.
CURULE AEDILES 2, elected every other year, from 367 B.C. Two PLEBEIAN AEDILES were elected annually from among and by the plebeians, beginning (trad.) in 494 B.C.
  • 2 originally
  • 4, from 421
  • 8 from ca. 267
  • 20 from 80 B.C.

Officers of the Plebs:
Historical data:
  • 2, originally; ultimately 10.
  • elected NOT by the People (Populus) but only by the Plebs, in the Concilium Plebis
  • elected for a one-year term
  • power confined to the City and outward to the First Milestone.


PONTIFEX MAXIMUS patrician, from the fall of the Kings. First Plebeian elected in 254 B.C.
PONTIFICES first plebeians in 300 B.C. Originally two, ultimately 15.
AUGURES first plebeians in 300 B.C.
XV VIRI SACRIS FACIUNDIS first plebeians in 368 B.C.
SEPTEMVIRI EPULONUM first plebeians in 300 B.C.
Rex Sacrorum always a patrician
FLAMEN DIALIS Priest of Jupiter. Always a patrician.
FLAMEN MARTIALIS Priest of Mars. Always a patrician.
FLAMEN QUIRINALIS Priest of Quirinus-Romulus. Always a patrician.
Flamen Volcanalis Priest of Vulcan. Always a patrician.
Flamen Volturnalis Priest of Volturnus (Etruscan). Always a patrician.
Flamen Palatualis Always a patrician.
Flamen Furrinalis Always a patrician.
Flamen Floralis Always a patrician.
Flamen Carmentalis Always a patrician.
Flamen Cerialis Always a patrician.
Flamen Falacer Always a patrician.
Flamen Pomonalis Always a patrician.

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